Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike Review

The Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike is a relatively low cost fan bike for a full body workout with variable resistance. The faster you pedal the more resistance there is.

Fan bikes can give some of the best low impact cardio workouts you can get from an exercise bike making them a top choice for many people trying to get fit through to people who are at the top of fitness and sports world.

It is the type of bike that people love the results but have a love/hate relationship with what it can put them through. But is this bike up to that. You don’t have to push yourself that hard on them either which is one of the other benefits of the bike – you can take it at a moderate pace too.

The bike itself is a lightweight bike at 59 lbs which does make you wonder how well it can stand up to cardio workouts especially at higher levels of intensity.

In our review we look at this as how well it can fit into your home, how versatile it is and in helping you achieve your fitness goals whatever they maybe.



The bike is reasonably sturdy with it holding steady for most people when they workout when everything is properly tightened up.

It is recommended for people up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs although at the top weight the bike is likely to be a little unsteady.

It works best at light to moderate workout intensities rather than full on high intense ones, so that the bikes stay firm and there is no shaking. The bike itself only weighs 59 lbs making it likely to move around at higher intensity levels.

You do need to use on a level and even floor so as not to have any rocking.

The frame has a warranty of 2 years which is about what is expected for bikes in this price range.


The seat can only be adjusted vertically to size the bike for various heights. This can get the length of legs properly adjusted for. There is no way to adjust the seat horizontally to move it closer or further away from the handles to make allowance for torso and arm length. The positioning of the handlebars relative to the seat can’t be changed.

This lack of movement can make the handlebars too faraway from smaller users when fully extended and too low down for taller people. It means they are having to lean forward more than they should to complete a rep of the handlebars movement. Having said that, some people at the either end of the height range find it comfortable, but it is something you may need to compromise on for a bike at this price.

The actual adjustment of the seat height is quick and easy to do. It does mean that it can be used by multiple users of various heights so people in a household can use it for their own exercising.

It is down by loosening and pulling the adjustment knob and sliding the pole and seat to the position you want and then releasing the knob to insert the holding pin and then tightening it in place.

It appears from customer feedback that the bike can be used by people from 4 ft 10 ins and 6 ft 3 ins but it would be a good idea to check in store before buying especially if you are below 5ft or over 6 ft in height due to variations in people’s leg length.


The bike has a fan wheel that uses air for resistance. The faster you pedal the more resistance you feel as the more air is pushed out the way.

You do feel the air on your ankles and a little on your face but isn’t enough really to be described even as a cool breeze.

For many people the amount of resistance produced by the fan won’t be enough (it’s not as much as you get on the Airdyne), there is the feeling that there is very little to push against. It is more suitable for those looking for moderate workouts than those looking for more demanding workouts.

There is no knob or other way to increase/decrease the resistance other than by changing the speed of your pedaling. For workouts that have this type of resistance check out our list of fan bikes with adjustable resistance.

Drive Type

The bike has a chain drive . It provides a good smooth cycling experience. You may need to tighten the chain and lubricate it from time to time as you would with an outdoor bike. If you are unsure on what to do, you will need to contact the supplier as there are no instructions included in the manual.

The drive is protected by a guard outside the fan guard which helps to prevent it getting damaged by sweat and dirt. It also stops you from getting your ankles or clothes caught in it as you ride. It will also keep little fingers away from it too.


The pedals come with foot straps for keeping your feet in place securely. They fit standard athletic shoes.

The fan wheel, pedals and handles are all connected so all of them are moving in conjunction to give you the total body workout. You can also pedal or use the handles to go backwards as well as forwards.

There are no footrests for your feet when you just want an upper body workout. You have to leave them on the pedals or hold them up out of the way which is difficult to prevent.

Also, when you want to just exercise your legs you either have to rest your hands on the moving handlebars or hang them at your sides. It is not possible to lock the handlebars in place.


Noise. The fan wheel on the bike makes a noise that is like you get from a loud electric fan and the faster you pedal the noisier it gets. If you want to watch the TV you need to turn up the volume to hear it clearly. It shouldn’t be too loud to disturb people in other parts of the house but may keep them up at night if you start your training then.

Seat. Like any exercise or outdoor bike many people find the seat uncomfortable. For some people this wears off or they try a get seat cover and padded bike shorts to help with the problem. Some people use a folded up towel on the seat.

The seat is attached to pole by three bolts making it difficult to replace with a more comfortable seat or to change the tilt of it. It is possible to change the seat but you do need to do an adapter to make this possible.

Handlebars. The top of the handlebars are covered with foam that makes them easy to grip and prevents blisters and your hand slipping if they get wet from sweat.

Dust and Dirt. The bike doesn’t itself produce much dirt or dust apart from lubricant that may drop on the floor from time to time. The fan will blow dust around when you are exercising. If you sweat while working out this is going to land on the bike and floor. It is important to keep it working well and looking good to clean the bike regularly. To protect your floor from being damaged a rubber exercise mat is a good idea.


This is a compact bike. It needs an area of 26 by 48 ins to be stored in making it easy to store in a large closet or garage. Or it can be put next to a wall if you haven’t got somewhere to store it out of the way without it taking up too much room. It can’t be folded down.

There are no transport wheels on the bike to help with moving it. It weighs 59 lbs. It can be dragged over most circumstances if you don’t have someone to help you move it.

Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike Assembly

The bike is easy to assemble despite the instructions not being the most easy to follow – they are adequate and just need to be reviewed a little more than should be necessary to understand. However, there isn’t that much to actually assemble as the bike comes partly completed. Most people should find it quick and easy to put together.

You do need to supply the tools to complete the job – adjustable wrench and Allen wrench is needed. It is advised 2 people put the bike together to handle the weight of the bike safely – which is probably the hardest part of the assembly.

There is a lot less to do then you find with typical kitset furniture. The pieces that need to be added to the frame are the stabilizer bars, pedals, seat pole, seat handles and the console.


The console can only show one measure at a time – speed, distance, time or calories. The numbers accumulate as you exercise, there is not the option to set targets.

You can chose which measure it displays or choose scan where it displays each of the measures for 6 seconds before moving on to the next one.

The numbers displayed are a good size to see but it is low down on the bike making it difficult to see properly as you ride especially in low light levels as the display is not backlit.

Below the display is the mode button that is used to start it and also to determine which measure is displayed. Making these choices is simple and can be done quickly.

The console doesn’t include any pre-programmed workouts, nor can you set targets. There is no way to automatically record your workouts on the computer or upload to a fitness account or to spreadsheet. This does need to be done manually if you want to track progress.

The computer uses 1 AAA battery for power that is installed at the back.

After 4 minutes of non-use the unit turns itself off. This should give you time to make a quick rest stop or fill up your drink bottle before continuing your workout.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 44 ins
Width 26 ins
Length 48 ins

Bike Weight 59 lbs
Max User Weight 300 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with any accessories. There is no water bottle holder nor anywhere to place a book, MP3 nor a tablet.

There are no guidelines on how to adjust the bike for the most effective and comfortable ride. This is surprisingly, for a bike that is for beginners, Nor is there anything provided on what workouts you can do on the bike to get you started.

Fortunately there is good guidance on bike set up and various workouts online – making this not such a big an issue as it could have been.


  • This is a very affordable bike
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Suitable for beginners and those wanting light to moderate cardio exercise
  • Can be adjusted for a variety of heights
  • Can be used by people of all abilities but too easy for those wanting more intense levels of conditioning work
  • An affordable price


  • No water bottle holder or other accessories
  • Seat is uncomfortable and is difficult to replace
  • Not able to move seat horizontally which can result in being cramped or stretching to much when using the handlebars
  • There are no footrests when you just want to use the handlebars for an upper body workout
  • There are no pre-set workouts
  • There are no guidelines on how to use the bike
  • Console is positioned at a level that makes it difficult to see
  • Resistance can’t be changed manually it only changes based on how hard you pedal
  • The resistance provided by the fan is not sufficient for tough cardio workouts
  • Does not have transport wheels to help in moving it from place to place

Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike Consumer Ratings

Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike reviewCustomer reviews are mixed. The negative reviews focus on uncomfortable seat, the lightweight nature of the bike and the low level resistance of the bike.

Some of this is down to expectations i.e. expecting it to have manual adjustable resistance.

However, it doesn’t have that a great record on durability or being that well built when it is received and the company not responding quickly or appropriately in some cases.

However, many get a good bike and some talk about the good service from the company.

Those that want a bike that provides a low impact and a light to moderate cardio exercise (without tough levels of resistance) enjoy the fitness benefits they get from the bike.

Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike Price

The price includes a no frills bike which is what I would expect.

When I researched the bike, at Amazon it can qualify for free shipping

You can check the latest deal and availability by clicking here:
Marcy Fan Upright Exercise Bike

Review Summary

If you are looking to get into shape and want a form of low impact cardio that is up to moderate levels this bike can make a good choice. It can be used by adults of all ages as the workouts can be varied to suit your ability.

However, there have been some issues with manufacture from time to time so buying through Amazon with their customer service can provide you with some more assurance if there is a problem. A similar bike that is more highly rated is the Body Rider Fan Bike and worth checking out first.

If you are looking for more intense training on an air bike where resistance changes more on effort then you are better advised looking at the Marcy Air 1 Fan Exeercise Bike or for Schwinn Airdyne AD2. These both cost more but you get more resistance and a sturdier and more stable ride.

This bike can provide a good light/moderate workout for those who are wanting the benefits of upper/lower body low impact workout to get into shape or recover from injury (if recommended by a doctor). But you do need to wary of some of the manufacturing problems from time to time.

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