Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Review

The Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike is an affordable recumbent exercise bike.

It also comes with pretty good ratings which considering the price is good to see.

It’s been available for a number of years.

So, it seems to have stood the test of time.

It has a simple design It does mean that it doesn’t have much in the way of extras. There’s less to go wrong!

It comes with adjustable magnetic resistance, the ability to fit the bike to a range of heights and a basic console.

It makes you believe there must be something more to the bike than just its good price. It might just prove wrong the statement “you get what you pay for.”

In this review we have researched the bike thoroughly to determine just how well it meets the expectations of getting a comfortable and low impact cardio workout.

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First up is to look at how well it keeps you secure and steady as you workout.


Despite the bike being lightweight (54 lbs) for an exercise bike it’s steel frame and stabilizer bars hold the bike steady as you workout.

It doesn’t wobble or make any annoying squeaks to distract you from exercising or from watching your favorite TV program or music tracks.

The end caps of the rear stabilizer can be turned to help level up the bike when there is some small variation in the floor. This will stop it rocking.

Depending on how much of a change there is in the floor you may also find a rubber exercise mat helps too if the end caps aren’t enough to balance up the bike.

The warranty on the frame is 1 year and 90 days on the parts.

It’s not the best but it is about average for bikes in this price range – so overall it is to be expected.


The rear part of the bike can be moved to adjust the size of the bike to accommodate a range of heights.

The company doesn’t provide guidance on the heights of people the bike will fit.

However, it seems to work best for people between 5ft 2 ins and 6ft tall from customer experience..

If you are below 5ft tall 2 ins you are likely to have to stretch to reach the pedals if at all at the furthest point of pedaling. If you are just under you may find you can reach the pedals by sitting forward on the seat and placing cushions behind you to provide comfort and support – this will help you avoid having to stretch to reach the pedals.

Over 6 ft tall it is likely you won’t be able to get the proper range of motion for your knee with it being more bent than advised (it should be slightly bent when at far end of pedal stroke) which can cause pain and possibly injury when used repeatedly. You’ll also feel cramped up.

To adjust the bike you use the adjustment knob at the middle of the bike. You loosen it and pull to remove pin from the pre-set holes and slide the back half of the bike to the position you want. You then need to move it slightly back and forth to allow the pin to engage properly and then tighten the knob back up to hold everything firmly in place.

It can take a couple of minutes to do until you get used to do it. It is a bit harder than just moving the seat like you do with other bikes. It should still be quick enough for it to be convenient for multiple users to be able to fit the bike for their cardio workouts.


The magnetic resistance is controlled manually using the tension knob on the front pole below the console.

Unfortunately the resistance levels aren’t marked on the knob to let you know what level you’ve set it to. There is usually around 8 levels for bikes in this price range.

It does make it difficult to set the bike at the level you want when setting it at one of the middle settings – you have to do this by feel and this can make it difficult to return to previous setting.

You do need to lean forward to turn the knob but it is easy to set it to the level you want. You turn it clockwise to increase resistance and counter-clockwise to reduce it.

It moves a band of magnets closer and further away from the flywheel. They never touch so it doesn’t make any noise and no wear and tear. It helps to make this a very quiet bike and low maintenance too.

The resistance starts out very light and increases incrementally as tension is added. It moves up smoothly so there are no sudden increases or jumps in resistance.

The higher end resistance is only moderately tough so it isn’t for anyone who is wanting to have challenging workouts. It makes this more for people rehabbing (under doctors instructions) and beginners or those for light to moderate cardio workouts.

For many they find they can get a good cardio workout where they increase their heart rate and get a sweat up.

Drive Type

It has a weighted flywheel and belt drive that you turn when pedaling. It helps to provide a steady and consistent motion. It is operates very quietly and there shouldn’t be a need for maintenance.

It is protected in a shroud to prevent damage and injury to the exerciser, kids or pets.


The oversized pedals give a good platform to push against. Along with the textured surface you have good surface to grip your shoes to prevent them slipping off as you pedal. They are weighted to help also to provide a smoother pedaling motion.

They don’t have straps to keep you fit in place. In most cases this won’t be a problem as your feet should stay on the pedals when bike has been properly sized, as they do when you are on an outdoor bike.

It seems you can pedal backwards on the bike and that you can adjust the resistance on this too using the tension knob.

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Comfort

Seat. It has a padded vinyl covered seat and backrest. The seat is 12 ins deep by 14 ins wide. The backrest is angled and that is fixed. As expected it moves along with the seat when you adjust the back of the bike.

They provide a good level of comfort and support for the back for many customers.

But, as with all bike seats not everyone finds it comfortable. Some find that the seat is too deep and the edge digs into the back of the legs as they pedal. Other just find it too hard to exercise for as long as they want. To help with this they either put double up towels or small cushions – and this seems to do the job.

The seat height is about 15 – 16 inches from the floor. This can’t be changed if it is at a height that makes it difficult for you to stand up and there isn’t a set of handlebars at the front to hold for support to help with getting up.

Handlebars. These run alongside both sides of the seat at the same level so don’t get in your way when sitting in the seat.

They can be gripped easily for support if needed as they are covered so won’t cause blisters or your hands to slip when sweaty. They are at a good height to help in taking pressure off the back if needed or provide leverage when pushing against the reistance.

Noise. The operation of the bike is very quiet. So you can easily hear the TV without turning up the volume. You won’t disturb anyone in your home or if you live in apartment you won’t annoy your neighbors. The loudest noise is likely to be any heavy breathing as the result of exertion. Some people in apartments buy a rubber exercise mat if they live in an upper floor apartment to be doubly sure that no noise or vibration is heard downstairs.

Cleaning. The great thing about these bikes is they don’t generate much dirt. Just like anything dust will settle on the bike and need wiping off. But the biggest issue is likely to be from people using the bike and sweating. This is corrosive and can damage the bike over a period of time so needs to wiped down on a regular basis. It also drops on to the floor. If you want to protect the floor from its effects a rubber exercise mat is good for this too.


For storage purposes the manual recommends an area of 39 3/4 inches long by 27 1/4 inches wide by 32 1/4 tall. The rear of the bike slides into the front of the bike so this is the shortest setting.

So it is a reasonably compact size for a recumbent exercise bike especially when set to it smallest setting.

Although it looks like the frame is in two parts it isn’t delivered that way. It’s not made to be taken apart and stored in two parts – which I guess you could do with a little effort but it may cause it to be a little unstable when put back together after.

It doesn’t come with transport wheels so needs to be lifted or dragged when you want to move it from place to place. It weighs 54 lbs so you may want two of you to lift and move – as well as the weight it is an awkward shape to lift on your own (two will be safer and easier).


This is delivered part assembled with the drive and frame put together. Most people can complete this within 1 to 2 hours without being particularly good at this type of thing.

Some people say they get it done within 30 minutes.

The instructions and diagrams included are clear. The tools need to complete the job are included.

The most difficult part of the job is attaching the tension control which is more understanding what needs to be done than the process itself. So careful reading of the instructions and observing the diagram is needed to make this go smoothly so you end up with a working tension knob.

It can be done by one person without too much trouble but with a second person helps it go quicker as they can hold pieces in place while you attach them.


The console provides basic feedback on how you are progressing in your workout. It displays time, speed, distance and calories burned.

Apart from time these are approximate and are good for tracking your workout but not for anything else. (This is the same with all consoles on affordable recumbent exercise bikes).

The display screen shows only one measure at a time. It is easy to see from the seat in good lighting but can be difficult when light conditions are poor.

It is simple to operate. It seems to track your effort even when pedaling backwards.

To turn it on you start pedaling. It turns off by itself after 4 minutes of no pedaling.

To select the measure you want to see you press the mode/reset button below the screen. You can set it to scan and then it will rotate between the 4 measures every 4 seconds – it saves you having to lean forward to change display when you want to see another measure. To zero out the measures you hold the reset button down for 3 seconds.

You do need to lean forward a little to reach the buttons to make the changes.

The console needs 2 AA batteries (which are included) to operate. If the batteries are drained you can still use the bike and adjust resistance levels. You just won’t know how you are getting on.

The console is relatively low down so shouldn’t get in the way of watching the television.

One thing that many recumbent exercise bikes have is hand pulse sensors which is something that is missing from the Stamina 1350. Measuring your heart rate is something done to help ensure you get the most effective workout and to get an idea of your level of fitness.

However, most people find that these hand pulse sensors aren’t that reliable anyway as they can’t get a good reading from their hands so they don’t offer the expected benefit. You are probably going to be better served with a heart rate strap and to monitor it separately


The bike’s dimensions and weight are

Height 33.5 ins
Width 24 ins
Length 50 ins

Bike Weight 54 lbs
Max User Weight 250 lbs


The bike doesn’t have any accessories which keeps it simple and less to worry about.

But it does mean you need to hold on to your water bottle or personal electronics while you workout. Or you can workout near a table if you don’t want to hang on to them. The recumbent postion does mean you won’t need to use your hands for balance as much as you do with an upright bike.

The manual does provide some general guidance on working out in regards to warming up and cooling down and not over doing it. It doesn’t have any guidance as to workouts you can do – you need to come up with those on your own.


  • The bike has a basic and simple to use console for feedback to keep you motivated as you workout
  • Can be assembled in 1 to 2 hours
  • Can be assembled in 1 to 2 hours
  • It is very quiet so you can watch TV or listen to music and not disturb others
  • There are levelers to help balance the bike out when floor has some variation in it
  • Adjustable resistance is great for those looking for light to moderate workouts
  • Bike holds you steady while you workout
  • Has a good affordable price
  • For a recumbent bike it is compact for storage
  • Can be adjusted to fit a range of sizes between 5ft 2 in s and 6 ft


  • Doesn’t monitor heart rate
  • Setting up tension knob needs extra care to be taken during assembly to ensure it is done correctly
  • It doesn’t have transport wheels to help when you want to move it
  • Resistance isn’t enough for those wanting challenging workouts
  • Doesn’t come with pre-set programs to follow along to
  • Not really suitable for people under 5 ft 2 ins
  • Does not have anywhere to put a water bottle or personal electronics

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Consumer Ratings

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike ReviewIt has good rating from customers. So the majority of people are pleased with the bike.

Although some people have had trouble with the monitor not working or problems with the resistance, and a few have received a defective bike. In some cases people seemed to have problems with getting help from Stamina but that is not shared by everyone as some customers note in their reviews how good they were at responding.

A number of people mention how difficult it is to attach the tension cable to the tension knob during assembly – this is something common with Stamina bikes – it does need a little care to be taken.

Most reviews talk about the quiet stable low impact exercise they get which helps them with their fitness goals. It is an exercise bike that they actually use with one reviewer buying 4 or them – one for each of their family.

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Price

The bike is reasonably priced when compared with other similar recumbent exercise bikes that offer the same types of features (other than it doesn’t come with hand pulse sensors for monitoring heart rate – see console for why this may not be a big deal).

I checked at Amazon and it can qualify for free shipping

You can check latest pricing, shipping status and availability by clicking here:
Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike

Review Summary

If you don’t want any bells and whistles then this is a good recumbent exercise bike for those wanting light to moderate workouts.

It makes it a good choice for beginners and people recovering from surgery or injury (as advised by their doctors).

But it’s not for those who want a more challenging workout (see Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike if that is you – it is one of the more affordable option with tougher workouts).

It is a good affordable option that has all the basics needed for the low impact type exercise.

Having to move the back of the bike to adjust the sizing isn’t my favorite way to do this. I prefer the bikes where you move the seta (see Exerpeutic 900XL).However, customers seem to be of a different opnion.

You get a basic console, adjustable to fit bike properly to a range of heights and for many a comfortable bike seat that provides support for the back.

The pedaling is smooth which keeps it gentle on the joints and it’s operation is very quiet so you can get the workout when you want in the comfort of your home.

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