ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike is from Sunny Health and Fitness who make some of the most popular and highly rated affordable bikes for the home.

This is a good looking bike that would look good in the home or in the gym. It is priced for those who want to take their exercising seriously without being premium priced.

Sunny’s affordable bikes have provided very good value for their price and this bike looks like it might do the same with a commercial grade bike that can be used in the home

In this review we’ll look at all the features to see how it measures up in providing the basis for high intense cardio and low impact workouts for the home and gym.

It is a no frills bike which is usual for most indoor cycles and spin bikes as these are designed to be used for tough workouts rather than moderate exercise although they can be used for that too.



The bike frame is made from heavy duty steel to prevent any wobbling or flexing while you are riding at any intensity whether in or out of the saddle.

The adjustment poles and sliders are diamond shape and when tightened up properly won’t shake or move.

This all means you can get on with focusing on your workout without being distracted or be concerned about falling off the bike.

The flywheel at 41 lbs provides a consistent and fluid riding motion. There is little choppiness that can cause impact on your joints. It helps to give you a full range of motion through the pedaling cycle which helps with a proper motion and stop the up and down that you get with light flywheels.

The flywheel has been chromed to help prevent rust but this will eventually chip and rust so it does require to be cleaned and looked after, especially to remove any sweat.


The bike is fully adjustable with the seat and handlebars able to be moved horizontally and vertically to get the best fit for you when riding for a comfortable and efficient workout.

It is fast and simple to make the adjustments. You loosen the adjustment knob and slide the poles or sliders to position seat or handlebars to where you want them and then tightened them onto place. .

This speed of this adjustability makes the bike suitable for multiple users to get their cardio workouts and can be used by people of varying levels of fitness. It takes only a minute to get the bike set up, so this doesn’t eat too much into your workout time.

To give an idea of who this is suitable for, the seat can be adjusted to 29.5 to 36 inches from the pedal at its lowest position. The leg should be slight bent at the lowest point of the pedal stroke. (I estimate from 5 ft 3 ins to 6 ft 4 ins approximately should fit on the bike.)


The manual resistance is provided by turning the resistance knob on the frame just below the handlebars. This presses a single felt pad on the flywheel. This gives a constant and consistent level of resistance so there is no slipping as you pedal.

It increase incrementally from easy to very difficult, although you may find it different to the adjustment you need to make at the gym to get the same level. It takes a little time to get used to but it is possible to turn it to the amount you want.

As is usual with spin bikes there is no levels marked so you need to estimate the amount of resistance you are applying which can make it difficult when you want to return to a previous setting. This is no different to most bikes with only those bikes with magnetic resistance, and they generally cost at least twice as much, giving marked levels to provide guidance as to how much resistance you are applying.

Felt pads are normally hard wearing but they do wear down over time and need replacing once a year or so depending on usage. They are less hard wearing than leather pads but are quieter as they are less likely to squeak. You can get replacements direct from the supplier.

Drive type

The bike has a chain drive like you get on an outdoor bike. It provide a similar riding experience as it move across the sprocket. But it does also come with similar maintenance requirement and also similar noise level.

That’s not to say is a lot of maintenance required but the tension of the chain will need adjusting when it loosens and it’ll need a little lubricating from time to time. This is not difficult and can be done by most people and only needs to be done as required which will be on an infrequent basis.

The drive is direct. This means that the pedals move in conjunction with the flywheel – when the flywheel is moving so are the pedals. You can’t coast or freewheel and to stop the pedals you need to either gently push backwards on the pedals or push down hard on the resistance knob to use it as brake to stop the flywheel turn and thereby the pedals.

The chain is protected by a guard to stop it getting sweat of dirt on it to prolong its life. This guard will also stop your clothes and ankles getting caught in the chain.


The combo pedals fit SPD cleats on one side and on other side it has toe baskets with straps for athletic shoes where you put your shoes in and tighten up the straps to give a good firm grip on the pedal.

This helps to get the foot in the right position for spinning, as well as stop your foot from slipping out at high speeds and when standing on the pedals.

They can be removed and replaced if you want. Although the dual combination should be a good fit for most people wanting a serious workout including those with specialist spin shoes.


Noise. There is going to be a low level of noise from the bike coming from the chain and the resistance pad. It shouldn’t disturb anyone in another room or mean you need to turn the TV up too loud to hear it. If noise is going ot be an issue due to you wanting to cycle while others sleep in the night or early morning you may want to consider a bike with belt drive and magnetic resistance such as the SB900 but can cost more but also comes with a basic console. However, most people do find the level of noise from these bikes acceptable.

Seat. The seat is cushioned to help alleviate some of the pressure on your seat bones. Although it has been noted that it feels rock hard.

So, you may still find it uncomfortable especially if you’ve not use to riding a bike. After a short period of time you should get used to it. If not you can try a gel seat cover or padded bike shorts to help with comfort.

Dust and Dirt. There is going to be some lubricant and dust from the bike that will drop on the floor along with sweat. Sweat is likely to be the biggest issue and this does need to be cleaned from the sweat to ensure it doesn’t corrode and jam up the bike. As regards the floor it is good idea to get a rubber mat to protect it from damage.

Handlebars. The handlebars are coated to help with grip and prevent blisters. The shape of them is similar to spinning handlebars but the bullhorns do point inwards which gives a different grip position to the standard spin bike position at the end of the bars. Also the central loop is longer and can be used for the aero position for cycling sprints.


The bike has 2 transport wheel on the front support bar which you tip the bike on to when you want to move it. These take most of the 110 lbs weight of the bike making it much easier to move it around.

The wheels work on most floor types including carpet although if the carpet has deep pile or is very soft they don’t work as well as they can become “jammed up.” On wood floors they can sometimes damage it by denting or scratching so it is a good idea to check it out first before making a bog move across it.

When not in use the bike needs an area of 25.5 by 41.3 inches making it compact for exercise equipment and possible to store it out of the way when not in use , in a large closet or against a wall.

ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Assembly

The bike comes partly assembled. The assembly can be completed in under an hour and by one person. However, you may want 2 of you to deal with the weight of the bike when attaching the stabilizer bars, moving it while in its packaging and removing the parts.

There aren’t too many parts that need to go on the bike and it is made well enough that everything fits together. The tools needed to complete the job are included with it.


The bike doesn’t come with a console which is par for the course with many indoor cycle and spin bikes. The ones that do like Sole SB700 come with basic consoles only measure RPM, calories, distance and time.

Many people don’t need a console to get the workout they want as they use music, the workout instructions and feel to get the cadence (RPM) and toughness they want.

However, if you want some guidance to help you with this it is possible to add a bicycle computer to it such as those made by Cateye. However, these don’t fit to the bike without some modification especially to the spoke magnet to attach it to the flywheel. There are YouTube videos that show how to attach them to a variety spin bikes.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 51.2″
Width 25.5 ”
Length 41.3 ”

Bike Weight 110 lbs
Flywheel Weight 40 lbs
Max User Weight 285 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with much in the way of accessories. This is usual for spin bikes as they are designed with tough workouts in mind rather than moderate exercise.

It does come with a water bottle holder which is on the right fork of the bike. You slide the bottle in and out of the metal clip holder. When you are riding you will need to bend slightly to reach the bottle and watch when you slide it back in. It is in an okay location but not the best location such as between the handlebars.


  • Dual pedals that fit SPD cleats and standard athletic shoes
  • Guard over the resistance pad and flywheel to prevent sweat dropping on it
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and seat make it possible to get the best fit for a range of different heights and sizes
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Compact which makes it easy to store when not in use for all size homes and apartments
  • Stable and durable base for workouts of all intensities


  • There is no console or workout programs
  • There is nowhere to rest an MP3 player or book
  • Resistance levels are not marked
  • There is only a 90 day warranty on parts
  • Some people find the seat hard and uncomfortable
  • Height adjustments have not been confirmed by the company
  • Q-Factor not confirmed by company

ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Consumer Ratings

ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike ReviewCurrently there are only reviews that have been left by Vine reviewers who have received the bike for free to provide in return for a review. They are pleased with the quality and stability of the ride.

The only concern in the reviews was the price but I’m not sure they are comparing like with like when making their comparison, as these are commercial grade bikes. Having said that if you after moderate levels of exercise these bikes may be more than you require.

ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike Price

This is a mid price bike for the home and is more affordably priced for a commercial grade bike. It is the higher grade that you are paying the extra for – the higher specification of the build along with the dual pedals. It is built to take the abuse of a gym so for a home you should expect many years of relatively trouble free use provided it is looked after.

When I checked on Amazon it qualified for free shipping.

You can check the latest pricing and availability here:
ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike


This is a well priced bike for a commercial grade bike that is built to last and stand up to the pounding of lots of intense workouts. It is suitable for serious exercisers as well as beginners (but may be more than beginners want to pay depending on their goals).

It is reasonably quiet. low maintenance and not too dirty so shouldn’t cause too much hassle in the home.
The only issue i have with it, that many won’t see as a problem, is the lack of a console for tracking your workouts.

It provides a smooth riding experience at whatever level of intensity and resistance that is similar to an outdoor bike and spin bikes at the gym/club. It can be used for spinning and also indoor cycle training (except it doesn’t have drop bars).

The bike can be used by multiple users of a variety heights and experience. it quickly can be converted for each person making it ideal for home use as well as the gym.

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  1. Frank
    June 11, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Tell me why there is a California Proposition Warning relative to chemicals used in this bike and cancer/reproductive concerns?

    • Paul
      June 12, 2017 at 6:42 pm

      Where did you read the warning for this bike please?

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