IRONMAN H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike Review

The Ironman H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike has a name to live it up to.

It makes you think of tough endurance athletes.

This might make you think it is just for those at that level.

And it can be used by them.

But it also can be used by those who are just starting out or looking for a gentler form of training.

There is much to like about the bike with the pre-set programs, its’ adjustability, 24 levels of resistance, comfortable looking seat and the ability to track your progress.

It should all add up to supportive and comfortable workout that is gentle on the joints all at the level of intensity and length you want to workout at.

In this review I take a look at all these good things to see how they help get a good cardio workout as well as the areas where I feel it could do better especially at the price it is listed at present.

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The bike has a heavy steel frame and cross bars to hold you firm and steady as you exercise.

There’s no flexing or creaking to distract you from your workout.

It has 4 levelers under the stabilizer end caps to level up the bike if the floor is a little uneven to preventany rocking from side to side.

The frame comes with a long warranty of a lifetime. The normal wearable parts and electronics have a year. Labor and other parts have a 3 year warranty.

This is one of the best warranties available.

Although it doesn’t have a long track record people it appears people are impressed with its construction and are expecting many years of use from it.


The bike seat can be adjusted to properly fit people between the heights of 5 ft 2 ins and 6ft 4 ins.

The seat moves along a slider to move it closer to or away from the pedals to fit the bike to a person’s leg length so they can get an effective workout.

To do this there is a knob that you turn to release the seat allowing you to slide it to where you want and then you tighten it up again to hold it in place.

This is going to be easier to do while off the seat rather than on it as it is in a difficult to turn the knob while on the seat. For the bike price I’d have expected you could do this on the bike and be using a lever to do this.

The adjustment isn’t difficult and it is quick, it’s just not as easy as I’d like.

It still can be used by multiple users all the same as it is quick to do taking less than 30 seconds to do.


The 24 levels of magnetic resistance are controlled through the console.

It goes from easy to very difficult. It is incremental and smooth as you adjust it. There is an up/down buttons that you can move between the levels – level by level – there are no quick jumps.

The resistance can cater for those who want little resistance up to those who want very challenging levels of resistance for hill climbing workouts etc. (staying in the seat).

The pre-set programs adjust the levels of resistance automatically as you work through the programs. But you can adjust it on the profile programs if the level is not what you want to work at – up or down.

The movement between the levels is smooth without any jerkiness causing sudden increases or decreases in the amount resistance.

The resistance is very quiet and doesn’t require maintenance.

Drive type

The bikes uses a belt drive and flywheel to provide a smooth and consistent feel to the pedaling. It is very quiet and doesn’t require any maintenance.

This is all covered up in the shroud which keeps it out of the way from being damaged and also away from ankles, children and pets.


The pedals are screwed into a 3 piece crank that is sturdy and stops any flexing in the pedals giving a good platform to push against at the top levels of resistance..

The pedals are oversized measuring 5 by 4 with foot straps to provide a good platform to push against and help to keep your feet from slipping off the pedal.

Once adjusted for your foot size you just need to slip you foot onto the pedal each time you use it.

It can be a little tricky making the adjusting the straps initially.


Seat. The large padded seat uses a technology called Airsoft which helps to distribute the weight evenly to prevent sore spots keeping you comfortable. It also helps to keep air flowing to prevent that area getting too hot. These features do on the whole provide a comfortable seating experience so you can workout for as long as you want not how long your sit bones hold out.

It also has a large padded memory foam backrest that is at a fixed angle and position to the seat. This provides good support for the back for mosr people too.

But not everyone is going to find this comfortable for those people that don’t it can usually be sorted with a folded up towel or small pillow.

The bike’s step through design and handlebars help to make to the bike easier to get on and off the bike. You don’t have to lift up your foot very high to get into position to sit down on the bike and you can use the handlebars at the front to support yourself when lowering or getting up out of the seat.

The handlebars at the seat should also not get in the way too much if you decide to get in or out from the side and swing legs around once in the seat.

Handlebars. There are 2 sets of handlebars – one at the front and one by the side of the seat.

Both sets are covered for a comfortable grip, The pulse sensors are in the set by the seat.

You can use the set at the front for a different and more upright position for your exercise.

Noise. It operates very quietly and you shouldn’t hear anything more than a small whisper from the bike. You can easily watch TV or exercise while others are asleep, even babies, without waking them up. The quietness makes it fine for apartments too if you have the room – your neighbors shouldn’t have any idea you are working out. If you are concerned about those below then a rubber exercise mat should be enough to sort that.

Cleaning. It is important to keep the bike clean from any sweat that may drop on it by wiping it down after its been used. The sweat may also drip on the floor and if you put the bike on a rubber exercise mat that should prevent any damage to that. Fortunately, that is the extent of cleaning that you are likely to have to do so it’s not too big a burden.


The bike isn’t the most compact and needs an area of 26.5 ins by 60 ins so you are probably going to store it against a wall if you can’t leave it out. It has a nice modern simple look so it’s not that bad to look at – and it will be there as a reminder if you need it.

There are 2 small transport wheels on the front of the bike that you tip the bike onto using the handle on the back stabilizer bars. Despite the weight of the bike this is relatively simple to do for one person as most of the weight of the bike is at the front.

You do have to lift the bike up which can make it a little awkward so you don’t want to be moving it too far

On the wheels the bike is reasonably balanced and you can move the bike where you want. It shouldn’t over balance as the wheel are set apart towards the end of the stabilizer bars. One person can do this on their won but the manual advise two.


The bike arrives partly assembled. It can be completed in about 2 hours or so.

The biggest issue can be handling the box which weighs 113 lbs. Moving it and getting the pieces out is going to much more manageable if there are 2 of you to do this.

The manual starts off with a very detailed exploded diagram (as noted in one review) that lists all the parts that go into the bike but you don’t have to assemble anything like that – much of it has already been done for you. It’s there for labeling the parts only but it can give you a little bit of shock at first glance.

Otherwise the assembly instructions do a good job of describing the process in words and diagrams. You can do this on your own but is much easier with 2 especially when connecting the wires together for the console.

You don’t need to supply any tools as the ones required come with the bike – if you have your own these will probably make it go quicker.

You are required to add the stabilizer bars, pedals, backrest, handlebars, seat and console to the frame and drive. It makes it easier than most kitset furniture. The pieces all go together and the holes are aligned.

IRONMAN H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike Console

It is a good simple console to use with good features with 12 pre-set workouts, heart rate control programs and setting targets.

The LCD Display is backlit so you can see your progress clearly in any light conditions. You can monitor your speed, time, distance, calories burned, RPM and heart rate.

It also has a matrix display to let you see your progress through the pre-set program – with a series of columns with the height indicating the amount of resistance in that segment of the workout.

The manual description and instructions of the console isn’t great leaving you to play around with it to unlock its functionality for manual and pre-set programs.

To use the heart rate control programs that work as percentage of your maximum heart rate (55%, 70%, 90% or your own %) you need to grip the hand pulse sensors in the handlebars by the seat. The resistance is adjusted to keep you heart rate at the percentage you’ve chosen to workout at.

You have to be gripping both of the hand pulse sensors tightly but not too tightly for them to work. And even with that you may still not get them to work as these type of sensors can often be unreliable

There are 12 pre-set profile programs that you can select. The profile of the 12 programs is shown in matrix or bar chart style on the console above the display. With those you can choose from beginner, advanced or sporty modes to tailor them more to your own circumstances.

These can help you to stay on track and by adding some variety to your workouts help to keep you interested too

If you don’t want to follow a program you can select manual mode where you can set targets on calories, time or distance and adjust the resistance as you go using the up/down buttons below the display.

You can also use Watts (power output) to set a Watt target and time target. It maintains a pre-set watt value of resistance between 10- 350 with a default value of 120 (which you can change when setting up the program).

For better presentation of your measures and progress you can use the Ironstrong Pro Fitness App. which you can download for free onto your Apple or Android device. You place that on the console – it has a shelf and clip to keep it in place. The App works with the monitor through bluetooth.

You can use your smart device to manage your workout using it to select workout programs and set resistance and set up 4 different user profiles.

The profiles can help with better measures in particular calories. You can then track your workout performance over time too more accurately. You can also it use it to track other aspects of your fitness and health by entering manually entering weight and steps.

It needs to be plugged into the wall supply for power – so you do need to use it close to a wall socket and if there is a power outage you can’t use the bike as the console controls resistance too.

After 4 minutes of not be used the machine will go into sleep mode and can be restarted by beginning to pedal.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 42 ins
Width 26.5 ins
Length 60 ins

Bike Weight 101.4 lbs
Max User Weight 300 lbs


There is a wireframe holder on the front support that to hold your water bottle. You’ll have to lean forward slightly to reach it but it does keep it close at hand.

There is a shelf on the console you can put your smart device on with the Ironstrong Pro Fitness App downloaded to control and monitor your workout. It gives you a better display and features then come with the monitor. It works with bluetooth and both Apple and Android devices.

Alternatively, if you want to watch movies on your tablet or read your kindle as you exercise you can use the shelf on the console to hold them. However, once on there you can’t see the display so won’t be able to monitor your progress.


  • Has transport wheels to help in moving it from place to place
  • Step through design for easy access
  • Has a fitness app you can use to track your workouts
  • Provides a good stable platform for workouts
  • Pedaling motion is smooth and quiet
  • It is low maintenance
  • Has 12 pre-set programs plus heart rate control programs to give a good variety to your workouts
  • The workout programs are good for beginners, advanced and “sporty”
  • Cushioned seat and backrest provide a comfortable and supportive recumbent position
  • Resistance caters for beginners and advanced
  • 24 levels of resistance increases incrementally and smoothly
  • Can be adjusted for people between the heights of 5 ft 2 ins and 6 ft 4 ins
  • You can sit more upright and using the handlebars at the front for a different exercising position to engage core a little more


  • The backrest is at a fixed angle that can’t be changed
  • You have to turn a knob to make the adjustments to seat positions and not a lever to make the adjustment – you need to be off the seat to do this
  • Needs to be plugged in to the power supply to be used
  • Console isn’t compatible with a chest strap for monitoring heart rate (it uses hand pulse sensors)
  • The instructions for using the console aren’t very clear
  • Can’t have customized workouts (except with the App)
  • It has a large footprint so can’t be stored in a closet out of the way when not in use

IRONMAN H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike Consumer Ratings

IRONMAN H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike ReviewThere are a few reviews of the bike but overall ratings are good. The one that has been left that is negative doesn’t seem to be correct about the room for legs. It does make me wonder if they had the seat adjusted correctly.

Overall Ironman bikes get good reviews as noted in the few that have been left on this bike (although many are from vine reviewers who get a free bike in return for the review).

IRONMAN H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike Price

This is a good quality bike with good features. It has a good console with bluetooth compatibility, a comfortable seat and back rest. It can be used by both beginners through to very fit individuals.

You can get similar features on bikes that aren’t as well constructed but give you are very good workout which is sufficient for those who aren’t in the top brackets of fitness like the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike which has similar features without the Fitness App control.

When I checked at Amazon it can qualify free shipping.

You can check the price and availability by clicking here:
Ironman Triathlon H-Class 410 Recumbent Bike


This is a bike that can be used by all age groups including seniors with its low impact and comfortable workout. It’s good for beginners through to those looking demanding workouts.

It has got a lot of good features but I’d have expected an easier adjustment mechanism for releasing and holding the seat in place when changing its position.

And, it would be better if it was compatible with a heart rate strap to monitor heart rate rather than just hand pulse sensors (which can be unreliable).

There is a good variety of pre-set programs to be able to have variety and challenge whether you are beginner or advanced. You can also set your own as you go.

You can also track and monitor your workouts using the free Ironstrong Fitness Pro App and Fitness account.
Overall this a very good bike to get a comfortable and low impact workout in your home.

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