Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle Review

The Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle has a lot of great features. It comes with a heavy flywheel, steel construction, continuous resistance, padded seat and a console. In our review we look at how the bike measures up in giving you the workout you want for many years to come.

It does have a lot going for it – with a console that monitors your heart rate with the heart rate strap included, a 48 lbs flywheel for making sure the riding motion is natural and feels fluid, it has continuous resistance that you increase or decrease to the amount of intensity you want by turning the tension knob.

It is fully adjustable. The handlebars and seat are able to be adjusted vertically and horizontally to get it to fit many different heights and body shapes properly.

The starting point of a good spin bike is that it is durable and gives you the stable platform for working out as intensely as you want. No one wants a bike that breaks down after just a few uses. So, let’s take a look to see how it measures up in this area as well as other areas for providing the basis for cardio workouts and training in your home.

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The bike is well put together with steel tubing to give a steady base for an intense workout. It doesn’t shake or move while you are pushing yourself against the resistance doing your hill climbs or jumping in and out of the seat. There is no feeling that you are going to tip over at all leaving you to just focus on your workout.

The flywheel’s weight at 48 lbs gives the riding motion a very smooth natural feeling. You don’t feel like you are cycling in the wrong gear – it does take a little more effort than the lighter flywheels to get started but you have the advantage of momentum once started that keeps the pedals moving round the cycle motion to cut out the choppiness you sometimes get with lighter flywheels.

As with any exercise equipment with moving parts there is some maintenance required to keep it in working order for many years. It isn’t too much – it involves cleaning it to avoid corrosion caused by sweat, checking that the nuts and bolts are tight and tightening them as required, tightening the chain and replacing the resistance pad when it has worn down. This is all pretty much the same as with any indoor cycle or spin bike.

Underneath the rear stabilizer are 2 leveler feet to take account of an uneven surface. By adjusting these feet the bike won’t rock from side to side if you have to put on an uneven floor.


The bike can be quickly adjusted to fit different body shape and sizes using the adjustment knobs and handles and sliding the seat and handlebar poles to right position. This can be done vertically and horizontally to make the bike is the right fit for the most efficient workout and helps to prevent overuse injuries that could arise from being cramped or overstretching.

The vertical adjustments are done loosening the knob and pulling out the pin out of the adjustment pole and sliding pole into position and letting the pin go back inot the nearest hole and then tightening up the knob.

The horizontal adjustment for the seat and handlebars is continuous and you can position it where you want and then tighten up with levers that work like a ratchet.

To prevent any rattling and side to side play the adjustment knobs do need to tightened properly.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to confirm the range of heights the bike can fit properly as Reebok Fitness were not able to supply these details. From the questions answered on Amazon it should be okay for people between 4 ft 10 ins and 5 ft 10 ins and maybe up to 6 ft 4 ins. As a guess I would say the bike should fit people between 5 ft and 5 ft 10 ins.

It only takes a few minutes at most and its simple to get the bike into position ready for use. So more than one person can easily make use of the bike – the adjustment time and process shouldn’t be enough to put anyone off using the bike.


To increase the intensity of your workout you turn the resistance knob at the top of the frame that tightens the resistance pad on to the flywheel creating more friction to pedal against.

The resistance goes up incrementally and is applied consistently to the flywheel. It doesn’t slip so there is no jerkiness when you are pedaling. Also the resistance does increase steadily so you get a steadily harder intensity, it doesn’t go from easy to impossible in one quarter turn but it can take a little getting used to begin with.

There are no resistance levels marked on the knob. This is normal for spin bikes with manual resistance. The only ones that I’ve seen that have levels are those with magnetic resistance such as the Diamondback 510Ic  or the Keiser M3 range or Schwinn IC4

It does make it harder to get back to previous resistance level if someone has changed it since your previous workout. You are left with guessing or estimating where you were up to previously.

The resistance pad has a cover which protects it from sweat which can be corrosive, it should ensure you get more workouts between replacing the pad.

The resistance pad will wear down over time depending on usage and may lubricating if it starts to stick or squeak. There are instructions in the manual to help with this. Replacing the pads is a little bit more involved because of the guard than other bikes but doesn’t require specialist tools or skills to do it.

Drive type

The Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle drive is a chain drive that works in the same way as on a road bike. The pedals turn the chain that turns the flywheel – this feels and sounds the same as you’d experience on that road bike. It also requires similar maintenance to keep it in good order. It involves lubricating and tightening the chain.

It isn’t that big a job and no specialist tools or knowledge are required and the steps are detailed in the manual. It is something that needs to be done from time to time with any spin bike that has a chain drive. It won’t involve too much time. Again as with any indoor cycle if the chain is banging against the guard it probably needs to replacing.

The other type of drive that these bikes use is the belt drive – this is quieter and requires less maintenance and is smoother riding motion but doesn’t have the same bike feel . If you are concerned about the low clinking noise you can hear when riding a chain drive bike than a bike like the Sunny Health And Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycle which has a belt drive is worth considering.

The bike has a fixed gear or direct drive which means that while the flywheel is turning the pedals will keep turning. It means you can’t take it easy while you are on the bike by coasting – you always need to be turning your legs over. If you need to get off the bike quickly you can use the resistance knob as an emergency brake to stop the flywheel from turning by pushing down hard on it. The pedals and wheel should stop turning before you get off to prevent injury.

Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle Pedals

Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle ReviewThe bike has standard toe cup pedals with an adjustable strap to tighten around ordinary shoes. They grip your shoe when you are pushing down and pulling up. Your feet should be in there tight and not fall out.

If you want you can change the pedals to fit specialist pedals as they use the standard bike thread to attach to the crank.


Seat. It is a padded seat so you may find it softer on the sit bones but maybe not if you aren’t used to sitting on a bike seat for long periods of time.

It is not going to be suitable for everyone. If you find it doesn’t suit you can try a get seat cover or padded bike shorts or you can replace the seat with one more to your liking as it takes standard size bike seats.

Noise. The bike is quiet but not silent. You will be able to hear a soft clinking sound as the chain moves across the sprockets – just like an outdoor bike – and the sound of the resistance pad on the flywheel. Neither of these are loud and you can hold a conversation or watch a TV show without turning up the volume and you probably won’t disturb anyone sleeping in the next room or those in the apartment next door. If you are concerned about noise then a bike with magnetic resistance and a belt drive is something to consider as these are very quiet but can be more expensive. The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic has both of these but it costs more and needs to be plugged into the power supply to be able to be used. It also has marked resistance levels.

Riding Position. You ride the bike as you would an outdoor one, so you will be leaning forward on to the handlebars for support and leverage. For some people this may not be the best position for them to get their cardio workouts, there are other options available and you can read about them here and how they compare to spin bikes

Handlebars. The handlebars are covered to provide a slip free grip material that prevents blisters and your hands slipping off when you start to sweat. If you want to lean on them with your arms the grip is not padded enough to stop them from hurting and you may want to consider pads.

The shape of the handlebars does give you the ability to use in the 3 hand positions for spinning – at the center when starting off, at shoulder width apart when you need more support and leverage and when you need more such as when out of the saddle you can grip the ends of bars.

Dust and Dirt. The bike will drop lubricant and give off dust on to your floor and you may drop sweat too. This can damage your floor. A solution to this is to place a rubber exercise mat beneath the bike to catch anything that drops.


When you have finished your workout and want to have your living room or wherever you train back for day to day living you can tip the bike on to the 2 little front wheels and move it out of the way. The wheels take most of the 115 lbs weight of the bike making it much easier to get it to where you want it.

One person can move it successfully on the wheels but you do need to be careful that you don’t overbalance while doing it. The wheels will work well on carpet and hard floors, with the only caveat being that you might want to check before using on a wood floor as they might scratch or dent it.


There is some assembly required to be completed.

The bike is mostly put together and takes less than an hour to complete. The tools required are a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

Handling the weight of the bike is likely to be the most difficult part of the process with it weighing over a 100 lbs and for this reason you may want help in holding it while you put on the stabilizer bars at least.

You are required to put on the stabilizer bars, pedals, seat, handlebars, adjustment poles, the console and the water bottle holder. The instructions are concise and well laid out.


The size of the console is large and it looks like it would have built in workout programs, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

It monitors calories burned, speed, distance, time elapsed and if you are wearing the included heart rate strap you can also monitor your heart rate.

At the top of the 3.4 by 2 inch LCD screen it displays a track that represents 400 m which is filled in as you progress and once completed it disappears and starts again. It is a simple representation of progress and it can be motivating to see it like this in front of you.

In the middle of the screen it shows elapsed time and an estimate of calories burned.

The bottom part of the screen displays distance in miles and current speed in miles. If you are wearing the heart rate strap it will also show your heart rate.

By pushing the display mode button underneath the screen you can choose what information you want displayed or you can choose it to scan and it will cycle through information displaying each set of data for a few seconds before moving on.

Monitoring your heart rate is important for training in your heart rate zone to get the most beneficial workout. The manual includes a brief description of the zones you want to be in for your age and fitness goals for fat burning and cardiovascular strengthening.

You can’t program theses into the computer to give you a warning when you are approaching the limits so you need to keep an eye on it

The console does require 4 AA batteries that need to be bought separately. To save batteries the console has an auto turn off feature after a few minutes and auto pause feature after a few seconds of no pedaling.

It doesn’t save your workout so you will need to manually record your results if you want to measure progress – it doesn’t have the facility to upload to your computer or the internet.

Most people use workouts from DVDS or follow along with one they find on YouTube. But it can be more convenient to follow along to one programmed into the bike.

There is only one bike I’ve reviewed that has this feature and it is the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic – it costs more but you get a belt drive and magnetic resistance as well as 8 workout programs plus 4 heart rate workouts where you need to keep your hands on the heart rate sensors in the handlebar.


The weight and dimensions of the bike are:

Height 55 inches
Width 20 inches
Length 47 inches

Flywheel Weight 48 lbs
Bike Weight 115 lbs
Max User Weight 300 lbs


The bike comes with a water bottle holder that is at the bottom of the frame putting it in easy reach for when you need a drink. However, you may find that you drip sweat on your bottle because of the positioning.

As is normal with these bikes there are no other accessories – so there is no place to plug in your MP3 player or place a book or tablet to look at while you exercise.


  • Heart rate strap and monitoring included on console
  • Console included that measures elapsed time, calories burned, distance and speed
  • Heavy flywheel gives a fluid riding motion
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars – vertically and horizontally to get a good fit
  • Bike is stable and durable giving the basis for as intense cardio workouts as you want
  • Resistance is incremental and continuous for varying the hardness of the workout


  • Batteries not included for the console
  • No work out programs included
  • There are no resistance levels marked
  • Nowhere to plug in MP3 player or place a book or tablet
  • Seat may be uncomfortable but can be changed
  • Supplier can’t supply the range of heights or q factor concerning me about their commitment to spin bikes long term
  • No markings on the resistance to know what level you are cycling at

Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle Consumer Ratings

Currently there are very few reviews online to gauge customer reaction to the bike. The customers that have left feedback are positive about the bike which is a good sign in itself.

In their reviews they like how quickly it is to put together and that it is solid and you can work hard on the bike. The heart rate strap is seen as plus and one customer has been using it with their smartphone app to monitor their heart rate while doing other training such as running.

Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle Price

For the price you get some very good features – a heavy flywheel, a console with a heart rate monitor and a solidly built bike that is durable and will be able stand up to many intense cardio workouts over the years.

The bike qualified for free shipping when I investigated  at Amazon. It can qualify for free shipping

You can check if this is still the case on Amazon and availability by clicking here:
Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle

Review Summary

This is a good bike for beginners and those more advanced. It has a heavy flywheel that provides a fluid riding motion. It is durable and stable, so all levels of ability can get as intense a workout as they want. The resistance can be increased and decreased easily using the resistance knob.
The console gives you the option to get an optimum workout by training in your heart rate zone plus feedback on speed and distance traveled. It would be good if it did give you RPM as well.

The big concern to me is that Reebok Fitness does not know some of the important specifications of the bike for people using the bike – namely the q factor and the height range the bike is designed for. I would think that someone taking these bikes seriously would know this information and have it displayed to help their potential customers. It is frustrating and disappointing.

Overall it a bike that you can use day in day out to get a great spinning or indoor cycling workout. It should last you for many years of cycling pleasure to help you get in and stay in shape from the comfort of your home.

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