Spinner Aero vs Sole SB900 – Go Up Against Each Other

Spinner Aero vs Sole SB900This Spinner Aero vs Sole SB900 comparison lines them up against each other see how they differ from each other and see whether they justify the price for the serious spinner or cyclist.

Both bikes can deliver workouts where you can push yourself as hard as you can and they’ll be ready for more.

They have been made to stand up to the rigors of tough workouts while also being able to be used for more leisurely workouts.

They have a number of similarities but they do deliver some important aspects of the benefits of spin bike and indoor cycles in different ways.

Which certainly makes for a more interesting comparison

But before diving into the detailed comparison here’s a quick look at both bikes:

Spinner Aero

This bike comes from the people who came up with the original of spin bikes.

It’s been designed to give workout that is close to riding a bike outside (other than having to balance the bike).

It has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars (vertical/horizontal) to get as comfortable and effective fit for a range of heights between 4ft 10 ins to 6 ft 8 ins.

The heavy perimeter weighted flywheel gives you a fluid and natural riding feel that is low impact. It also has a fixed gear that pulls the pedals through the whole of pedal stroke which can help you stay steady when standing up on them. It stops any up/down strokes that can add impact.

The dual sided pedals cater for normal athletic shoes as well as specialist shoes with SPD cleats.

Earlier reviews on the bike were affected by delivery issues, but later reviews show that this bike can stand up well to the rigors of spinning as you’d expect and want. Read my full review here.

Sole SB900

This is a very solid looking bike. It provides a good steady platform for any intensity of workout whether in or out of the saddle.

It comes with magnetic resistance and belt drive that provide a very quiet bike and a smooth ride.
This bike also has a heavy flywheel and fixed gear for keeping the pedals turning for low impact ride in the saddle and out of it.

To help you stay on track with your workout it includes a basic console that measures RPM, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate when a heart rate strap is worn but that needs to be bought separately.
The bike is fully adjustable too (seat and handlebars) and can fit people between the height of 5 ft and 6 ft 8 ins.

Reviewers like the bike on a whole and have compared it favorably with gym quality bikes. Read my full review here

The Differences Are? – The Facts

Here, I am going to concentrate on the differences which I feel will help you in determining which one is the right one for you. So here we go:

Console The Spinner Aero in line with many spin bikes doesn’t come with any sort of console leaving you to rely on your personal judgement as to how you are tracking and intensity to pedal at. Many people prefer to workout this way.

The SB900 comes with a basic console that (if you want) helps you to see your progress and help you stay on track. It measures RPM, calories burned, heart rate (if heart strap purchased separately), speed, distance, time elapsed and clock with 3 by 4 inch display.

Resistance The Sole SB900 has magnetic resistance which provides smooth and consistent resistance. The Spinner Aero uses a leather pad pushed on to the flywheel to provide resistance – some find that this type of resistance feels like the brake is on but many prefer it to the magnetic resistance.

However, neither bikes have the levels marked to help in setting it other than by feel.

Drive Type The Spinner Aero has a chain drive as you get on a road bike. The Sole SB900 has a belt drive. The chain drive gives a little variation in the feel of the pedals as you get with an outdoor bike that you won’t get with a belt drive.

Spinning DVDs The Spinner Aero comes with 4 Spinning DVDs that provide guidance and workout you can follow along to.

Height Range. The Spinner has a great range of heights it can be adjusted for. The Spinner can be used by people up to the height of 6 ft 8 ins compared to 6 ft 2 ins for the SB900. The Spinner Aero can also be used by people who are 4 ft 10 ins with the SB900 stopping a little “short” at 5 ft.

Seat/Handlebar Adjustments Both bikes horizontal adjustments are micro-adjustable allowing you to get them in just the right position for the most comfortable and effective workout.

With the Sole SB900 you have this ability for vertical positions too, but Spinner Aero you have pre-set holes in the adjustment poles that you need to insert holding pin to keep the seat/handlebars in place.

It can mean the seat and handlebars are vertically not quite right but probably enough to make that much of noticeable effect. It does provide a safe adjustment as it makes doubly sure they don’t slip as you use the bike.

User Weight. The Spinner Aero is specified to cater for people up to 350 lbs compared to the SB900 which can accommodate people up to 300 lbs.

Bike Weight. The SB900 is much the heavier bike at 160 lbs compared to the Spinner’s 121 lbs. Fortunately both bikes have transport wheels for when you want to use them.

Flywheel Weight The SB900 has a 5 lbs heavier flywheel at 48 lbs which should result in a more consistent feel to cycling motion when you are cycling at the higher amounts of resistance.
Dimensions The Sole SB900 is the more compact of the two which could make it easier to fit in where you want to conserve space.

Maintenance The Sole SB900 should require much less maintenance than the Spinner Aero – due to magnetic resistance and belt drive not requiring any ongoing maintenance. The Spinner’s resistance pads will need replacing and possibly lubricating, and the chain tightness will need adjustment as you do with a road bike.

Noise. For the same reasons as the maintenance the Sole SB900 is a very quiet bike with it making little noise at all. With the Spinner Aero you’ll have the clinking of the chain as it moves across the sprocket and the shushing sound of the resistance pad as it rubs on the flywheel.

Q Factor The Spinner Aero Q Factor is 155 mm (horizontal distance between pedals). This is similar to road bikes which Spinning.com says is the best of any indoor cycle.

The Sole SB900 measurement is 203 mm (8 inches) which will seem unusually wide if you are used to riding a road bike. Road bikes are about 150 mm and mountain bikes 170 mm.

Warranty The Spinner Aero comes with a much shorter warranty – 1 year (not labor) whereas the SB900 warranty is lifetime on the frame, electronics and parts 3 years, and labor 1 year.

What About The Price?

When I checked the price the Sole SB900 was cheaper but this can change depending on any deals and discounts running at the time.

Which One Should I Buy?

First up a little proviso.

Some people just prefer the traditional friction resistance and chain drive. They can’t abide the magnetic resistance and belt drive. Others have the opposite.

I’m not one of those people with strong preferences. I like both.

If you want a traditional spin bike workout experience then the Spinner Aero is designed to give that to you – it has the features of these bikes with the chain drive, fixed gear and the 155 mm Q Factor.

If you are over 300 lbs or below 5 ft (above 4 ft 10 ins) or over 6 ft 2ins (and below 6 8 ins) then the Spinner Aero is the best (or only) choice of the two.

Otherwise the Sole SB900 is a good bike and is priced lower of the two. You get a low maintenance and very quiet bike. It is unlikely to disturb others in your home when you workout even if they are sleeping. It comes with a console which I like to use myself rather than relying on my own estimates and also you can keep a record manually of your workouts/training sessions to track progress. With the addition of a heart rate strap you can also training in your heart rate zone by having it displayed in front of you.

Side By Side Comparison – The Line Up

In the table below the specification, features and dimensions of the bike are lined up to give you a quick reference guide as to how them match up.

FeatureSpinner AeroSole SB900
Flywheel Weight43 lbs48 lbs
Resistance TypeFriction
Leather Pad
Wool Felt Brake
PedalsDual Toe cages/SPDDual Toe cages/SPD
Bike Weight121 lbs160 lbs
Max User Weight350 lbs300 lbs
Max User Height4 ft 10 ins5 ft 0 ins
Min User Height6 ft 8 ins6 ft 2 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/Vertiical
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontal/VertiicalHorizontal/Vertiical
DimensionsHeight 48 ins
Width 20 ins
Length 55 ins
Height: 42 ins
Width: 21 ins
Length: 40 ins
Drive TypeChainBelt
Accessories4 Workout DVDs
Dual water bottle holder
Dual water bottle holder
Q Factor155 mm203 mm
Frame ConstructionSteelAluminum

Hopefully you’ve now have the information you wanted and are now in a position to buy. It would be great to hear from you about your thinking on the bikes.

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