Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

The Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling bike is a top selling indoor cycling bike and seems on-balance well regarded by customers too.

It comes with a number of features that look good too – the adjustable seat and handlebars to allow a range of heights.

It has magnetic resistance and belt drive which can help to keep the noise down and remove some of the maintenance to make it easier to just get on the bike and start your exercise.

Probably not as important it has a good look with the decoration on the flywheel, to my eye at least.

But it isn’t all rosy as there are some compromises that you need to consider especially if using the bike to follow along to online classes like those you get with the peloton digital App.

In my review I investigate in depth how the bike fully measures up to help with achieving your fitness goals and who it is best for.

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The bike has a steel frame to provide a solid construction that seems durable from customer reviews.

The stabilizer bars are a little on the narrow side with the width of the bike being 19.7 ins. Despite that the bike doesn’t have a noticeable rock from side to side for the user when on a hard floor or a short pile carpet. If you have a plush carpet you may need an exercise mat or put it on plywood sheet.

If you have a little unevenness in your floor you can balance it up by turning the 4 levelers that are under the stabilizer bars as needed to balance up the bike. This should prevent rocking from side to side due to floor not being a little off. flat You do need to tip the bike up to make the adjustment, so you do need to take a little care.

It comes with a 1 year replacement parts policy and you will probably need to do the replacing yourself. This is an okay warranty.


The bike comes with 4 way adjustable seat and handlebars to help with getting a comfortable posture – i.e. you can adjust the height and horizontal position of both.

This is a good feature of the bike and is not usual to have the backwards/forwards adjustment of the handlebars in this price range (they are usually fixed with them only being able to be adjusted up and down). The additional adjustment makes it easier to get the handlebars in the right position for you.

The seat height adjustment allows the bike to accommodate people with an inseam (top of inner thigh to sole of foot) between 27.5 ins and 36.2 ins.

People between 6 ft 1 ins and 4ft 11 ins have successfully used the bike but at the lower end you may find you are leaning forward more than you’d like (even when fully adjusting seat and handlebars) and over 6ft 1 ins you can still use bike however, you are likely to find your leg is more than slightly bent at full extension which is optimal and feel cramped.

To make the height adjustments to the seat it uses a pull pin knob on the support post and has pre-set holes that you insert the knob pin into the hole and tighten into place. Your adjustments are limited by the placing of the holes so you may find it not quite at the height you want. You should have a secure seat with no slipping no matter how hard you sit down on it.

The other adjustments – seat and handlebars backward/forwards and handlebars vertical use an adjustment lever and you can adjust to where you want in the range of movement. You loosen and slide the seat or handlebars and tighten in place. If you find a post is in the way of the levers, they have a ratchet which you pull to operate and can twist the lever so you can tighten in place.

There are makings on the pole to help you know where to adjust the seat and handle height to, if it has been moved.

The adjustments are quick to make allowing it to be used by a number of different sized people and won’t add too much hassle to getting it set and ready for your workout or class. It keeps that barrier low if it has been moved from your setting.

Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Resistance

There is a row of magnets positioned above the flywheel that provide the resistance for your workout. You turn the tension knob that is at the front of the cross-frame to move the magnets closer (increase resistance) and further away from the flywheel (decrease resistance). It is continuous and you can set it where you want in the range it covers.

You have to turn the resistance knob around 13 -16 times to go from lowest setting to highest setting which makes it difficult to estimate from knob position your level (you can only do this by feel). It takes more time to go from easy to hard and vice versa than you might want to, such as through “hill repetitions”.

The Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike doesn’t come with a measurement of resistance level as standard, so the level you are at needs to be estimated by feel and experience. This doesn’t take too long to get the hang of for most people but I’d prefer to have an objective measurement myself.

However, there is an enterprising seller on Etsy that has developed a gauge that can be fitted to the bike to measure resistance level. It comes with good reviews. The levels marked go from 0-100 to help in using with the Peloton Digital App.

At the lowest setting it seems there is a little light resistance – it isn’t completely loose which is probably ok for most and will be light enough to get started. This doesn’t appear to have caused concern.

At the other end most feel that is gets tough enough for them although if you are an experienced indoor cyclist who likes very tough climbs you may find it isn’t at the level you want.

The magnetic resistance is quiet and low maintenance as there are no toughing surfaces, so no pad rubbing to wear out or make a noise.

Drive Type

The belt drive provides a very quiet experience. You don’t experience the soft clinking noise you get with a chain drive as it moves over the sprockets.

You do miss out on the feeling of riding an outdoor bike. It isn’t something most people feel as important.

It is also low maintenance with no tightening or oiling required to keep the belt tight and running well. It will eventually stretch and need replacing and unlike the chain drive it usually requires specialist help to do this. These type of drives normally don’t require this to happen for a number of years.

The bike has a 35 lbs flywheel which has the inertia to pull through the pedals to help provide a smooth natural pedal stroke that is circular rather than up and down reducing impact on the joints. The inertia of the wheel helps by pulling the pedals through the cycle when pedals are at the top/bottom. It may not be quite as smooth as some of the top of the range bikes (at the top resistance settings but has only slight variations.

It has a fixed gear. This means you can’t coast or freewheel. When the flywheel is turning the pedals turn also. This is usual for indoor cycling and spin bikes.

You need to carefully slow down or use the brake function of the resistance knob by pushing down to stop the pedals moving before you get off to prenet being whacked in the legs or adding stress to the joints.

If you need to stop in a hurry and/or get off quickly you push the resistance knob down hard to stop the flywheel and the pedals.


The steel pedals have toe cages on one side with adjustable straps to fit a range of shoe sizes. Tightening the straps helps keep your foot in place and give a good grip for pushing and pulling the pedals around, as well as prevent slipping. They are designed to be used with athletic shoes.

They do a good job but if you want to take to the next level with SPD and clip-in shoes (specialist cycling shoes) you need to replace them with these type pedals. Other customers have done this with standard thread bike pedals. Joroto do sell a replacement dual sided pedal with cages on one side and SPD fittings on the other.

There is no need to do this to get a good indoor cycling workout but you do get a better connection to the bike and a more efficient pedaling motion.

I have read that the Q factor is 203 mm (horizontal distance between the pedals) but haven’t been able to confirm this with supplier. This measure allows you to understand how far apart your feet are and the wider this is the more stress that can be put on the joints depending on your hip width. A premium bike such as the Keiser m3i has a q factor of 197 mm, they believe this suits people with wider hips as most have then elite sports people.

There had been reports of the left pedal coming loose and falling off. The company has now added an additional nut which they say will prevent this issue. (You do need to be careful when adding the left pedal on all bikes as it is lefty-tighty not righty-tighty as is the usual rule.)

For some reason the pedals have a reflector strip on them. I don’t know why – it can only be that they are used on an outdoor bike too, at a guess – they don’t have practical purpose on an indoor cycling bike. (If you know of a reason please let me know!)


SeatIt has a large padded seat with a cutout for more comfort. The dimensions are 10.6 ins long by 8.3 ins wide by 4.3 ins deep) that many have found more comfortable than many other indoor cycle bike seats, in particular for those who are beginners and aren’t use to sitting on a bike.

However, it isn’t to everyone’s liking. This is the same with any bike seat as it is down to personal preference and those who have more time in a saddle may find it too wide and too soft.

If you find it too hard (or soft) as some may do you can persevere by getting your sit bones used to it by building up your time in the seat, or try a gel seat cover or padded bike shorts or both.

If that doesn’t work or you don’t like the style of seat it is possible to change it for other standard fitting bike seats.

HandlebarsThe handlebars have a “rubberized” covering for a better feel and help keep a good grip if you sweat.

Some people find the handlebars a little on the thin side which add a little discomfort but not enough to impact on getting a good grip.

You can have 4 different grips (time trial, extension, hook and overhand front) for when in and out of the saddle (standing or sitting). It doesn’t cater for an intermediate grip as it doesn’t have a second cross bar nor does it have drop bars.

There is a small arrow bar in the middle of the handlebars but this can be hard to grip due to the positioning of the console. If you don’t want to use the console then removing it will make the grip easier of the arrow bar.
Noise It is a quiet bike with the belt drive generating little noise and the magnetic resistance being near silent. You are likely to be able to use the bike when you like during the day or night without disturbing others in the house even when they are asleep – if you have small children it should allow you to possibly get a workout or class in while they nap.

If you are in an upstairs apartment it is unlikely to disturb you neighbors but you may want to put it on an exercise mat to absorb any vibration or small movements especially if you have a wood floor.

Cleaning The bike isn’t going to generate a lot of dirt so it won’t add too much to your cleaning chores. It does need wiping down to keep it looking good and in top condition as with any other indoor cycling bike. In particular, sweat needs wiping down due to the salt in the sweat and this is likely to be biggest thing that needs to be wiped up or protecting your floor from. Depending on how much you sweat you might consider a bike exercise mat to protect the floor.


When not in use the bike needs an area of 42.5 by 19.7 ins. (It doesn’t fold up).

You need a large closet or store it against a wall or in the garage when not in use if you don’t have a dedicated space for it.

It isn’t light, it weighs in at 94 lbs. Fortunately, there are 2 small transport wheels on the front stabilizer bar that you tip the bike on that take the weight leaving you to navigate to where you want to go with it.

You do still need to be careful especially when going round corners or objects to ensure you don’t bang against anything.

On a plush carpet the wheels are likely to jam up resulting in you having to slide or carry.

Also, you may want to be careful on wood floors to ensure you don’t end up scratching it or denting it from the weight of the bike on the two wheels.


The Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike is delivered part assembled but most of the involved stuff completed. You are required to install the handlebars, seat, stabilizer bars and console to the frame assembly (which includes flywheel and belt drive already installed). Most people find the process straightforward and can complete it within an hour or so – once out of the packaging (getting it out of this can take some time).

The hardware and tools are attached to a card making identification easy. All the tools and instructions are included with the bike. There is also a short video on youtube demonstrating the assembly.

It is heavy so you probably want two of you to move the bike package to where you want to assemble it. One person can assemble the bike but two is advised to help with holding the bike especially when adding the stabilizers bars.

It is important to follow the instructions in particular when attaching the left pedal as you need to do this counter clockwise and take it slowly to prevent stripping the thread. This is the same with all exercise bikes.

Some people have noted that there appears to be a leftover part but this is part of the packaging and I understand it is labeled as such.

It is not necessary to have an assembly service (if you can put together IKEA furniture you’ll find this much easier) but it can make it more convenient and less hassle, especially when you are pushed for time.

Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Console


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 42.5 ins
Width 19.7 ins
Length 42.9 ins

Bike Weight 94 lbs
Max User Weight: 280 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with much in the way added features.

The only accessory being the combined tablet/water bottle holder.

It is a double water bottle holder where you can have two water bottles or 1 bottle and could put your phone in the other holder. It is in a good position for these and they are easy to grab and put back during your workout/class without having to bend or stretch.

But there is a drawback if you want to rest your tablet or ipad on top where it just has a ledge to keep it in place. It covers up the water bottle holders effectively stopping you from using it for water bottles.

If you want a tablet and water bottle close to hand you really need to buy a tablet holder or water bottle holder separately.

Although the ledge allows you to put any thickness tablet/ ipad or leave them in a cover it doesn’t have a lip to hold it in place so it does mean if you knock it there is a chance that you could knock the tablet off.


  • Seat and handlebars are fully adjustable to help achieve optimal fit and comfort
  • Comes with a padded seat that when new to bike riding and needing to get used to a seat, some find more comfortable (but not all)
  • Low maintenance
  • Very quiet bike
  • Not tied into a subscription program
  • Assembly required is straightforward for most
  • Comes with transport wheels
  • Does have a console (see cons too)
  • You can store 2 large water bottles close to hand
  • Includes a media device holder with the water bottle holder
  • Able to swap out seat and pedals as has standard fit


  • Basic console doesn’t measure resistance or cadence or heart rate or power
  • Console doesn’t come with a backlight
  • Requires some assembly on delivery (takes about an hour)
  • Does not connect to fitness Apps (It doesn’t have Bluetooth)
  • There are no set workouts/classes come with the bike
  • Recording of workout results for tracking needs to be done manually
  • Pedals do not accommodate specialist shoes but can be swapped out
  • Takes a lot of turns to move between light to hard resistance
  • Mixed water & media holder means you can only have a tablet or a bottle – not both

Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Consumer Ratings

Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Review with woman on bikeRatings of the Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike are on the whole positive. Customers feel they’ve got a good bike for the price although the console is not as good as it could be as it lacks cadence and resistance measures in particular. The pedals can seem a little cheap too, but they do the job.

The issue with the pedals (left one especially) falling off after a few rides is mentioned in a number of the reviews. It appears that the supplier has taken action to resolve by adding a nut to the pedal assembly to prevent this from being an ongoing issue.

Where customers have had issues that may arise from time to time they’ve found that Joroto is usually responsive and works to sort the problem with the customer. However, there is the expectation that the customer will do the work of replacing any defective parts – Joroto do supply the instructions.


Many customers have bought the bike as an economical way to improve their fitness and use it with Apps like the Peloton Digital App. They save on the price of the bike and also the monthly subscription. Again, on the whole they feel they have got good value and are pleased with it.

For the price you get a solid bike with belt drive and magnetic resistance reducing maintenance and a quiet bike, which are great features. However, you don’t get much in way of more added features – there is the tablet/bottle holder combo (where it can hold one or the other) and a basic computer.

Most people seem to believe that they have got good value.

When I checked it qualified for Prime on Amazon and you can check latest pricing and availability at amazon here: Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Review Summary

It is a quiet and low maintenance bike due to the belt drive and magnetic resistance.

The 4 way adjustment of the seat and handlebars allow multiple users to get a better size-fit with an inseam measurement between 27.5 ins and 36.2 ins.

The pedals are fine but if you want to use specialist shoes you’ll need to change them. It has a padded wide seat that comes as standard which can help when getting started but it can be changed if it isn’t to your liking.
The console is basic and doesn’t measure it RPM or resistance levels. These two metrics being very useful for indoor cycling classes and workouts but after a little experience you can start to gauge resistance level by feel. It is possible to buy third party consoles and cadence sensors separately to fit to the bike.

It can be used for light to harder workouts depending on your wants and quickly changed to fit different sized people too.

If looking to use with Peloton or other Apps, it won’t connect with them but you can follow the classes if you have subscribed to them. You aren’t tied into an App or subscription service and can follow along to free classes on Youtube or make up your own workouts.

This seems to be a solid bike that is good for beginners as well as more experienced users.

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