Body Rider Fan Bike Review

The Body Rider Fan Bike is an affordable fan bike where you can get full body exercise in your home. This is one of the most popular exercise bikes with the price and the fact it works the arms and legs at the same time to give you a complete body workout something most other bikes don’t do.

There is always the concern when you buy something at the price you are just getting what you paid for. In this review we look at how well it stands up to being used regularly.

There are some concerns with the bike, but it will only affect some people.

The arms and pedals move together to give you the full body workout while the fan wheel and manual belt resistance enable you to adjust the toughness of the workout to your personal requirements.

The first thing to consider is whether it will keep you steady as you ride it.



This is a relatively light bike at 47.3 lbs but for most people the steel frame holds them steady as they workout. They don’t feel as though it is going to topple over as they ride it. You may find it moves around a little bit as you ride it at faster speeds. But it doesn’t seem to shake or wobble.

Most people find the ride is pretty smooth and they get a good workout from the bike without worrying about strange or concerning noises. On the whole they get many years of use of the bike.

It doesn’t come with levelers under the feet so you do need to find a flat floor without any unevenness to prevent it rocking from side to side.

The frame comes with a short 1 year warranty and 90 day on parts.


Although people 6ft and over have used this bike it’s best maximum height is around 5 ft 5 ins. Over this height you probably won’t to get the full range of motion with the knee not extending to a slight bend at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

People below 4 ft 10 ins have used it and can reach the pedals the whole time through the pedal stroke although some have mentioned it can be a little difficult getting on to the seat and need to lean forward a bit to reach handlebars at the end of the stroke.

The seat can be adjusted vertically by loosening the adjustment knob on the pole and pulling out the pin to release the pole. You then slide the seat to the position you want. Then insert the pin and tighten into place. The adjustment is quick to do so that it can be used by multiple people looking for a low impact workout.

The handlebars can’t be changed in location so remain at the position while you move the seat up and down which can sometime make them too low down when the seat is fully extended for taller people despite the restriction in height adjustment mentioned above.


Unlike most fan or air bikes you can manually adjust the amount of resistance you are pushing against rather than just relying on how fast you pedal. It uses a belt around the wheel that you tighten with a knob on the frame to the amount of resistance you want to push against.

The knob increases the resistance in small amounts while you workout.

If you want greater resistance you need to manually tighten the belt on the wheel by re-looping it through the buckle. You can’t do this while you are on the bike. The details of how to do this are included in the manual. Once you’ve set it in this way you can make minor adjustments to the resistance again with the tension knob.

It does give good consistent levels of tension so there is no slipping while you pedal. It’s probably not the most elegant solution but it is effective and gives a variety of different levels of hardness to the exercise.

The fan itself doesn’t add that much to the resistance as you get with other fan bikes where the harder you pedal the more resistance there is. It does blow a little air on to the rider but it is only minor.

The belt is made from felt. Over time it will fray and wear down and need replacing from time to time. This can be replaced by contacting the supplier at the number in the manual.

Most people appear to get a very good period of use out of the belt with only a few people commenting that they’ve had problems with it out of the hundreds who have left reviews

You do need to concentrate on your pedal stroke to ensure you get the pull 360 degree pedal and don’t end up with a more up and down motion due to the way the wheel will slow when the resistance has been tightened. This can add impact into the motion like similar to a stepper but it is less as you aren’t supporting your weight with your legs.

Drive type

The drive is a chain drive like you get on a road bike. It makes a low clinking sound but it isn’t really heard over the fan wheel. You may need to do some small amounts of maintenance to keep it lubricated and tensioned correctly. If you do need to do this, it is advised to check with the supplier first

The chain and fan wheel is enclosed in guards. This helps to prevent dirt and sweat damaging the chain and fan wheel. It also prevent clothes, ankles and little fingers getting caught in them.


The pedals have a no slip grip surface and straps you tighten to keep your feet on them. They take standard athletic shoes.

The fan wheel pedals and handlebars are all connected and move together. To stop them you need to push back gently on the pedals or handlebars giving you the all body workout.

If you want to just exercise your lower body you need to either rest hands gently on the handlebars or hang them at your side. This is the same as with more expensive air bikes. If you want to just work your arms you need to leave your feet gently on the pedals (more expensive bikes have footrests).

The bike is not designed to take standing on pedals, and as the handlebars are moving and you can’t use them to steady yourself.


Seat. This seat has got a very bad reputation for how hard and uncomfortable it is. But this is a common complaint of exercise bikes, even if this was seems worse than usual. To help with this a gel seat cover can help (the Schwinn Cruiser Get Seat Cover has been used successfully by a number of customers and can be bought on Amazon) as can padded bike shorts. The seat itself is attached to the bike by 3 bolts so can’t be easily replaced by a more comfortable bike seat without a seat adapter.

Noise. The fan produces a low humming noise similar to a light electric fan. You may need to turn up the TV volume a small amount to hear it. Anyone in the next room is unlikely to be disturbed by it nor are the neighbors if you live in an apartment.

Handlebars. The handlebars have a foam covering the grip area to make it easier to hold when hands get wet and also to prevent blisters. It is not possible to anchor them into place.

Dust and Dirt. It’s not a dirty piece of equipment. You may get some lubricant dropping from the bike. It will blow some dust around with the fan but this fan bike doesn’t generate a lot of wind. You may find sweat is the biggest issue with it dropping on the bike and floor. It does need to be wiped off the bike to prevent it starting to corroding the bike. To protect your floor it is a good idea to put the bike on a rubber exercise mat.


This is a compact bike needing only 45.75 by 23 inches when not in use. It makes it suitable for homes or apartments with limited space. Many people store it against a wall but it should fit in good size closets if you can’t leave it out when you’re done for the day.

It doesn’t come with transport wheels which makes it a little tough to move. It weighs 47.3 lbs so can be moved by 2 people comfortably. If you have the strength you could move it on your own. It can be dragged on hardwood or tile floors easily with the plastic caps at the end of the stabilizer bars helping with this but I’d be careful just to make sure it doesn’t leave marks or scratch the floor. You can also drag it on carpet too but this is harder.


The bike comes mostly completed with the frame and fan wheel together. You are required to add the handlebars, pedals, console, seat post and seat. Most people can complete the assembly within an hour.

The additional tools required are a Phillips screwdriver, a ruler and they suggest 2 adjustable wrenches too, although they do supply a multi-tool for tightening nuts/bolts and Allen wrench.

The instructions are a little more involved than they need to be but they can be followed along to with some patience and careful reading.

Everything goes together as it should with the holes and pieces lining up making for a straightforward job.

Body Rider Fan Bike Console

To track your workout performance it comes with a console. It measures time, speed, distance and calories. Other than time the measures are estimates not actual. Speed and distance are in miles.

The display is big enough so the numbers can be seen as you ride although it is low down which can make it difficult to see without stretching your neck a little. Also it is not backlit so you need to have good lighting to be able to see the measures.

The mode button under the console is where you can turn on the computer (you can also do this by starting to pedal) as well as set the measures you want to see.

Speed is always displayed at the top portion of the display. With the other 3 measures only one can be seen at a time or you can set it to scan through them.

It requires AA batteries that are installed in the back of the unit. After about 4 minutes of no pedaling or pushing the mode button it turns off. This gives you the chance of a quick break if you need it but still continue monitoring your workout.

The results of your workout, if you want to track progress, need to be manually recorded in your journal or spreadsheet. It doesn’t store this or give you the option to upload it.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 45.75 ins
Width 22 ins
Length 45.5 ins

Bike Weight 47.3 lbs
Max User Weight 250 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with any accessories. If you want to have water handy you will need to exercise near a table that you can place your water bottle holder on.

Reading a book is difficult because the handlebars are moving all the time and there is nowhere to put it. If you want some form of entertainment you can set it up in front of the TV or wear an MP3 player.

This lack of accessories does help to keep the cost down and there is less to break I guess.

There is not much help in the owners guide for beginners with no guidance on setting up the bike other than assembly and resistance setting and none for adjusting the bike for best fit for comfort and efficiency nor is there anything on workouts you can do. This isn’t such a problem as you can find information on the web and on YouTube to help with this.


  • This is a very affordably priced bike
  • Resistance is manually adjustable using the knob
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Seat can be adjusted for a range of heights
  • The bike comes with a basic console


  • No transport wheels to make moving the bike convenient
  • Handlebars are always moving when pedals are moving
  • There is nowhere to put feet other than on pedals when you want just a upper body workout
  • There are no accessories for water bottles or entertainment
  • Seat is very hard and difficult to replace – you can try padded bike shorts and gel seat covers to help if you find too hard on the sit bones
  • No sample workouts included or help in setting the bike up correctly
  • No built in workout programs
  • Only really suitable for people up to height of 5 ft 5 ins

Body Rider Fan Bike Consumer Ratings

Body Rider Fan Bike reviewReviews on the whole are positive with people liking the fact that it holds them well and they can get on with their workouts. They like the ability to change the resistance level manually.

There are 2 main issues with the bike that came out of the over 200 reviews I read through.

The bike is really only for people up to 5 ft 5 ins. Over that height it is not possible to adjust the seat high enough to have your leg only slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal down stroke, Having said that people over that height do use it and enjoy the bike but they don’t get the full range of motion recommended.

The second issue is with the seat being too hard for many riders and it is also a source of frustration that it can’t be easily changed (it can be with the purchase of an adapter) and finding a gel seat cover that fits the bike – although the seat cover that is now shown alongside the bike appears to a good fit.

Aside from that there are limited complaints about the quality but overall people are pleased with their purchase and they talk about the great workout they get and the weight they’ve lost.

Body Rider Fan Bike Price

This is a budget air bike, and this is to a certain extent reflected in the basic nature of the bike with minimal features. It works as expected for the price – a good solid piece of equipment but it isn’t for people looking for high intense workouts.

When I wrote this review, at Amazon it qualified for free shipping

To check the latest deal and availability at Amazon click here:
Body Rider Fan Bike


This bike is a good option for beginners and those looking for light to moderate exercise with a budget but it does have a couple issues to be aware of. First, if you are wanting more high intense workouts then this bike is not likely to suit your needs long term particularly. (A better option could be the Schwinn AD2 Airdyne .)

Of course, there is the seat which is uncomfortable especially if not used to riding a bike. It can be helped with a gel seat cover or padded bike shorts but to replace you need to by an exercise bike to cycle seat adapter.

And if you are over 5 ft 5 ins you won’t get the proper recommended extension of the leg as you pedal. You can ride it but you’ll be cramped up and not get the full range of motion.

It doesn’t come with pre-set workout programs you need to set your own and set your own pace. This is basic no frills bike. There are other types of upright exercise bikes that have this, but they are more expensive and don’t give you the full body workout.

The major benefit with the bike is the price. Plus, on the whole you can get a good full body workout and it is durable at moderate levels of exercise.

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