Can You Change Spin Bike Seats And Pedals?

Can You Change Spin Bike Pedals And Seats split viewThe answer to that question is yes. I’m sure there are exceptions to that answer but I haven’t found any yet. But I’m still looking. I guess the next question is what can I swap them for? Is there a certain size of pedal or seat that they take?

When you are buying something you don’t often think about changing a part of it before you buy it but this is different spin bikes or indoor cycles. It seems this is a consideration in many people’s minds before they buy or very soon after. There different reasons for wanting to change pedals and/or seats.

Why Change The Seat And What With

One of the most asked question in regards to these bikes is how comfortable is the seat. The answer in most cases is that they are hard, too skinny, have no padding and are very hard on the sit bones. It seems like the manufacturers do this on purpose. It does help to keep the cost of the bike down I guess by putting basic seats on them. The complaints about the comfort don’t seem to matter how affordably priced or expensive the bike is – with both ends of the spectrum having people complain about the seat.

There is a method in this madness. Everybody has a different idea on what makes a comfortable seat. So even if they put on more expensive and padded seats the majority are going to find it uncomfortable.
You do have a few choices when you buy a bike that you know is going to have an uncomfortable seat. You are going to want to take some sort of action especially if you are going to be on your bike for long periods of exercising. You can try to persevere with it to see if you get accustomed to it or if you like pain:)
You can also try out a gel seat cover or padded bike shorts. This works out to be a good solution for many people. The ultimate solution is you can change the seat.

Fortunately this isn’t difficult. The bikes are designed to take standard sized bike seats. So all you need do is find a standard bike fitting seat and you can replace it. This is what many customers do – they buy a seat they know they find comfortable and replace it so they can ride in comfort.

The cost of bike seats are not expensive so a low priced bike like the popular Sunny Health And Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (it does come with a seat that is universally disliked) is still a good budget option even with this cost added to it.

You can change the seat over just like you do with an outdoor bike as they sit on a pole in the same way. It takes minutes and you are then set up and can then get busy doing what you wanted with your spin bike – getting a great workout that may not be entirely pain free but it will be the pain of exercising and not from sitting.

Why Change The Pedals And What With

Another very common question asked by people looking at buying these bikes is what type of pedals does the bike come with.

Many of the affordable bikes come with toe cages on the pedals where you slip your shoes into them and tighten the strap to get a good grip on the pedals. These keep your feet in place and you can get good leverage on the pedals when you are standing up and pedaling hard. They are great for beginners and more casual exercisers.

For those people who do a lot of outdoor cycling or go to the gym to attend spin cycling classes regularly they may have specialist shoes that they want to use that clip straight on to pedals.

So the next question after they’ve established the pedal type is can they replace them and what do they take. Again the answer is you can replace them with any standard bike sized pedals.

The bikes pedals are same as outdoor bikes – they attach the same way with the left pedal needing to be screwed in counter clockwise. Many people replace the pedals with ones they already have and they are set to go.

Again I think it does come down to price as to why they come with the type of pedals they do come with. These type of pedals are cheaper to make. Also not everyone wants to replace the pedals. Some people are happy with toe cup pedals. They don’t have or don’t want to buy specialist cyclist or spinning shoes for their cardio workouts on the bike.

Higher end bikes like the Keiser M3i do come with pedals that fit specialist shoes – it comes with SPD Shimano
Dual Platform pedals but it does cost over $1500 – it is the same bike that is used by many gyms across the country for their classes. Anyone buying these bikes is likely to be very serious about their training and have the shoes to fit.

In my reviews of spin bikes I always include a section about the pedals and seats. For the pedals I say what type are included with the bike and whether they are standard fitting and can be replaced. It is the same with the seat. I look into how comfortable the seat is and then check whether it can be replaced by standard bike seats. It is not something that is usually mentioned in the supplier’s description of the product.

So, in general spin bikes come with uncomfortable seats and pedals with toe cups. They can also be replaced if you want with standard bike sized pedals and seats to personalize the bike to your requirements. This all goes with their beginning as being stationary bikes that give you an outdoor riding experience indoors.

If there are any exceptions I’ll note it in the review and come back and update this post as required – I’m sure there will be some out there I’ve not come across yet.

I ‘ve now found 2 bikes that don’t have standard bike thread for pedals they are:

Ironman H-Class 510 Indoor Training Cycle

Ironman H-Class 520 Indoor Training Cycle

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