Lemond Revmaster vs Spinner NXT – The Side By Side Match Up

lemond revmaster vs spinner nxtTwo of the most highly rated indoor cycles/spin bikes Lemond Revmaster vs Spinner NXT go up against each other. With one priced more than the other we look at whether that price is warranted.

One of the obvious differences is they look different with one having a traditional spin bike look that looks solid and dependable where as the other has a modern sleek look that might even be seen as lightweight.

There is an obvious similarity: both provide a low impact cardio spinning/indoor cycle type workout but it is the differences that are to be the most important in deciding which one is the right bike for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Before starting with the match up here is an overview of each of the bikes:

Spinner NXT

Manufactured by StarTrac this is one of the most popular bikes in gyms across the country.

It comes with a 41 lb perimeter weighted flywheel, friction pad resistance and chain drive. It has a good solid steel frame with the total bike weighing in at 140 lbs.

It comes with dual pedals so it can be used with normal athletic shoes or SPD shoes. Either choices gives a good grip on the pedals so you can feel confident when you are out of the saddle sprinting hard or jumping.

The handlebars cater for all the spinning hand grip positions and have been coated so your hands don’t slip when they get wet and prevent blisters too.

To help beginners get started it comes with 4 DVD with workouts and guidance on how to set up and use the bike.

It comes with only a few frills but it is very dependable and gives a great riding experience. To learn more about the bike you can read the full review here.

Lemond Revmaster Sport

This is a great looking bike with its’ X frame made from steel. It is durable and provides a stable riding experience.

It comes with a 41 lbs flywheel, friction resistance and belt drive. The pedals only fit sneakers where you slip them in to the toe cups and then tighten up the straps to keep them held in place so there is no slipping when out of the saddle or transitioning between standing and seated.

You can adjust the bike to just the right setting for your height as the adjustment is made on a continuous scale between the minimum and maximum adjustment.

Other than a single water bottle holder there are no other accessories that come with the bike.

The bike is well made and gives a smooth riding experience that is low noise and low maintenance. You can read the complete review of the Lemond here.

How Do They Differ – Just The Facts (With Explanations)

Rather than go through each of their features I’ve zeroed in on their differences to make it simple and more concise. There is a table below that compares them side by side below

Drive Type. The LeMond has a kevlar belt drive and the NXT comes with a chain drive. The belt drive is quieter and requires less day to day maintenance. A chain drive makes a noise as it moves over the sprockets and fells more like an outdoor bike. A chain drive also requires to maintained in a similar way. However, at some stage a belt drive does stretch and will need replacing by someone with the knowledge and tools whereas the chain drive can normally be serviced by the owner.

Pre Set Holes. The NXT uses pre-set holes and pop pins for adjusting the height of the handlebars and seat. This does restrict you as to where you can set them both to where there is a hole to insert the pop-pin to hold it in place. The LeMond you can set them both where you want as you don’t have to worry about hole placement giving you a better chance of getting the best fit possible. It does mean you need to tighten them up properly each time (as you should with the NXT too) as there isn’t a pin inserted to prevent them slipping.

Range Of Heights. The NXT has a wider range of heights that it caters with it able to fit someone up to the height of 6 ft 10 ins another 4 inches more than the LeMond.

Q Factor. The NXT has a slightly narrower Q-Factor which results in the legs be better aligned reducing stress on the joints and thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Pedals. The dual pedals of the NXT give you the option to ride with specialist shoes or athletic shoes. The LeMond you can only use normal athletic although the pedals can be changed for your own specialist pedals

Bike Weight.
The NXT weighs 30 lbs more than the LeMond due to its different style construction and it being a full commercial grade bike it needs to be more robust and durable to be able to stand up to use in clubs and gyms. For most home settings the LeMond is going to be able to take the punishment of intense workouts.

Transport Wheels. The wheels on the NXT are more exposed making them easier to move over carpet as there less chance of them getting jammed up as there is with partial covered wheels on the LeMond
Sweat Guard. The NXT has a good sized sweat guard that protects the flywheel and resistance pad from sweat dropping on them – this helps to increase the longevity of them both. The LeMond doesn’t come with this.

Water Bottle Holder. The NXT has a dual water bottle holder that is in easy reach and is gravity held making it quick and simple to grab and replace the water bottle. The single LeMond holder is well placed but is a little harder to grab and replace the bottle.

Workout DVD. The NXT comes with 4 workout DVDs with guidance on setting up and using the bike, as well as 4 different workouts.

Flywheel Weighting.
The NXT has a perimeter weighted flywheel that provides more momentum to pull the pedals through the pedaling motion at high levels of resistance.

Handlebars. The NXT has the traditional spinning handlebars and the LeMond is similar but it has a longer central loop which provides you with the possibility of leaning on them when in the aero position however they aren’t padded so you may want to buy elbow pads

Footprint. The LeMond has a smaller footprint so it requires less room for storage and use.

The NXT being the more expensive. For this you are getting pedals that fit specialist shoes, 4 workout DVDs, a higher spec bike, dual water bottle holder, more range of adjustment, perimeter weighted flywheel and slightly better Q-Factor.

On the downside you don’t get the low maintenance smoother belt drive (which is not to everyone’s liking) or the micro adjustment of height.
<h2>Which Model Should You Buy</h2>

If you’ve read the difference facts and are still undecided here are some things to help in making your mind up.

If you are over 6 ft 6 ins the answer is straightforward it is the Spinner NXT. If you have SPD shoes and don’t want to fit your own pedals to a bike then again it is the Spinner NXT.

If you want a very quiet bike that won’t disturb other in the house then the LeMond is the better option it also comes with less maintenance and dirt because of the drive. It is more compact bike making it easier it to fit in a home and for storage.

Both bikes are likely to stand up to the stress and strain of home use although the NXT has been made for full on gym use, at home bikes normally just aren’t used as much or as much adjustment.

Overall the Spinner NXT is the stronger bike but it is noisier, doesn’t cater for as many riding positions but should outlive the LeMond.

Dimensions, Features, Accessories – A Side By Side Comparison

This chart here gives you the features, dimensions and weights side by side for an overall comparison line by line.

FeatureLeMond RevMasterSpinner NXT
Flywheel Weight41 lbs41 lbs
Resistance TypeFrictionFriction
PedalsToe cagesDual Toe cages/SPD
Bike Weight110 lbs140 lbs
Max User Weight300 lbs350 lbs
Max User Height4 ft 10 ins4 ft 10 ins
Min User Height6 ft 6 ins6 ft 10 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityHorizontal/VertiicalHorizontal/Vertical
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontal/VertiicalHorizontal/Vertiical
DimensionsHeight: 46 ins
Width: 23 ins
Length: 42 ins
Height 40 ins
Width 21 ins
Length 54 ins
Drive TypeBeltChain
AccessoriesWater Bottle HolderDual Water Bottle Holder
4 Workout DVDs
Q Factor160 mm158 mm
Frame ConstructionSteelSteel

Now that you’ve been through the information is there one that stands out as your preferred one to buy? I hope you’ve been able to decide on the right new spin bike/indoor cycle for you. Please let us know below what you’ve decided.

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