Why The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Is So Well Liked And Popular

The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is a very popular bike.

It is consistently a bestselling upright exercise bike.

And it’s not the cheapest one around.

So there is more to it than price!

The bike has 29 programs., 25 levels of magnetic resistance, a perimeter weighted flywheel, belt drive, dual backlit displays, a free fitness account and accessories to make for a better workout experience.
The accessories include water bottle holder, media shelf, speakers, charger and 3 way fan.

There’s lot to recommend it with it giving a low impact cardio workout in your home saving you from getting out in bad weather or having to make that trip down to the gym. And it can be used by multiple people too.

It does come with a lot of features that all help to provide a good workout experience. This is reflected the mainly positive reviews left by customers. Read a full review of the bike here.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why It Is A Bestseller


It might not be the most affordable bike around. But what makes this more of an attractive deal is what you get for it. Some of the features are usually included only on bikes that cost much more and in some cases it has more of them those more expensive bikes.

There’s all the programs, the wide range of resistance, the ability to fully adjust the seat to fit to your size, and that it seems to be very well constructed.

It also has a lot of accessories for a more convenient workout with speakers, a fan, a media shelf, a charging port and you can upload your workouts to fitness app.

It is something you might expect to pay more for.

It, also, does the basics well in providing a cardio workout that is gentle on the joints with people pleased overall with that.

The Build

The bike frame is made of steel tube along with the crossbars which holds everything steady.

It all operates very quietly. It holds steady at all levels of intensity with no annoying wobbles or noises as you workout. You can just get on with it.

It has a 3 piece crank which is durable and strong and can take the pushing against the highest levels of resistance without flexing or moving around.

There is little maintenance required aside from checking that everything is tight and cleaning sweat from it. Which is no more than other bikes and doesn’t take too long.

The magnetic resistance , weighted flywheel and belt drive work together to provide a fluid pedaling motion.

Customers that have had the bike for a period time on the whole report they are still getting a good workout and aren’t experiencing problems and are expecting more years of workouts from it.

The Convenience

You can quickly get on the bike even if someone has adjusted the seat from your setting. Making the adjustments to the seat doesn’t take long – less than 30 seconds once you’ve done it the first time as you then know where to set it. If you don’t want to follow a program you can just push the quick start button and off you go.

There are lots of features that can help you have a better workout – making it more convenient and useful.

There are all the pre-set programs with 12 profile programs, 9 heart rate control programs, 2 fitness tests and 1 recovery test. There’s plenty to keep you interested and also able to use one that meets your fitness goals and ability.

You can use a heart rate strap (non-coded and bought separately) to get a more reliable reading than you get with the hand pulse sensors that come with this bike and with most other bikes that is the only choice you have.

The pedals are oversized so you get a better platform for pushing and positioning your feet. Once set there is a strap to hold it in the best place and stop it from falling off.

The backlit dual display screens allow you to watch videos on your tablet and keep an eye on your measures too.

As well as this you can plug in your MP3 player or tablet into the console and listen to them as you exercise through the speakers. You can charge them too using the USB port.

If you want to cool down there is the 3 speed fan.

And if you are like me you can track and record your workouts using the Schwinn Connect account that you can sync with myfitnesspal.com.

The Noise

It operates very quietly. It only makes a whisper sound. If you’re watching TV you don’t need to turn it up to hear it. If you are exercising while others in the room they’ll probably not even notice you’re exercising after a few minutes.

It is quiet enough that you can ride while others are sleeping without waking them.

If you live in an upper floor apartment you can use the bike and your neighbors aren’t likely to know you are exercising, so it shouldn’t cause you any issues with the neighbors.

The console does make a beeping sound as default when setting up and making changes but this can be turned off so it won’t disturb others at night.

Often the loudest noise is the heavy breathing that happens as a result of exercising on the bike.

The Size

Why The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Is So Well Liked And PopularIt comes in a good compact size. It doesn’t take up too much room like some exercise equipment. It doesn’t dominate a room when you have it out to use, and some leave it out, even in their living room.

When storing it needs an area of 21.4 by 41.3 ins.

It also helps that it looks good – so it isn’t an eyesore if you leave it out.

Many people fit it into a corner when they’re not using it. It is easy to move with the transport wheels on the front that you tip the bike onto. They hold most of the weight so you just have to navigate it to where you want to go. It allows one person to do this.


The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike does have a lot of going for it. It’s durable, it’s quiet and has lots of useful features.

It can be adjusted for your height and fitness ability to give you a workout that you want for your personal fitness goals. Others can use it too. It fits nicely into a home and won’t disturb others so you can get your low impact cardio when you want.

It meets a lot of different requirements from beginners to people who are fit (very fit individuals who want very challenging workouts are likely to find it it’s not what they want).

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