Best Upright Exercise Bikes Under $500

best-upright-exercise-bikes-under-500The best upright bikes under $500 can provide you with a lot of features.

They can certainly provide you with plenty of choices for your workout.

But it can be hard to understand whether they are really up to the job.

I spent time going through these bikes to get a full understanding.

To provide a short list of the bikes and save you that time.

The bikes here are all over $200 – you can see a list of the bests ones under $200 here

For this selection of best bikes there are 3 bikes with similar features and looks for the reason they are all supplied by the same company who seemed to have specialized in bikes in this price range!

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike priceThis is the best selling upright exercise bike that comes with a good price and number of features.

It has 25 levels of magnetic resistance and a perimeter weighted flywheel to provide a smooth pedaling motion and scope to set the intensity at the level you want.

You can get on the bike and set it as you go or you can follow along to one of the 28 workout programs which cater for different abilities and fitness goals. Your workouts can be tracked and uploaded to a fitness account including

The seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to help get the best position for your legs and upper body . It best for people between 5ft and 6ft 1 ins.

It has place for you to put your media devices so you can watch and read as you workout.

Customers say they like the quietness and smoothness of the workouts. My complete review can be read here

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike priceWith many similar features as the Schwinn 170 in terms of programs, resistance and accessories it does provide a similar experience.

As with the 170 it has a media shelf, water bottle holder, fan, speakers, USB port for charging and uploads, 29 programs and 25 levels of resistance.

In addition to these you can upload your workouts using bluetooth to a fitness account which saves on messing around with a USB stick.

If you want to use the heart programs or monitor it you can use a heart rate strap (as with 170) to get a more reliable reading than you do with the hand pulse sensors.

The angle of the handlebars can be changed and there are elbow pads for a more comfort positioning, grip and leaning on them.

Customers like how quiet and stable it is – they can just get on with their workouts when they want and where they want. For more information see my review here

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

nautilus-u614-upright-bike-priceThis bike doesn’t have quite the range of the other 2 bikes, but it is priced below $300 when I checked making it the most affordable of the 3 bikes selected.

The seat adjusts vertically only to help in getting the best fit for your leg length for people between 5ft and 6ft 1 ins.

It comes with less workout programs with 22 of them and has 20 magnetic resistance levels. So there is still plenty of variety and the ability to set resistance at the level that is right for you if following the manual program or the automatic set resistance isn’t right for you.

It is reasonably compact so can fit into any room. It operates quietly and is low maintenance.

Customers like the fact they can do their workouts when they want. They find it quiet , stable and there is plenty of workout choice. Read my full review here

How They Were Selected

To come up with this list I looked at the bikes that were available below $500. I then put them up against each other comparing features, prices etc, and then ranking them all.

I investigated each bike considered fully by checking out their product listing, customer reviews, manuals, specifications, features and where necessary I got further clarification from the supplier.

The bikes not only had to cost less than $500 but also had to have stood the test of time and provide useful and effective features for the most effective workouts for the user.


You can get a lot of features with your upright exercise bikes under $500 especially in terms of workout selection.

And in some cases the number of features is better than those that cost over $500.

They all seem to be very durable (from customer reviews), stable and quiet. They can be adjusted to suit a range of different heights, abilities and fitness goals from beginners to more advanced.

These bikes have the range for most customers to get a low impact workout they want as well as having plenty of variety to keep you interested and motivated.

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