Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Review

The Exerpeutic 500XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike is the latest folding exercise bike from Exerpeutic and it looks like it is going to live up to the standards set by the other models in the range.

Having an exercise bike can be a great way to increase activity, get in shape and burn calories without having to get outside in the bad weather or struggle to get to the gym and you save on the fees too.

This well priced bike saves on space and with a belt and magnetic resistance it won’t make a lot of noise which does make it a great candidate for homes of all sizes including apartments.

On top of that, it is important you can get a good workout at the intensity you want to meet your fitness goals – whatever they maybe.

In our review we look at how it performs in all areas as an exercise bike in helping you achieve those health and fitness goals for you and others in your household too.



It has a heavy duty and high durability steel frame according to the company. They say it has 20% more steel than their popular and highly rated Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike.

It isn’t a heavy bike by exercise bike standards but it does have good wide stabilizer bars at 26.4 ins wide . These do provide a solid bike and there is no wobbling from the bike as you exercise. There is no worry about it tipping you off so you can get on with your exercising at whatever intensity you want.

The bike doesn’t have levelers so you do need to find an even surface to keep it from rocking from side to side.

It is a relatively new bike and it is too soon to have feedback from customers as to how it will fare in the durability stakes. However, in the period that it has been out it has proven to be a well constructed bike and this has confirmed by people using the bike.

The company’s Folding Magnetic Upright Bike has had very good reports that it lasts for years and this is a stronger bike so there is no reason to believe that this bike won’t also live up to that expectation as it has to date.

Maintenance requirements are fairly minimal, with tightening bolts as required the only ongoing maintenance required. It does need some quick cleaning down to keep it looking good and in top condition.

The frame comes with a 1 year warranty and other parts have a 90 day warranty.


The recommended range of heights where you can get a comfortable ride with full range of motion in the knees are 5 ft 1 ins to 6 ft 5 ins.

It you are 5ft 2 ins your feet may not reach the pedals without sitting on the front edge of the seat (some can reach it sitting properly on the seat, some can’t) which can quickly become painful – it does depend on leg length. Shoes with thicker soles can sometimes be enough to give you the reach needed.

At this height you may also find you have some difficulty getting on to the seat and may require a small stool to get on without having to over-stretch

At the top end it seems the bike is big enough so that users get the range of motion required for a comfortable and effective workouts Over that height you will end up with a leg that is too bent at the far end of the pedal stroke for an effective pedaling motion and may hit the handlebars with your knee.

The seat height is the only size adjustment that can be made. It only takes seconds to make the adjustment to get the bike to the right height. This makes it a bike that can be used by multiple users of different heights in the household – they can all get their daily workouts and activity.

To allow for the change in body length as your adjust upwards it moves outwards away from the handlebars and vice versa as you adjust it downwards.

To adjust the seat you loosen the adjustment knob and slide the seat to the height you want, insert the knob/pin into the pre-set hole and tighten it up.


It has a tension knob on the console that has 8 levels of resistance marked. You turn it clockwise to increase the resistance and counter clockwise to reduce it. This moves a strip of magnets closer or further away from a small flywheel (enclosed). They don’t touch which keeps it quiet and nothing to wear down and thereby no maintenance requirement.

It is easy to reach and is not difficult to turn to the level you want

At resistance level 1 there is very little resistance it is almost like there is none. It gets progressively harder as you go through the levels. The change in resistance is smooth.

For many people the resistance between 4 and 6 is enough to get a sweat on and get their heart into their training zone. Level 7 and 8 is harder and is where you might stay in for short periods of time only.

But for people who are in very good shape and those wanting a real challenge will find that level 8 is not tough enough for them.

The pedaling motion is smooth at the lower levels of resistance but you may find it starting to get a little choppy at the higher resistance levels due to the light flywheel – the pedals will speed up as you push and slow down as you move round the top and bottom of the stroke.

Drive type

It has a v-belt drive that provides a good grip on the flywheel and pedals so there is no slipping at all levels of resistance ensuring a smooth pedaling experience. It is also quiet and requires little or no maintenance.

The drive, flywheel and magnetic tension strip are all enclosed. This stops little fingers or pets away from it to prevent injury and it also stops your ankles or clothes getting caught in them.


The oversized pedals are made from hard plastic with non-slip grip and straps to keep your shoes in place. They are designed for ordinary shoes and don’t have a fitting for specialist shoes. The straps can be removed and your feet should still stay on the pedals giving you freer movement.

The pedals are out in front of you unlike an outdoor bike or a spin bike where they are under you, but it is less than a semi-recumbent bike. It is a bit unusual if you are used to those other bikes but it is comfortable and doesn’t put any additional strain on your knees.

The bike isn’t designed for standing on the pedals and doing spinning workouts. If that is something you want to do and at a similar price range our indoor cycling bike guide can help to get you started.


Seat. It is an oversize bike seat to provide more comfort on the sit bones. However, actual feedback has been mixed with many people liking it but others find it makes them too sore to ride the bike. This is to be expected – it is the way with all bike seats – as it is up to personal preference.

There are a couple of things you can try if you do find it uncomfortable. An oversized gel seat can help and/or padded bike shorts have been found to improve the situation.

Changing the bike seat can be done but it isn’t straightforward. The seat doesn’t fit to the bike with a standard bike fitting but with three screws. You can take it to a bike shop and ask them to replace this fitting. Or you can buy an Exercise Bike Seat adaptor that effectively attaches a bike seat attachment to the triangular fitting on the seat pole. You can then attach the bike seat of your choice.

Noise. This is a very quiet bike. It hardly makes any noise at all. It doesn’t stop you from enjoying TV at your nornal volume. In fact others in the room might forget you are there until you start breathing hard.

If you live in an upper floor apartment your neighbors are unlikely to know you are exercising. To be doubly sure you could put it on a rubber exercise mat if you have wooden floors to prevent a possible small vibration transmitting through the floor.

Handlebars. These are fixed in place. You can put your hands in several positions for the best grip for you. They are coated for comfort and to prevent blisters.

Dust and Dirt
This bike isn’t going to add much to your cleaning routine. The biggest issue by far is likely to be sweat as it is likely to drop on the bike and floor. It is very corrosive so it is advisable to clean it from the bike regularly. If you are concerned about your floor a rubber exercise mat will keep it safe from sweat’s damaging effects over time.


The bike folds up to 57.5 by 24.8 by 26.4 inches making it easy to fit in a closet or against a wall out of the way. But this is going to be too big to fit under most beds.

It is easy to fold up, you remove the locking pin and then push the legs together and re- insert the locking pin and it is ready to move and store.

There are wheels in the front stabilizer to help in moving the bike. They don’t stick out that far.

They are fine on hard surfaces but they don’t work that well on soft carpet where you may find you have to drag or carry the bike – it weighs 51.6 lbs


The bike is delivered part assembled – but in state where most of it is completed.

The assembly can be done easily within 2 hours and most people take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete it. The tools needed for the job are included.

The instruction manual is adequate but with some strange English in it at times! There is a detailed exploded parts diagram at the beginning which can be ignored – it’s there for information purposes not for what needs to be assembled. It can give you quite a scare if you don’t look over a couple more pages to the actual instructions.

You are required to attach the stabilizer bars, handlebars, pedals, seat post , seat, console and tension knob. Installing tension knob is the trickiest part and probably requires some careful reading and studying of the manual to do this properly. There is also a YouTube video on the company’s channel that goes through how to do this.

The assembly can be done by one person but it is easier with two – it helps to keep the bike and pieces steady as you bolt them together. Everything lines up, is well machined and the hardware is labeled for easy identification and fitting together.

Exerpeutic 500XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Console

The console sits at the front of the pedals making it easy to reach and to see. The numbers are large enough to read without having to squint. However the screen is not backlit so it can be difficult to read in low light conditions.

It measures speed (mph), distance (miles), time, total distance (odometer), calories and heart rate when using the heart rate sensors.

It shows only one measure at a time, you choose which by pressing the mode button below the display or you can select scan where it rotates through the measures every 4 seconds

The console only gives approximate values (except for time which is accurate). They can be relied on to give feedback during an exercise or workout session and tracking progress but not for assessing actual calories or virtual distance covered to compare to an outdoor bike for example.

The heart rate sensors are on the handlebars and detect your pulse when you grip them firmly. They both need to be gripped at the same time. These type of sensors can be unreliable and that seems to be the case with this bike.

It uses 2 AA batteries (included), there is no need to plug it in to the wall socket (nor is there the ability to do so). It powers down after 4 – 5 minutes. It turns on when you start to pedal.

The console will accumulate the results of your workouts. To clear previous workouts you need to press and hold the mode button down. This is handy when you’ve got off the bike and the computer has powered down before you get back to the bike so you can carry on from where you left off. However, you do need to remember to clear it before you start if you want to track just your current workout.

It does not keep a record of your individual workouts so you are going to need to keep a record of them manually if you are interested in knowing how you are tracking over time.


The dimensions and weights of the bike

In use:

Height 48.4 ins
Width 26.4 ins
Length 39 ins


Height 57.5 ins
Width 24.8 ins
Length 26.4 ins

Bike Weight 51.6 lbs
Max User Weight 400 lbs

It seems the company has had a bit of an issue with their labeling and the manual when it comes to the maximum user weight in some cases. Some customers have received a bike where it says it is 325 lbs. The company have confirmed it is 400 lbs and the 325 lbs is a mistake


The bike includes a holder on the handlebar post for a remote control or cell phone – it puts them in easy reach when you need change the channel or take a call mid-exercise.

There are no other accessories included. If you want water as you exercise you need to set it up next a table, bench or shelf.

The manual doesn’t include too much in the way of help in using the bike. It describes how to make adjustments to the resistance, seat height and the pedal strap.

But, in particular, it doesn’t give guidance as to what height the seat should be set to which is important to get the most comfortable and efficient workout which also prevents too much strain on the knees.

It does include some warm up stretches but there is no help with workouts you could try to get you started. You’ll have to come up with these and the adjustments by yourself – fortunately you can find help online.


Includes a basic console that provides feedback during your workout

Quick to adjust for sizes between 6 ft 2 ins and 6 ft 5 ins.

Low maintenance requirements

A very quiet bike that won’t interfere with watching TV or disturb neighbors if you are in an apartment

Can accommodate users up to 400 lbs

A sturdy and durable bike with no rocking or shaking

Folds up to make it easy to store out of the way

Provides a good low impact workout for beginners and those looking for moderate exercise


No pre-programmed workouts included leaving you to set your own as you wish

Although you can accumulate your workouts in total it doesn’t allow you to see them separately. To keep a record you need to do this manually.

Resistance is not strong enough for people who what very challenging workouts (it’s not as tough as you get on spin bikes)

Manual doesn’t include instructions on setting up the bike or how to use for beginners

Console measures are only broad guides rather than totally accurate

Exerpeutic 500XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Consumer Ratings

Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike reviewIn online reviews customers talk about how well made and quiet the bike is. They like the smooth low impact ride and the quality of the workout they get. These reviews are from people with different goals – those wanting to get more activity in their life, recovering from surgery, rehabbing their knees, to get in and stay in shape and so on.

There are a few things that do come up in the reviews to be aware of that I’ve noted in my review (except 4)

1. Height Adjustment. If you are 5ft 2 ins and below you may find you’re sitting at the edge of the seat to reach pedals which can be very uncomfortable

2. Console. Some people don’t like the fact the measures aren’t that accurate but this is normal for exercise bikes in this price range – they are estimates

3. Seat – some people find it very uncomfortable but many do find that it is reasonably comfortable

4. Customer Service. Some people who have had issues with the bike when it is delivered have had to chase the manufacturer to sort the issues however others have found them very responsive and sort the problem quickly.

Despite those few negatives this affordable bike has got very good ratings from customers with the positive far outweighing the issues.

Exerpeutic 500XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Price

The bike is well made and provides value for the money. It can be used by more than one person so it doesn’t take long to pay it for itself when comparing it to the cost of going to the gym.

With Amazon you have their good customer service reputation to rely on.

You can check current availability and pricing at Amazon here:

Exerpeutic 500XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike


This well made folding exercise bike is a good choice for beginners and those wanting to get in shape and stay in shape. It can help in weight loss by helping you burning calories and can be used by people weighing up to 400 lbs.

It doesn’t take up much room when in use or when folded stored out of the way, it can be moved around to where you wanted, adjusted quickly for different sizes and very quiet.

It can be used by people of all levels of fitness. It is great for those looking for moderate levels of exercise.

However people who are in very good shape and/or looking for challenging workouts may find the resistance is not strong enough to get that.

Everyone else can get as demanding workout that they want, is stable and seems durable.

2 comments for “Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Review

  1. Glen Coleman
    February 20, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    I bought this bike and loved it—for two weeks.

    The gear kept slipping. The belt was getting worn out, bits and pieces found on the floor below the pedals. It doesn’t function as advertised. Really a bummer. Great idea if the belt drive system actually held up.

    • Paul
      February 20, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      Oh, that is terrible to hear. That is unexpected. I didn’t come across that when I researchied the bike. Thanks for letting me know. Did you contact the company about this? What did they have to say? They usually seem to stand behind their products even if they are a bit slow at time.

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