Spinner NXT vs Spinner Blade – How Do They Match Up?

Spinner NXT vs Spinner BladeThese 2 commercial spin bikes – the Spinner NXT vs. Spinner Blade are very similar bikes from the originator of the spin bike – and in this head to head comparison we’ll look at just how they differ and whether they justify the price difference.

They have the classic look with a heavy perimeter weighted flywheel at the front and a no frills approach to providing just the basics for intensive spinning workouts.

To give a complete picture there is an overview of each of the bikes, a factual description of each of the important differences, a look at the price of each of the bikes and a detailed side by side comparison of the features.

This should give you a full picture of the bikes and their differences.

So first up is an overview of each of the bikes:

Spinner NXT

This is a popular bike in gyms across the country providing an excellent base for spinning workouts.
It comes with easy to adjust friction resistance using the tension knob at the front of the frame.

The handlebars and seat are fully adjustable – vertically and horizontally making it easy to fit the bike correctly to various sizes between 4 ft 10 inches and 6 ft 10 inches. This is quick to do making it suitable for multiple users in the gym or in the home.

The bike is solid and there is no flexing or shaking whether in or out of the saddle or while jumping.
The handlebars are designed to accommodate the various hand grip positions. The handlebars have a rubberized coating making them easy to grip and help to prevent your hands from slipping and blisters forming.

The riding motion is natural with the 41 lbs perimeter weighted flywheel bringing the pedals through the full 360 degree cycle.

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Spinner Blade

The bike has an aluminum frame which is durable and light with the bike still weighing a total of 126 lbs.

It holds steady and firm whatever intensity you are riding at, so you can concentrate on getting the best workout you can.

The 46 lbs perimeter flywheel provides the inertia need to pull the pedals through the pedaling motion providing a low impact ride at all levels of resistance.

It comes with dual sided pedals with one side having toe cages and straps for athletic shoes and the other side has cleats for SPD shoes.

The bike is also fully adjustable with the seat and handlebars able to moved forward/backwards and up/down to get the bike to fit users properly and safely between the heights of 4 ft 10 and 6 ft 10 inches. Its quick and easy to do so makes it great for gym use as well as for home use where more than one of you can use the bike.

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How Do They Differ – Just The Facts

As these bikes are very much alike it is more effective to just look at how they differ rather than discuss the similarities (you can compare them side by side in the table below)

Frame Materials. The Spinner Blade has an aluminum frame which holds steady at high intensity to give a lighter bike and also provides more rust resistance which is important due to the corrosive properties of sweat. The Spinner NXT has a steel construction which has been treated to help prevent rust

Bike Dimensions. The Spinner Blade has a slightly larger footprint with it being 2.5 inches longer at 56.5 inches in length.

Flywheel Weight. The Spinner Blade has a flywheel that is 5 lbs heavier at 46 lbs providing more inertia to pull the pedals through giving a more fluid riding motion.

Bike Weight. Despite having a heavier flywheel the Spinner Blade is lighter of the 2 bikes by 14 lbs at 126 lbs. This will make it slightly easier to move around. However, with both bikes you tip them on the transport wheels at the front of the bike that supports most of the bike’s weight.

Price – The Difference

The Spinner Blade is more than the NXT model. For this you get a heavier flywheel and an aluminum frame. The frame should resist rust longer than the steel frame of the NXT. The heavier flywheel will provide a slightly more consistent pedaling motion especially as you apply more resistance. It will take a little more effort to get it started.

Which One Should You Buy

The Spinner Blade is a better bike with the heavier flywheel and aluminum frame and this is what you are paying extra for. Both bikes do give you an excellent base for intense spinning workouts.

If you’re intention is for the bike used by many people (as in a gym) where there is going to be lots of sweat dripping on the bike you are probably better off with the Spinner Blade (if your budget stretches to it) as you will get more use and it will look better for longer. However, you should still clean down the bike regularly.

The heavier flywheel will suit people who want very tough and intense workouts otherwise the Spinner NXT is fine for most people as you can also get very tough workouts with a smooth natural fluid riding motion.

Comparison – Side By Side – Dimensions And Features

The table below lists all the important features and dimensions of the bikes to help in understanding how they are different and the same.

FeatureSpinner NXTSpinner Blade
Flywheel Weight41 lbs46 lbs
Resistance TypeFrictionFriction
PedalsDual Toe cages/SPDDual Toe cages/SPD
Bike Weight140 lbs126 lbs
Max User Weight350 lbs350 lbs
Max User Height4 ft 10 ins4 ft 10 ins
Min User Height6 ft 10 ins6 ft 10 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/Vertiical
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontal/VertiicalHorizontal/Vertiical
DimensionsHeight 40 ins
Width 21 ins
Length 54 ins
Height: 40 ins
Width: 21 ins
Length: 56.5 ins
Drive TypeChainChain
Accessories4 Workout DVDs4 Workout DVDs
Q Factor158 mm158 mm
Frame ConstructionSteelAluminum

Hopefully you’ve got the all information you need to be able to decide on which one is the right bike for you. Please let us know what you decide on in the comments below.

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