Best Spin Bikes Under $1000

Best Spin Bikes Under $1000All these 3 spin bikes are the best under $1000 because as a minimum they offer a natural and stable basis for intense and low impact workouts.

They make it easy to get your training done in the comfort of your home saving you from the trip to the gym or suffering in the cold, snow and rain.

When you ‘re training at home you want something that isn’t going to be more trouble than it’s worth. These bikes are reliable and durable. They can also be used by more than one person.

The spin bikes were chosen after checking out theirs and other bikes specifications, owner manuals, customer ratings, suppliers answer to questions, comparing them and raking them. The criteria I’ve used in choosing the bikes are:

Adjustability. I looked for bikes that were easy and quick to adjust to get the right fit. They also can be used by people of various abilities and a range of different heights.

Durability. The bikes needed to be able to take the pounding from hard workouts

Stability. They needed to be able to provide a solid base for riding so there was no rocking or shaking when you’re in or out of the saddle.

Natural Ride. The ride needs to be natural and similar to that of a riding a bike outside . There shouldn’t be any choppiness in the stroke as you ride.

Noise. A bike should be low noise so it isn’t disturbing everyone in the house.

Accessories. This wasn’t a major concern but where there were some this was seen as an added benefit.

Price. I looked at what each of bikes had to offer to come up with the list and not how much they cost other than they needed to be available below $1000 at the time of selection. For bikes that are more affordably priced I put together a list of the best spin bikes under $500 here.

There are some bikes with more features than some of the bikes here that I’ve not chosen due to reliability issues or there are availability issues at this stage. I may change this listing when these have been addressed. The bikes included in this Top 3 list are very good bikes and will give you the an excellent base for low impact cardio spinning, cycling and training.

Bodycraft SPX

BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Bike latest priceThis bikes has excellent rating from customers with it currently scoring 5/5 (at time of writing).
It is fully adjustable for people in the height range of 5 ft 2 ins and 6 ft 7 ins. The seat and handlebars are micro adjustable horizontally/vertically to get it to fit exactly how you want it. This is quick and easy to do.

The bike has belt drive that is almost silent and the v-ribbing makes it have a good grip to prevent any slipping or sliding as you pedal. It has 6 inch Q factor which helps to provide good alignment of the feet, knees and hips putting less stress on the joints.

The bike is well built so it doesn’t rock or shake as you ride it leaving you to just get on with your workout. The flywheel weight is 46 lbs that provides the momentum for the rolling down the road feeling and to pull the pedals through the pedal stroke properly to prevent an up/down pedal stroke.

The pedals have toe cages and straps for athletic shoes that give you a good solid grip when you are riding in or out of the saddle.

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Ironman Fitness H Class 510

Ironman h-class 510 exercise bike priceWith a name like Ironman in a product’s name it has a lot to live up to. And for the most part it does apart from a niggle with the pedals.

The handlebars and seat both move horizontally and vertically to give the best chance of getting the bike to properly and comfortably fit people between the heights of 5ft and 6 ft 4 ins.

It comes with a good basic console that provides you with the information to keep you on track during a workout. It measures RPM, speed, time, distance, calories and pulse. To measure your heart rate you put your hands on the sensors on the handlebars. You can also see how quick it takes for you to recover from a workout.

The bike is stable and durable to take the punishment from the intense workouts. It comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame.

It has a 44 lbs flywheel that provides the fluid ride you need for a good workout.

The bike has chain drive and friction pad resistance.

The pedals fit athletic shoes with toe cages and straps foe slipping your feet into. The bike doesn’t fit standard bike size thread so the pedals can’t be easily exchanged unlike with most other indoor cycles.

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Spinner Edge

spinner edge spin bike check priceThis is a traditional spin bike made by the company responsible for creating them originally. As such it has a more “no frills” design than the other bikes in this Top 3 list.

The flywheel weighs 43 lbs and perimeter weighted to provide the inertia to pull the pedals through 360 degrees cycle at all resistance levels which gives a better pedal stroke and makes it easier to stand on the pedals when doing spinning workouts.

The handlebars can be adjusted up/down and the seat can moved up/down and backwards/forward to comfortably and properly fit people between the heights of 4 ft 10 ins and 6 ft 8. It is quick and easy to do and only takes seconds to adjust.

The drive is chain and the resistance is provided by a friction pad that sits on top of the flywheel. This low tech approach helps with reducing what can go wrong (although there is small amount of maintenance required) and to keep the bike as close to a road bike as possible.

For beginners the spin bike includes 4 Workout DVDs and user guide. They show you how to set the bike up, warm up, 4 different workouts and how to look after the bike.

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