Exerpeutic LX7 vs LX9 – Features And Prices Compared

Exerpeutic LX7 vs LX9 Man on Indoor CycleThe Exerpeutic LX7 and LX9 spin bikes are 2 popular spin bikes that have a number of similar features. However, there are differences between them. These do explain the variance in price.

Having said that on price both are priced at the more affordable end of the market making them both a good option for beginners.

They provide a value for money way to get a low impact cardio workout in your home.

They both have the basics well covered in providing a stable riding experience and variable resistance so you can train at the intensity you want. They also both have a console which can help to keep you motivated with feedback as you ride and to keep you on track with your workout.

You can use them for spinning workouts as well as training when you can’t get outside or for moderate exercise if you want.

First up is a quick overview of both bikes before getting into how they compare side by side with the most important criteria.

Exerpeutic LX7

This is an affordable bike that comes with a basic console for measuring your performance which helps with keeping you on track during your workouts. It gives you the ability to measure your heart rate while you workout to help you keep in the heart rate zone for an effective workout.

The bike provides a stable platform for cardio workouts. It comes with a 40 lb flywheel that gives a good riding experience for those who want to be able to burn calories with moderate or intense exercise that is easier on the knees and joints than you get with running or using treadmills.

It is reasonably quiet and is unlikely to disturb anyone in another room while you exercise and can be used by a range of different sized people as it can be quickly adjusted to fit them. When not in use it can be moved out of the way easily.

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Exerpeutic LX9

The LX9 is a mid priced bike. It is a heavier bike than LX7, that is fully adjustable, it has a better console and elbow pads making it an attractive bike for those who want to train in the aero position.

The console gives you the ability to measure your heart recovery rate as well as RPM, calories, heart rate and more.

This is all good information to have for getting the best out of a workout and seeing how you are improving over time. This can big help to anyone wanting to improve their fitness as monitoring performance can help in motivation and keeping on track.

It is easy to assemble and adjust for a range of different people’s sizes. With both the handlebars and seat being able to be adjusted in 4 directions the bike can fit most people correctly for the most effective and comfortable workouts and will also help in preventing strain injuries.

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If you just want the numbers you can compare the specifications of these bikes and other spin bikes at our compare post here. For more context and detailed explanation of the what the differences mean for someone using the bike read on.


The bikes are stable when being ridden with the LX7 being slightly less so from users experience with some mentioning that it can vibrate slightly when cycling at high intensity. Even so there is no concerns with it becoming unsteady and the slight movement doesn’t affect the quality of the workout experienced.

The bikes can be used on uneven floors as they have levelers under the stabilizer bars which you turn to level out the bikes to prevent them from rocking from side to side.

Both bikes have a good heavy flywheel weighing in at 40 lbs which helps to give a more fluid cycling motion reducing any choppiness that could impact on the knees and other joints.


The LX9 has more adjustability as both the seat and handlebars can be moved vertically and horizontally to get the bike to fit properly people between the heights of 5 ft 2 ins and 6 ft 6 ins. This is a quick process and is done by loosening the adjustment knobs on the adjustment poles and sliding them into place and then tightening up the knobs. It takes seconds to do this.

The LX7 doesn’t have the same range of adjustments with only the seat being able to be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The handlebars only move up or down. This does restrict to a certain extent getting the bike to fit you properly or comfortably as there is not such a wide range of positions available. It is recommended for people between 5 ft 2 ns and 6 ft 2 ins.


The resistance for both bikes is provided by a resistance pad on the top of the flywheel.

The resistance is applied by turning the tension knob at the top of the frame that provides a consistent and incremental resistance. The pads will need replacing, this is the same with all bikes that use this method of resistance, as they wear down with use. The replacements are available direct from the supplier.

The resistance pad can be used as an emergency brake to stop the flywheel and pedals quickly by pushing down on the tension knob.

Drive type

Both bikes have the same chain drive and have a fixed gear.

The chain drive works the same way as one you’d find on an outdoor bike giving the same feel to the pedaling motion as well as the same level of noise but probably with a lower maintenance requirement as you aren’t cycling through puddles and dirt isn’t being kicked up into it.

The fixed gear is standard with most bikes. This means when the flywheel is in motion the pedals are in motion too, which makes getting off difficult but keeps your legs moving.


The bikes have the same type of pedal. They have a toe basket where you slip your athletic shoes into and then and tighten up the straps to ensure you get a good grip on them. These are great for beginners and if you don’t have specialist shoes. You can replace the pedals if you want for specialist ones as the bikes take a standard bike fitting pedal.


The handlebars of the LX9 include elbow pads which are a great feature that not many indoor cycles or spin bikes have. These are great when you are in the aero position and prevent your forearms from hurting as can happen when you rest your arms on the bars directly. They can be adjusted to get the most comfortable fit.

The LX7 doesn’t include these so you have to rest arms on the bar – although they are padded it won’t be enough to stop your arms from hurting if you stay in the aero position for extended periods of time.

The seat on both bikes has come in for criticism about its comfort but this is usual for any bike that has a bike seat. Some people will find any seat uncomfortable especially when sat on them for long periods of time. The seats can be replaced for any standard bike seat if this is an issue.


Both bikes have transport wheels that are well made and work on hard surfaces and carpet although the LX7 can struggle on carpets with a deep pile due to their smaller size.

To move the bikes you tip them on to the wheels and then wheel it to where you want to use or store the bike.

The LX7 footprint is 20 by 47 inches and the LX9 is 20 by 31 inches so the LX9 needs less space for storage.


Both bikes are relatively easy to assemble. It is the same process for both. The bikes arrive partially assembled and you are required to add the stabilizer bars, pedals, adjustment poles seat, handlebars and console. Both should take less than an hour to complete.

The LX7 is a little easier to assemble than the LX9 but that is down to the weight of the bike rather than the process itself. The LX7 weighs 90 lbs and the LX9 112 lbs. The lighter weight makes it easier to hold and handle while it is assembled.


Both bikes come with a console but the LX9 has the better one. It measures RPM, time elapsed, speed, calories, heart rate and recovery rate. You can input targets so you see a countdown as you get closer to the target or you can just have it count up if you’d rather.

You can see all the measures other than the recovery at once and they are easy to read in a good light.

The recovery rate is used once you’ve finished pedaling and want to know how quickly your heart rate returns to its resting rate.

The LX7 console measures RPM, calories burned, speed, distance, time elapsed and your heart rate. You can’t see all the numbers at once and you can choose just to see one for your workout or have it scan through the numbers. It can be hard to see at times when you’re cycling.

Both bikes have heart rate sensors on the handlebars for measuring your pulse. This does mean you have to keep your hands in a particular position if you want to measure your heart rate which is annoying and makes it less easy to use than a heart rate strap.

You can’t upload the information on either bike’s console to your computer or fitness account.


The dimensions and weight of bikes are (LX7/LX9)

Height 49/49 ins
Width 20/20 ins
Length 47/31 ins

Flywheel Weight 40/40 lbs
Max User Weight 300/325 lbs
Bike Weight 90/112 lbs


Neither bike has much in the way of accessories which is normal for these bikes. They both come with a water bottle holder. The holder in the LX9 is in a slightly better place to avoid having sweat drop on it.

Consumer Ratings

The reviews for LX9 are mixed but this is mostly to do with shipping than the bike itself. The LX7 appears to have had some issues initially with this too but it now appears the company is addressing the issue with quicker response times to customers.


The Exerpeutic LX9 is usually priced more than the LX7 when I checked. For this you are getting a heavier bike that accommodates heavier users, has better handlebars, more adjustability for a potentially more comfortable ride and a better console that is easier to read with more functionality including the heart rate recovery mode reading.


These are 2 good bikes for beginners that can be used for all levels of exercise from moderate to intense non impact cardio. If you are on a tight budget the LX7 is the better choice as long as you are within the parameters for size and weight.

If you want to use the bike for training and in particular in the aero position then the LX9 is a better choice with elbow pads making the ride more comfortable for long rides. It also is more solidly built and can fit a wider range of people heights making it a more versatile bike.

Both bikes can be used by multiple users as they can be quickly adjusted so all the family can use to help them reach their fitness goals.

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