Best Space Saving Exercise Bike

Best Space Saving Exercise BikeA space saver exercise bike can be a great way to make the most of your home and get in shape without it dominating your home or apartment.

There’s the need when you’re using it you need to be able to fit it into a room probably between other pieces of furniture.

And when not being used you want to be able to store it out of the way so that you can have you room back to yourself – it’s no fun having to re-arrange the room to fit something in there each time you want to use it.

As well as being a hassle it can become an excuse not to exercise . I know when I’ve decided to exercise I want it all to be as easy and quick as possible to just get on with it – the less obstacles the better – so there is less thinking involved and effort.

To give the best chance of all that happening here is the best space saving exercise bike is the

Exerpeutic 250xl Space Saver Upright Bike With Pulse Sensor

This is a folding exercise bike and you might think because of this, plus the price and the way it looks that it is not up to the job . But you’d be wrong based on the experience of many users.

It’s not for intense workouts like you do on spin bikes – standing on the pedals and pushing yourself hard. These bikes are bigger and noisier but if that is more what you want than take a look at these best spin bikes for apartments and small homes

If you live in small home or an apartment space is at a premium (larger homes too). This bike certainly help here as when in use it requires an area of 19 by 31 ins for set up.When folded up it only needs an area of 19 by 19 ins. The bike weighs just 39 lbs.

You can quickly fold it up by removing the holding pin pushing together the legs like and ironing board and then reinserting the pin to hold in place and its ready to move and storage until you need it again. It will fit nicely in a closet or behind a door but won’t fit under a bed.

It comes with a basic console that measures time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate when your hands are gripping the pulse sensors. It doesn’t have any preset workouts – you need to come up with those yourself.

The bike seat can be adjusted quickly and easily to accommodate people between 5ft 3 ins and 6 ft 3 ins making it able to be used by more than one person.

The bike has 8 different levels of resistance that are controlled by an easy to turn tension knob at the front of the bike. It gives you the choice of light to moderate levels of hardness.

It is a very quiet bike so you won’t disturb others as you ride – in fact they probably will forget about it all together while watching TV room in the same room. If you are in an apartment your neighbors are very unlikely to hear you.

Overall it is a good solid bike which surprise users in a good way due to its quality for what is an affordable price too.

If you want to more about the bike you read more here: Exerpeutic 250xl Space Saver Upright Bike With Pulse Sensor

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