Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer Review

The Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer is a new folding exercise bike from a new supplier. It is economically priced to fit within most budgets.

It is a no frills bike except for the console you get to monitor your exercise levels. It’s a compact bike that can fit into any size home and folds up when you’ve finished with it.

Folding exercise bikes can be a great way to exercise from home without having to go to the gym so as well as being a space saver they’re a money saver and time saver too.

It’s a low impact low cardio exercise which is easy on your joints while allowing you to get sweat on to help with fitness levels and to burn calories for weight loss.

With the price as low as it is there can sometime be concerns about whether it is up to the job and in this review I look at all aspects to give you what is needed to decide on how this bike stacks up.



The frame is made from heavy duty steel that seems to hold you steady while you pedal despite first appearances.

People seem to find it doesn’t wobble or shake as they exercise.

It feels solid at all levels of resistance and speed of pedaling.

They can just get on with getting into shape and burning calories.

It does need to be set up on a flat surface.

It will rock from side to side if it isn’t level as it doesn’t have levelers to balance up the bike.

A rubber exercise mat can help to prevent rocking due to an uneven floor.

As I haven’t been able to contact the supplier I’ve not been able to establish the warranty for the product.


The seat on this bike can be adjusted up and down to cater for a range of heights – typically for folding exercise bikes it is between 5 ft 3 ins and 6 ft (not confirmed by supplier or customers at present).

The seat height from the ground can be adjusted between 29-1/2 ins to-32-3/4 ins.

The seat does go up/down on an angle that makes allowance for longer/shorter torsos to move you further/closer from the handlebars.

The handlebars are fixed in place.

Making the adjustment to the seat is quick to do allowing it to be used by multiple users. It only takes seconds to adjust the height. It involves undoing the adjustment knob on the seat post and sliding the seat into position inserting the pop-pin and tightening up the knob to hold it in place.

It can be difficult getting on the bike because of the x-frame design as you have to lift quite high to get it over the center of the X. Some people use a step stool to get the height needed or the more energetic get on the bike from behind it like getting on a horse. This is an issue with all folding exercise bikes that have the x-frame design


It has 8 levels of resistance marked on then tension knob below the handlebars. It is easy to reach and turn. It clicks as you move up each of the levels.

It adjusts a set of magnets closer to a flywheel (all enclosed in the casing at the frotn of the bike) to increase the hardness and further away to make it easier to pedal. It goes up in increments from almost no resistance to moderate levels of hardness.

The resistance won’t satisfy people who are looking for tough cardio workouts as the resistance doesn’t get tough enough for that. The top levels 7 – 8 are more going up a slope than a tough hill.

It’s for those looking to get started, recover or get in shape with easier type workouts. The first levels of resistance are very light and most people will probably use levels 3 – 6 once they get used to the bike. They all provide a smooth riding experience.

Levels 7 – 8 you may find it starts to pulse where the pedals with slow down and speed up again around the pedal stroke. It adds a little impact to the exercise

Drive type

The bike has a belt drive (based on customer comments) which is quiet and doesn’t require and maintenance. It is all enclosed in the casing so it is out of the way. It prevents it getting damaged but also keeps it out of reach of children and pets as well as preventing your clothes or ankles getting caught in it.


The pedals are textured and have straps to keep your feet in place while you pedal. They are designed for athletic or other similar shoes.

Your feet are out in front of you not below as with an upright bike. The position is comfortable for most people.

If you are used to a bike riding position you may find it takes a little time to get used to.

The pedals and bike are designed to be used sitting down and not for standing up out of the seat like you do with a spin bike.

Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer Comfort

Seat. The seat is large and padded and provides good comfortable support. But not everyone is going to find it to their liking. This is the same with all bike type seats. What is comfortable for one person is a real pain to the next. If you find it isn’t to your liking you can try padded bike shorts or a gel seat cover which most people find is enough to add enough comfort to the seat so they can ride without too much discomfort at least.

The seat on folding exercise bikes aren’t easy to replace due to the way they attach to the seat post. You can take it to a bike shop and they can help you or there is a universal exercise bike seat adapter (available online) that when fitted allows you to fit a standard bike fitting seat.

Dust and Dirt. This bike isn’t really going to add to your chores – it doesn’t generate dust and dirt. You do need to clean it down to remove sweat to avoid it being corroded by the salt. The sweat is likely to drop on the floor underneath it. You can avoid this by putting the bike on a rubber exercise mat.

Handlebars. The handlebars are fixed in place. They are covered to provide a comfortable grip to prevent your hands from slipping or blisters. You can grip them in different positions which helps to keep you with being in the best upright position for you.

Noise. The bikes is very quiet and can be used without disturbing others in your house at any time – even in the middle of the night. If you’re allowed it could be used in an open plan office and not disturb others.


The bike folds up easily by removing a holding pin, pushing together the legs and reinserting the holding pin.

It then can be stored in a closet or against a wall – it’s foot print is 17 by 20 ins.

It is going to be too big to fit under most beds.

It doesn’t come with wheels to help with transport so will need to be carried or dragged when being moved.

It weighs about 35 lbs.


The bike is partly assembled when it is delivered. It comes with tools needed to complete the job. It can be all done in an hour.

The instructions included aren’t the easiest to follow but fortunately the assembly is not difficult. You only need to add the stabilizer bars, pedals, console, seat, seat post and handlebars to finish it up.

The only part of the job you might need help is with adding the stabilizer bars to have someone hold the frame as you add them. It can be done by one person but it just helps to keep everything steady – many people when assembling folding exercise bikes do it all on their own.


The console measures time, distance, calories burned, speed and odometer. You can view one of these at a time or set them console to scan through them over few seconds.

The measures can be seen as you exercise in good light but can be hard to see if the light is poor because it isn’t backlit.

It doesn’t comes with any pre-set workouts that you work along to. You need to come up with your own or follow along to one from the internet manually.

It doesn’t allow you to record or upload your exercise to a fitness account to keep a track of your progress. This does need to be done manually if you want to do this.

It mentions in the listing that there is a hand pulse but that doesn’t seem to be the case when looking at the handlebars or the console – there is no sign of them or the ability to monitor. This has been confirmed by users that there is no hand pulse sensor.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

In Use
Height 44.5 ins
Width 17 ins
Length 36 ins

Folded Up
Height 52 ins
Width 17 ins
Length 20 ins

Bike Weight Approx 35 lbs
Maximum User Weight 240 lbs


The bikes doesn’t include any accessories. There is nowhere to place your phone or TV remote or any other device. If you want those close at hand you either have to hold them or exercise near a table.

You can probably rest a water bottle at the cross-point of the frame due to double bar for the front frame.


  • Compact bike and folds up making it a space saver ideal for small homes and apartments
  • Comes with a basic console
  • It is quiet so can be used when you want even at work
  • It is stable allowing you to just get on with exercising
  • Assembly is quick despite poor instructions
  • It is very affordably priced
  • Can be adjusted to fit a number of different sizes
  • 8 marked levels of resistance
  • Great for beginners and those who want low impact moderate workouts


  • Does not come with transport wheels to help with moving it
  • There are no levelers to balance out the bike on uneven floors
  • Very little information online about the supplier or manufacturer
  • I’ve not been able to source a copy of the manual
  • Console measures are for guidance rather than to be relied on
  • It doesn’t come with any pre-set workouts
  • It is not for people who want tough or intense workouts

Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer Consumer Ratings

Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer ReviewThere are only a few customer reviews online. One review does state the user they got the bike at a discount. There are no negative reviews at this stage.

The only problems noted has been a small problem with the console and that the assembly instructions are poor (which is a problem with many folding exercises bikes).

The reviews do say they’ve got what they expected, it’s quiet, well made reliable and a real space saver for small homes. They’ve been able to exercise without any issues or problems.

Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer Price

This is one of the most affordable bikes available probably due to it being new and it not being from a recognized fitness brand. It means you may get yourself a bargain depending on availability.

When I checked online it was available at Amazon where it could qualify for free shipping.

You can check current pricing and availability by clicking here:
Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer


The Alpine Folding Exercise X-Bicycle Home Cycling Magnetic Trainer appears to be a solid bike for beginners and those looking for light workouts. It’s not suitable for high intense or gruelling exercises or spinning type workouts.

It can be adjusted for a range of heights so can be used by multiple users. It’s compact and quiet so can be used when you want and just about anywhere you want. You can exercise without disturbing others.

My big concern is that there is little information about the supplier online, which leaves me unable to recommend the bike. You can take some comfort from the fact you are buying through Amazon.

Personally, I’d pay a little extra for the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike which has a longer track record and there is a business that knows about fitness equipment behind it all. This is more for peace of mind if there is an issue that you need to invoke the warranty.

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