Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Review

The Ivation Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike looks to be a well made folding exercise bike to get exercise in your home enabling you to save time and also expense due to its economical price.

It is a compact size and folds down to half size making it much easier to store out of the way when not being used.

It is a basic folding exercise bike but comes with just a few extras – a standard console, TV remote holder, a place to put your tablet or book and transport wheels.

It seems to have what is needed for people to get low impact cardio exercise at home and with the magnetic resistance and belt drive it is likely to be quiet too so no one else is disturbed as you exercise.

But there is more to consider than the price, as no one wants a bargain that is going to be more trouble than its worth and we look at all that in the review below.



The frame is made of steel tubing that holds the bike firm and doesn’t move shake or rattle when you are exercising on the bike.

When on an even and level surface the bike is steady and there is no wobbling so you can just concentrate on your exercising.

The bike does need to be used on a flat surface to prevent rocking.

It doesn’t come with levelers to even out the bike when the floor is not even.

It shouldn’t make any concerning noises to distract you from exercising and watching the TV.

You can just get on with what you are doing without worrying about the bike.

The limited warranty on the bike is for a period of 1 year.


The seat on this bike can be adjusted up and down to cater for a range of different heights. Customer feedback says it will fit people who are 5 ft 1 ins and above to about 6 ft (based on my experience with these bike – I’ve yet to receive response from the supplier).

The seat can be adjusted between 30.3 ins and 35.4 ins from the ground. To make the adjustments in height is simple to do.

It only takes a few seconds to change its height.

You loosen the adjustment knob and remove it, slide the seat to the height and insert the knob into the pre-set hole and tighten it back up. There are 7 different heights the seat can be set to. The speed and ease of the adjustment makes the bike suitable for multiple people to use to exercise as they want.

The seat does go up/down on an angle which helps to allow for the change in torso length he handlebars.

The handlebars are fixed in place.


It has 8 marked levels of magnetic resistance to vary the hardness of your exercise. At levels 1 – 2 it is very light and doesn’t require much effort. Levels 3 – 6 it increases incrementally and is where most people will probably exercise at. Level 7 – 8 is moderately hard but more like pedaling up a slope rather than a hill.

Even at its highest level it is unlikely this bike will satisfy people who want tough workouts or are elite athletes. It is more for people who want to get more activity and moderate levels of exercise. It’s great for beginners and those who are looking to rehab after an injury or surgery (as advised by their doctor).

At the lower levels the pedaling motion is fluid but at Level 7 & 8 you can start to notice that it pulses or feels choppy – with it slowing down and then speeding up as you push through the pedal stroke due to light flywheel not pulling the pedals through the motion. It adds some impact to the riding motion.

Making the adjustments is done using the knob just below the handlebars. It has the levels marked on it and it is in comfortable reach and can be turned easily to adjust the amount of resistance you want. It goes up in increments and it goes up smoothly so there are no sudden increases to contend with.

Drive type

Within the casing is v-ribbed belt drive and 2.5 kg flywheel to provide a quiet and smooth riding experience. The belt provides a secure grip to ensure there is no slippage. It also doesn’t require maintenance.

The casing protects the belt from damage as well keeps it out of reach of children and pets. Also stops you from catching your ankles and clothes on it.


The pedals are textured with an adjustable strap to hold your feet firmly in place while you pedal. They’re designed to work best with athletic shoes or similar.

The pedals are angled down and in front of you. It is a different position pedaling position to a standard upright bike but is similar to most folding exercise bikes. Most people find the position comfortable to get good exercise. It does mean you are exercising the top of your legs slightly more. You can still get the full range of motion when the seat is properly adjusted.

The bike isn’t really designed for standing on the pedals as you would with a spin bike (it is possible to do it but you are cramped up to say the least). The positioning of the pedals and handlebars is designed for sitting and pedaling.

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Comfort

Seat. The large seat measures 12.6 ins by 9.65 ins and is padded to provide some comfort as you exercise. Some people will find the seat is just right for them but others, as is the way with bike seats, will find it difficult to get comfortable on it even after allowing some time to get used to it.

If you are one of the people who doesn’t like the seat you can try a gel seat cover or padded bike shorts to see if they do the trick. If not, it is possible to change the seat but it isn’t straightforward as it is fitted to the seat post using 3 bolts – which is not the standard bike fitting.

To do this you can take it to a bike shop or you can buy a Universal Exercise Bike Seat Adaptor that you fit to the post and then you can fit a standard bike seat to the bike. Adding this adaptor to the bike is easy to do.

Getting on to the seat can be awkward when you are short. The x-frame means you have to lift your foot quite high to get it over so you can step through to get in position to get on the seat. Alternatively you can swing your foot over the seat like you would getting on a horse or the easier method is to get a step stool to get the height needed.

Noise. The bike is very quiet allowing you to exercise day or night in most cases. It allows you to exercise without disturbing others and watch TV without having to turn the volume up. It’s another reason it can be a good bike if you’re living in an apartment. It could also be used in a work office as it won’t disturb your workmates.

Dust and Dirt. The bike isn’t going to add much to your weekly cleaning chores. You do need to wipe it down to prevent sweat damaging the bike – it’s very corrosive. Also you may have sweat dripping on the floor and you may want to get a rubber exercise mat to prevent this.

Handlebars. The handlebars are fixed in place but do you give you room and options to get the grip that suits you – on the side at top or at bottom depending on your size and how you like to ride. They are covered with a rubberized coating that gives you a comfortable grip whether your hands sweat or not.


The bike folds down to about half size (exact dimensions not given or supplied by supplier when asked at present) which makes it easier to store in a closet or against a wall out of the way. It won’t fit under most beds when laid flat.

Under the front stabilizer bar there are 2 transport wheels that you tip the bike onto when you want to move it. They work well on hard surface but can stick when on soft carpet due to the small size meaning they can get jammed up.


The bike does come partly assembled. It is easy straightforward to put together and should take around 30 – 60 minutes to finish the job.

The hardware is already put in place so you just unscrew it when you come to add a piece to the frame and then fix in place -it save all that hassle of finding the right nuts and bolts.

Everything goes together with the pieces lining up. The frame and drive are together. You need to add the seat, seat post, stabilizer bars, console, handlebars and pedals to finish up thr assembly.


The basic console is easy to read when in good light but more difficult in poor light conditions as it isn’t back lit.

It measures time, speed (km/h), distance (km), odometer (cumulative distance km/h), calories burned and when your hands are on the heart rate sensors you can see your pulse or heart rate.

The heart rate sensors are in the handlebars and both need to be gripped tightly to get a pulse reading

The measures in consoles for these machines should only be used a guide as they can’t be relied on to be accurate except for time. This includes the heart rate as the sensors in the handlebars tend to be not that accurate (all models). You are better looking at a chest strap and monitor if you want an accurate heart rate for training in your heart rate zone.

The console displays one measure at a time or you can set it to scan through them every few seconds by pressing the mode button below the screen.

It takes 2 AA batteries which you replace in the compartment at the back of the console.

It has can be started by pressing the mode button. It turns off by itself after 4 minutes of inactivity.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

In Use

Height 44.49 ins
Width 17. 32 ins
Length 33.46 ins

(To half size – exact dimensions not available)

Bike Weight 35.05
Maximum User Weight 300 lbs


The bike comes with a couple of useful accessories. It has a small basket on the front upright for a TV remote or a smartphone. It is in easy reach when you need change the channel or take a call. It’s much easier than holding them or having to exercise next to a table

The next is a lip or slot at the bottom of the console where you can put an ipad or other tablet (kindle) so you can use that while you exercise too. Most folding exercise bikes don’t have a place for these –you have to hold them in your hands or buy a separate stand for them. The bike is stable so they should stay in place but to safe you could use and elastic band to hold in place. A tablet will cover up the console so you won’t be able to get feedback as you exercise.

The only possible issue that when using it with a tablet it does cover up the console.

It doesn’t come with a water bottle holder but with a little bit of manoeuvring you can rest one at the bottom of the x-frame between the double bars of the front frame.

The manual does come with some directions on warming up and exercising within your heart rate zone but there is no workouts suggested.


  • Has transport wheels to help with moving
  • Folds down for storing out of the way when not in use
  • Has 8 levels of marked resistance to set the bike to the level of intensity you want
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a TV remote holder and somewhere to put a tablet or book
  • Can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes making it good for multiple users
  • It is quiet and stable so you can get on with your exercising when you want
  • Comes with a basic console to keep you on track
  • Stable and secure workout platform


  • Doesn’t come with levelers to help with leveling out the bike when on an uneven floor
  • Not designed for intense levels of exercise
  • Measures are for guidance not to be relied on for accuracy
  • It doesn’t come with any pre-set workout programs
  • Distance and speed measured in kilometers
  • Some people will find the seat uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t come with any pre-set programs or way to record workouts separately or upload to account

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Consumer Ratings

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine ReviewThere are only a few customer reviews at present.

They are positive although at least one was the result of receiving the bike free or at a discount.

Having said that the reviews do appear to be as expected and there are some very good and short video reviews to look at.

They do find it is stable and meets the customers expectations with them being able to get good level of exercise from the bike at home.

The only concerns were the height of x-bar that can be difficult to get on to the bike, but this is normal for these bikes.

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Price

This is an economical bike that multiple people can use up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. It includes a console, TV remote holder and it can hold your tablet

It can be a little more than the most popular folding exercise bike with the only practical difference being the transport wheels and the tablet holder included with the console. That aside it still makes it good value for the money.

You can check latest pricing and availability at Amazon by clicking here:
Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine

Review Summary

This is good bike for the price. It is well put together and is good value for those wanting to get started exercising and for those looking for light to moderate levels of exercise.

It isn’t for those who want tough levels of exercise or to really push themselves hard (see fan bikes or spin bikes if this is what you are looking for).

It’s quiet and stable. It can be used by range of people to get their daily exercise into the day at any time. It saves on traveling to the gym or having to get outside when the weather is not the best.

It is low impact so is easy on the joints while you increase or maintain your fitness levels. Being able to be folded up makes it great for small homes too. It makes for a good economical way to get exercising and burn calories.

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