Best Folding Exercise Bikes With A Comfortable Seat

Best Folding Exercise Bikes With A Comfortable SeatWhen you exercise you might be okay with feeling a little sore as a result of the exercise but you don’t want to be sore from sitting on a piece of equipment.

Folding exercise bike seats have a bad reputation as to their lack of comfort which is why I’ve put together this best folding exercise bikes with comfortable seats posr to help people get the most out of their bike.

I know I want to do my exercise and feel good for doing it not have a pain in the rear as a result of it.

No matter how comfortable a bike seat is said to be – folding exercise bike or outdoor bike – not everyone finds it that way. Everyone has different preferences as to what is comfortable.

It is often the experience that a seat can cause a little pain initially but after a few times of using it can be much better. This is particularly the case if you’ve not ridden a bike of any sort for a number of years.

The ones selected here are the ones that have the most positive reviews about the seat being comfortable.

But you may still find it uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can to help improve the seat’s performance – persevere to see if you get used to it, towel on the seat, padded bike shorts, get seat cover or replace the seat (read more here).

In selecting the bikes for this short list, I looked at:

Seat. The most comfortable seats do tend to be padded and oversized. They can come with a backrest which can help in supporting the back and taking some pressure of the sit bones.

How Long Has The Bike Been Available. The bikes selected need to have been around for a few years to get a good amount of feedback from different people to be able to fully assess their universal appeal.

Availability. The bike needs to be readily available and not be a long wait of over a month or more before it can be shipped

Overall Performance. It’s no good having a comfortable bike seat if the rest of the bike feels like its falling apart or the riding motion is choppy

The 3 bikes that made the list of best folding exercise bikes with a comfortable seat are:

Exerpeutic 400 XL Folding Recumbent Bike

The seat on this bike gets a lot of compliments from a wide range of customers. It has a backrest that is at a good angle for using the bike. The bike seat is estimated to be 15 by 11 inches with about 2 inches of padding.

It is a semi-recumbent bike so you sit back on the seat and hold the handlebars either side of the seat – they are about 21 inches apart.

The pedals are in front but down from your seated position. It is more halfway between a recumbent and upright position.

Most people find this to a comfortable position and can exercise on the bike for periods over an 1 hour at all ages from their 20s to their 90s.

Getting on to the seat is easy with the low X-bar. The seat height is between 24 and 26 inches making it quite easy to get on to.

Customers like the support they get as they exercise and find it durable and holds them firm while they exercise.

You can find out more here with my in depth review.

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

This bike has large padded comfortable seat . The seat size is estimated at 14 by 9 inches buy users.

Comments from customers say that the seat is as comfortable as any they’d sat on – it is firm but comfy.
The few that haven’t liked it have put a seat cover on it and found that made the difference.

It doesn’t come with a back rest which can help with comfort. You do need to support yourself on the seat. The bike is designed to support people up to 400 lbs which makes it one of the strongest folding exercise bikes.

The bike is made for people between the heights of 5 ft 1 and 6 ft 5 ins with an easy and quick adjustment. It comes with a console to help with tracking your exercise.

Customers overall like this bike and give it a high rating. They find it stable and the like the quality of it. You can read the full review here.

Fitdesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

This has large cruiser style seat with a slightly tilted backrest allowing it to be used upright or more recumbent style.

With it coming with a desktop so you can work at the same time people do want to use it for extended period of time. For the most part people find it comfortable enough to be able to do that.

It is made for people between 4 ft 10 and 6 ft 4 ins and up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

It can be a little awkward getting on to the bike because of the X-bar height meaning you have to raise your foot quite high to step over the bike.

Many customers like the seat, although some do cover it with a gel seat cover for added comfort. They find it is one of the pieces of exercise equipment they use and they actually can exercise and work at the same time.

Read the full review here for more information.

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