Exerpeutic 2000 vs Exerpeutic 4000 Comparison – Do They Differ?

Exerpeutic 2000 vs Exerpeitc 4000In this Exerpeutic 2000 vs Exerpeutic 4000 comparison how these bikes differ to make it easier to choose between. It can be difficult to see this.

These are two very similar looking bikes with the large handlebars and arm rests making for what looks like a comfortable and supportive arrangement for your exercising – almost like sitting in an arm chair.

But there are differences.

And in this post we’ll inform and analyze to see if they answer the big question as to why there is such a difference in the price between the two.

The both do have similar ratings from customers and they are on the wohole positively rated.

But, before examining the bikes side by side here is a quick review summary of the both:

Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike

It looks a comfortable bike and it is. There is also good support for the back. Your arms can rest on the handlebars on the padded arm rest for more support and comfort.

The console has 5 pre-set programs, 1 you can set up yourself and you can also get on the bike and adjust the resistance as you go. This gives you some variety and help when you first get started.

The bike has magnetic resistance which is controlled through the console. It has 8 levels of resistance with the display letting you know the level you are at.

The seat can be moved horizontally to provide the best fit for a range of people between the heights of 5 ft 3 ins and 6 ft 3 ins.

Overall is well rated by customers with 80% rating it 4 and above. They like the build of the bike, the comfort and the smooth low impact pedaling motion. Read my full review here

Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike

Having the same seat and handlebars, it has the same level of comfort as the 2000.

The console comes with 12 preset programs that provide you with different challenges and help you to get started when you are a beginner.

This bike has 24 magnetic resistance levels going from very easy to difficult in small increments making it suitable for those wanting light and moderate exercise up to those wanting hard hill climb type workouts. It is low impact and gentle on the joints.

It also has 12 pre-set programs and 5 training modes you can use to put variety in your workouts which can help with motivation and push yourself to get fitter.

It can be adjusted to fit a range of different heights between 5 ft 0 ins and 6ft 3 ins.

Customers find it very comfortable and easy to use with its smooth resistance and pedaling motion. Read my full review here.

How Do They Differ

Here I go through the facts of the differences and explain what they can mean to the user. These are likely to be the factors that make someone choose one bike over the other I feel.

The similarities aren’t discussed (you can see them in the table at the bottom of the post).

There are only a few differences between the two of them with 4000 being an upgraded version of the 2000.

Console Programs And Measures. The console is an area of big difference. The Exerpeutic 4000 offers much more in the way of pre-set programs to help you with your workouts on the bike. It has 12 pre-set programs as well as training modes that allow you tailor programs for up to 5 different users. The Exerpeutic 2000 provides you with just 5 pre-set programs.

The Exerpeutic 4000 displays the time, distance, speed, RPM, Watts, calories burned and heart rate (when hand pulse sensors are gripped). The 2000 is the same except it doesn’t measure Watts (a measure of power).

Resistance Levels. The Exerpeutic 4000 has more resistance levels with 24 against a total of 8 for 2000. They both start out at the same level which is very easy which is great for beginners and those wanting little or no resistance. However, the 4000 doesn’t just have more levels marked it gets tougher too with it setting a harder resistance which is better for those wanting more of a challenge. The Exerpeutic 2000 only goes to moderately difficult and isn’t for those in great shape or wanting a very tough hill climb type workouts.

Bike Weight The Exerpeutic 4000 is the heavier of the two weighing in at 71 lbs some 8 lbs more than the Exerpeutic 2000 which reflects it being a bigger bike and a more solid build.

Fitness App The Exepeutic 4000 can be set up to work with the MyCloud Fitness App which sounds really good for controlling your workouts and tracking your performance. However, it still needs more work on it to be reliable and being useful for measuring your workouts. It’s easier to use the bike without it at present.

Maximum User Weight The 4000 bike can cater for people up to 25 lbs more with a maximum user weight of 325 lb

Height Range Both bikes have a maximum user height of 6 ft 3 ins but Exerpeutic 4000 caters for an extra 3 inches at the minimum user height catering for people 5 ft 0 ins.

Media Tray Both bikes come with a tray for placing your personal electronics while you use them. They both hold them in place as you exercise. You can’t plug them into charge or play through the console. The Exerpeutic 2000 is in a better place as it is above the display so you can see it while you exercise. Whereas with the Exerpeutic 4000 the display is covered up when you use the tray.

What About The Price

When I checked the Exerpeutic 2000 was cheaper than the Exerpeutic 4000, but this can vary depending on the deals at the time.

Which One Should I Buy

If you weigh more than 300 lbs and up to 325lbs or your height is less than 5ft 3 ins (down to 5 ft) then the Exepeutic 4000 is the only choice you have as Exepeutic 2000 doesn’t cater for those users heights or weight.

If you’re not wanting a bike that has the capability to provide challenging resistance levels then the Exerpeutic 2000 will be fine, as it goes from very little to moderately hard. But if you want tougher workouts now or in the future (or someone who will use it regularly) then the Exerpeutic 4000 is a better option as it offers this as well as the option for light workouts too.

As to the console the Exerpeutic 4000 offers a much better experience with much better pre-set programs and options. It gives much more variety to help to keep you motivated and interested in exercising.
If pre-set programs are not what you are looking for and you don’t want arm rests you may want to consider a bike such as the Exerpeutic 900XL as a more affordable option than the 2000.

The Side By Side Comparison

In the table below the two bikes features, specifications and dimensions are compared side by side to give you a quick reference guide of the difference as well as similarities. Hopefully this gives you the full picture on these bikes.

FeatureExerpeutic 2000Exerpeutic 4000
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels824
Bike Weight63 lbs71 lbs
Max User Weight300 lbs325 lbs
Min User Height5 ft 3 ins5 ft 0 ins
Max User Height6ft 3 ins6ft 3 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityNoNo
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontalHorizontal
Use DimensionsHeight 34 ins
Width 22 ins
Length 54 ins
Height 41 ins
Width 30 ins
Length 58 ins
Drive TypeBeltBelt
AccessoriesNoneWater bottle holder
Heart Rate SensorsYesYes
Frame ConstructionSteelSteel
Transport WheelsYesYes
Back SupportYesYes
Pre-Set Programs512
AccessoriesMedia tray
Water bottle holder
Media tray
Water bottle holder

I hope now you have all the information you wanted about the two bikes and have made a decision as to which one you should buy. It would be great if you would lets us know your thinking on the bikes now.

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