FitDesk VS Exerpeutic – How Do They Compare

FitDesk vs ExerpeuticIn this complete comparison of Fitdesk vs Exerpeutic two of the most popular folding exercise bikes available face off against each other.

The FitDesk FDX 2.0 and the Exerpeutic 400 XL Recumbent Bike have two differences that are very much apparent even from a quick look – one has a desk and a different price.

There are other differences and we look at those to see how they both match up and what that price difference is for.

They do both come with good ratings from customers wanting to get more exercise and they are compact making them suitable for homes, work places and apartments of all sizes.

Exerpeutic do have two other fold exercise bikes but the 400 XL is the one that people have used most often with a desk which I explain more about in the differences below.

Before putting them up against each other here is a quick look at each of the bikes being scrutinized and compared:

Exerpeutic 400 XL Recumbent Bike

This is a semi-recumbent bike which positions part way between upright and recumbent. It places less pressure on the knees and has a more comfortable seat with the backrest giving more support to the back.

It adjusts to accommodate people between the heights of 5 ft 2 ins and 6 ft 2 ins up to maximum user weight of 300 lbs.

It has variable resistance that you can manually adjust as you exercise to get the amount of intensity that you want.

The pedaling motion is smooth and is low impact. It is quiet so yu can watch the TV without turning it up or disturbing others in the house.

To help you monitor your exercise it comes with a basic console that measures calories burned, time, distance, speed and heart rate when hands are on the pulse sensors.

Customers like the riding position and find they get a good solid ride with no rocking or shaking. Read my detailed review here for a full explanation.

FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

With people spending more time sitting in front of computers, laptops or tablets etc – working or playing video games and more – the FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike allows you to get more activity into your life while you do them. It’s good for your health as well as an efficient use of your time.

The desk fits up to 17 to 18 inch laptops. The desktop can be moved backwards/forwards to help to get into the most comfortable position for you to exercise and work.

It also has a resistance band below the seat so you can work your upper body too when you want a break from typing. It can be adjusted for a range of heights between 4 ft 10 ins and 6ft 5 ins.

Customers like how they can get light exercise while they work, that it is stable and durable and for the most part a comfortable seat. You can read my full review here.

The Facts On How Do They Differ

In this section I’m going to go through their difference as this is likely to be where one is going to stand out over the other for you. There is a table below that has the bikes compared line by line.

Accessories. FitDesk comes with the desktop and resistance bands and a massage bar. You can also buy separately an extension for the desktop, a water bottle holder, document holder and bike seat adapter for fitting a conventional bike seat.

The Exerpeutic 400 XL does not come with any accessories. If you want to have a desk with this bike you need to buy an adjustable table separately to fit over the bike which a number of people have done.

Height Adjustments. The FitDesk has a wider range of height adjustments with it accommodating people between 4 ft 10 ins and 6 ft 5 ins and the Exerpeutic fits people between 5ft 2 ins and 6ft 2 ins

Sitting Position. The Exerpeutic 400 XL has a more comfortable semi-recumbent position where you lean back against the backrest with the legs more out in front of you. The Fitdesk also has a back rest that can be tilted slightly backwards but you are in a more upright position with your legs not as far out in front of you.

Getting On And Off. Exerpeutic 400 XL is lower to the ground which makes it easier to get on and off. You also don’t have to lift your foot that high to get your foot over the X-bar whereas some people need a small stool to get their foot over this (about 2 ft high) on the FitDesk and to reach the seat.

Bike Weight. The Exerpeutic 400 XL is a lighter by bike by 8 lbs with a total weight of 39 lbs vs. 47 lbs

Dimensions. In use the Exeprpeutic has a slightly larger footprint than the FitDesk requiring 19 by 33 ins but takes less room when folded needing 17 by 20 ins for storage.

Heart Rate Monitor. The Exerpeutic 400 XL has a heart rate monitor. To work this you need to grip the pulse sensor in the handles beside the seat. There is none included with FitDesk

Handlebars. Neither bike has conventional handlebars at the front of the bike. The FitDesk FDX 2.0 does have a straight bar covered with plastic that can be used like a handlebar. The Exerpuetic 400 XL hasa pair of handles located at either side of the seat that can be used to hold and steady yourself if needed

 What’s The Difference In Price?

The Fitdesk FDX 2.0 when I checked was more expensive than the Exerpeutic 400 XL

Which One Is Right For You?

This does depend on what you want – they are both good folding exercise bikes.

If you are wanting to work or play video games as you exercise then the FitDesk FDX 2.0 is a great solution as it has everything you need all in one. You can work on the Exerpeutic 400 XL but you do need to buy a table separately which means you have 2 pieces of equipment to look after and store way when not in use.

The Exerpeutic 400 XL has you in a more comfortable position which for most people provides less strain on the back and the knees when you exercise. It also has a basic heart rate monitor to help to keep you on track in a training zone.

Side By Side Comparison

The table below has the features, accessories and dimensions lined up against each other so you can get quick view of what comes with each bike and how they compare.

FeatureFitDesk FDX 2.0Exerpeutic 400 XL
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Weighted FlywheelNoNo
Bike Weight39 lbs47 lbs
Max User Weight300 lbs300 lbs
Min User Height4 ft 10 ins5 ft 2 ins
Max User Height6 ft 5 ins6 ft 2 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityN/AN/A
Seat AdjustabilityVerticalVertical
Use DimensionsHeight 45 ins
Width 16 ins
Length 28 ins
Height 46 ins
Width 19 ins
Length 33 ins
Folded DimensionsHeight 48 ins
Width 24 ins
Length 24 ins
Height 54 ins
Width 17 ins
Length 20 ins
Drive TypeBeltBelt
Resistance Straps
Remote Holder
Heart Rate NoYes
Frame ConstructionSteelSteel
Transport WheelsYesYes

I hope you now have all the facts and information you need and are ready to make a decision and buy the folding exercise bike that is the right for you. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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