Exerpeutic 900XL vs 400XL – What Makes The Difference?

Exerpeutic 900XL vs 400XLIn this comparison of Exerpeutic 900Xl vs 400XL they go up against each other to show their advantages and disadvantages to help in deciding which is the right one for you.

Although similarly described there are a number of differences in how they are set up which need to be taken into consideration when choosing which one to go for.

They are both very popular and highly rated by users over a number of years. So both seem to have stood up to the test of time well.

Although they are both affordably priced there is a difference in price and we’ll provide the information on the differences to answer the question as to whether the price difference is justified or not.

But before looking at the differences in detail here is a quick overview of the two exercise bikes:

Exerpeutic 900XL

The Exerpeutic 900XL is an affordable no-frills recumbent bike that provides a good solid basis for low impact cardio exercise.

It comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance that goes from light to moderately hard ,to give you a range of options for your level of exercise intensity. It is manually adjusted using a tension knob at the front of the bike.

It’s ideal for those who want light to moderate exercise rather than high intensity workouts.
The console included is basic with it allowing you to monitor speed, distance, time, odometer (cumulative distance), calories and heart rate when sensors in the handlebars are gripped. It doesn’t have any pre-set workout programs.

It can be adjusted to fit people of various sizes – it is a little more involved than most bikes but it isn’t difficult so doesn’t really get in the way of being used by multiple users.

Customers like the comfort and low impact workouts they can get to help with their health and recovery. Read my in depth review here

Exerpeutic 400XL

The Exerpeutic 400XL is a foldable exercise bike that you ride in a semi-recumbent position with your legs out in front of you but below you – -they’re more angled downward than out in front as you would on a full recumbent bike.

It is quiet and you get a smooth consistent workout from the bike. It can be adjusted quickly for a number of different sizes – so it can be used by multiple users.

Folding it up is quick too – with it just requiring the removable of holding pin and sliding the legs together and re-inserting the pin. You can then tip it on the rollers to move it where you want.

The console included is basic – measuring time, speed, distance, odometer and heart rate when the pulse sensors at the side of the seat are gripped.

Customers on the whole like the bike and the riding the position describing it is as stable and smooth. Read the full review here

The Facts On How They Are Different

Handlebars Number. The 900XL has two sets of handlebars. The set at the front of the bike gives you the option of leaning forward when you want to change position and still continue with your exercise.

Handlebars Width. The 400XL has more room between the seat handlebars with a distance of 21 inches between then and the 900XL being a little narrower at 20 inches.

Console. Both have a basic console.There are some small differences in the operation but otherwise the information they provide is the same.

Seating Position. On the 900XL you sit and pedal in a recumbent position with your feet out on front of you providing a very low impact cardio and good support for your back as you sit back more on to the backrest. The 400XL position has your legs out in front and down at an angle. It is still low impact but less so than the recumbent position and as result you need to support your back more.

Bike Weight. The 400XL is the lighter bike at 38 lbs against 63 lbs for the 900XL making it easier to move on its transport wheels but obviously it has a lighter construction.

Foldable. The 400XL can be folded up for storing in a space of 45 by 21 by 19 inches making it great for those homes where space is at a premium or any home for that matter where you can’t leave the bike out.

Dimensions. The 400XL is a more compact bike when in use with it having a footprint of 38 by 21 ins. The 900XL is larger needing 54 by 22 ins

Assembly. There’s not a big difference in what is involved to put these together but the 400XL has a couple less steps making it slightly quicker and easier to put together.

Step Through. The 900XL step through is only a couple of inches off the floor this makes it easy for anyone to get into position to get on the bike. Whereas the 400XL is much higher to allow for the x-frame to fold the bike. some people find the height makes it difficult to get on the bike without the help of a small step.

What About The Price?

At present there is not much between the bikes.

Which Is The Right One For You?

These bikes are both well constructed bikes that provide good value for their price. They are both basic bikes without any “bells and whistles”. It does cuts down on the things that can go wrong. They’re both great for beginners and those wanting light to moderate cardio exercise.

If space is tight in your home then the Exerpeutic 400XL makes for a good option – it folds up and gives you a comfortable low impact cardio workout – it is semi-recumbent so there is a little more impact on your knees and you do need to support yourself a little more on the seat.

The Exerpeutic 900XL is a more traditional recumbent exercise bike with the advantages that has for a very low impact cardio workout and providing more support for your back. It is also easier to get on the bike with virtually no step through and a lower seat.

Up Against Each Other Side By Side

The table below has the features, specifications of the listed side by side so you can see details hoe they measure up against each other.

FeatureExerpeutic 900XLExerpeutic 400XL
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels88
Weighted FlywheelNoNo
Bike Weight63 lbs38 lbs
Max User Weight300 lbs300 lbs
Min User Height5 ft 3 ins5 ft 2 ins
Max User Height6ft 3 ins6 ft 2 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityNoNo
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontalVertical
Use DimensionsHeight 34 ins
Width 22 ins
Length 54 ins
Height 44 ins
Width 21 ins
Length 38 ins
Folded DimensionsDoesn't foldHeight 45 ins
Width 21 ins
Length 19 ins
Drive TypeBeltBelt
Heart Rate SensorsYesYes
Frame ConstructionSteelSteel
Transport WheelsYesYes
Back SupportYesYes
Distance between seat handlebars20 ins21 ins
Pre-Set ProgramsNoNo

Hopefully you now have all the information you need to make up your mind as to the bike you think is best for you. It would be great to know what your thoughts on this.

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