Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike Review

The Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike is a fan bike that looks smart and functional. It comes moveable arms for the whole body workouts.

It comes with a console and water bottle holder on a pole. I like how this raises up the console to eye level and put the water bottle in front of you.

The fan wheel that provides the resistance that make these types of bikes (in)famous for their tough workouts (along with the upper and lower body workout) is housed in a wire frame guard. The blue fan wheel looks good in there which helps if you have to keep it out when not in use – so it’s not an eyesore.

Besides the looks there are other things that need to be considered when looking at buying a fan bike for the home.
In our review at how well it is going to give you the low cardio workout and conditioning you want, without issues, to achieve your fitness goals.



The bike frame is made from oval steel tubing which holds it all steady while you workout at all intensities. There is no flexing and wobbling when everything is properly tightened up.

As with any piece of exercise equipment it is important everything it locked in place properly to prevent injury or damage. There has been some problem with the bolts loosening more often than they should and people having to regularly tighten them up.

This can be solved by using Loctite. This is not a widespread problem with only a few people having this issue.

To level out the bike on slightly uneven surfaces you turn the caps at the end of rear stabilizer bar to prevent any side to side rocking

The warranty for the frame is 3 years and parts 90 days which is a reasonable length.


The bike’s seat can be moved up and down to cater for a range of heights. It has 10 height levels. To adjust the seat you loosen and pull the adjustment knob to release the pin. Then lower the seat to required height and insert the pin in one of the pre-set holes. Then tighten the adjustment knob securely.

It is quick to do and makes it possible for the bike to be used by many people between the heights of 5ft and 6 ft 2 ins.

The seat doesn’t have any horizontal adjustment and the handlebars positioning can’t be changed (they stay moving in the same place – they can’t moved closer or extended) to allow for different torso sizes.

It can mean that sometimes you can feel too cramped or stretched in relation to handlebars as not enough allowance is made for different arm and torso lengths by the angle of the seat pole. This is normal for air/fan bikes with only bikes that cost much more that make this type of adjustment available.


Resistance is provided by the fan wheel at the front of the bike. The faster you pedal the more resistance there is as it forces itself through more air. There are no other ways to increase or decrease the resistance.

There are cheaper fan bikes that do provide adjustable resistance such as the Stamina ATS Air Resistance Exercise Bike but these are really for a more moderate level of training than you can get with the Airgometer.

If you want a bike where you can set the resistance at pedal at a set speed then spin bike is good option . You don’t get the air resistance but get more of outdoor bike type workout with hill work and sprints.

The fan does blow some air on the rider but it is more like a gentle breeze which is nice to feel rather than an annoying gale.

The fan blades are plastic rather than metal which does provide a quieter ride. They appear to be durable to give many hours and years of exercise.

Drive type

The drive is a chain drive. It works in the same way as a road bike. So you will have some of the same issues with it requiring it to be lubricated and tightening on occasion. (It will probably be less frequent than on a road bike.)

The drive is enclosed to reduce damage from sweat and dirt. It also guards your feet, clothes and small fingers from getting caught up in there.


The oversized pedals take normal athletic type shoes of just about any size. The pedals have a non-slip surface that should provide a good grip on your shoes that should prevent them slipping off as you pedal. There is no strap to help to keep feet in place.

The pedals, handlebars and fan wheel are all connected so that they all move in relation to each other. So when the pedals are moving so are the handlebars to give you an all body workout. If you want to just workout your arms you can put your feet on the footrests at the front of the bike. They are like the pedals giving a good grip on your shoes so they don’t slip while you exercise your arms.

When you want to just exercise your legs you can either hand your arms by your side or rest your hands gently on the handlebars.


Noise. The bike isn’t quiet but it isn’t that loud. The loudest noise is the fan wheel turning. It is like an electric fan. It does mean you need to turn the TV up a few notches to hear it clearly. The faster you pedal the louder it becomes just like with an electric fan.

Seat. Even though it has a wider and cushioned seat, as with all exercise bikes the seat is very uncomfortable for a number of people. To help with this it is possible to try padded bike shorts and/or a gel seat cover which help to cushion the effect on the seat bones. The seat is connected to the seat post by three screws so it can’t be easily replaced with a more comfortable bike seat. To do this you need to buy an exercise bike/bicycle seat adapter as well as the seat..

At the top of the handlebars are foam grips that make for softer hold that also prevents blisters and your hands from slipping when wet. They can’t be stopped from moving when the pedals move they move so can’t be used like an upright exercise bike

Dust and Dirt. The bike itself doesn’t give out much dirt other than possibly a little lubricant. It is likely the biggest problem is going to be sweat depending on the rider. It will drop on the bike and the floor. To prevent the salt/water damaging the bike it is important to clean the bike regularly. To protect the floor a rubber exercise mat is a great option. The fan will also blow dust around which may result in more dust on your furniture


The bike needs an area of 48 by 24.6 ins when not in use. It is reasonably compact to store in a closet or against a wall. I like the look of it even if is a bit functional looking so won’t be too much of an annoyance (in that respect) if you can’t store it out of sight when not in use.

There are 2 transport wheels at the front of the bike that you tip the bike on to when you want to move it by lifting the back of the bike. These work well on most surfaces except for very soft or deep pile carpet. Although on wood floors you may want to check that they don’t scratch or dent it as you move the bike over them.

The wheels take most of the weight leaving you to roll and navigate the bike without putting too much strain on your back.


The bike comes partly completed for shipping purposes. You are required to add the stabilizer bars, pedals, console, console support, cup holder, seat pole and seat.

The instructions are clear and the hardware is easily identifiable. The tools required for the job are included.

The assembly will normally take less than an hour. However, you do need to be careful as they have sometimes mislabeled the left/right pedals and handlebars. It important to get the pedals right as the left is reverse threaded so it doesn’t come loose as you pedal.

Also it is worth reading slowly through the instructions before starting to ensure all goes smoothly.

The bike does weigh 82 lbs when completed so you may want to have someone help you to hold the bike while fitting the pieces to ensure it doesn’t fall over and get damaged or injure yourself.


This a basic almost old-fashioned console but does give you the standard measures for keeping you on target during your workout. It monitors speed, time, distance and calories It does not include heart rate.

You can only monitor one of them at a time or you can set it to scan it will scroll through each of the measures every 4 seconds. It does include a bar that goes from the bottom left screen up to the top left and across to the top right that gives you an idea of how you fast you are going by filling in as you pedal faster.

The console is positioned at a good height to see it easily as you ride without having to bend down. The numbers are a good size. It isn’t backlit which can make it difficult to view when there is low light.

After 4 minutes of inactivity the console will shut off . It stores all the values. To reset you need to push the reset button under the LCD display. It does give you some time to sort anything that may come up as you workout.

As well as a reset button there is mode button and set button alongside it. This where you set the measure you want to monitor, you can also choose targets to use rather than a simple accumulation. It is not possible to program in time intervals.

It doesn’t give you the option to store workout results separately or upload them to monitor progress. This will have to be done manually by writing in a journal or inputting them into a fitness account or spreadsheet.


The bike’s dimensions and weight are

Height 52 ins
Width 24.6 ins
Length 48 ins

Bike Weight 82 lbs
Maximum User Weight 300 lbs


The bike comes with a water bottle holder for medium sized bottled. It sits about a 1/5 th of the way up the console support pole which put it at a reasonable height to get when you want a drink. You do need to be mindful of the handlebars when you do go for the bottle to ensure you don’t get hit by them.

It doesn’t have anywhere to put your MP3 player, a book or a tablet the console is angled fairly vertical with no lip so they’re likely to slip off even with a strap to hold them on.

The manual has instructions on setting the seat height correctly in relation to the pedal to ensure the leg is slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke. It includes some help on conditioning with target heart rate zones, warming up and cooling down.

There are no suggested workouts for getting started. You need to find these yourself if you need this by finding them online.


    • It comes with a basic console for monitoring workout
    • Straightforward assembly that can be completed in an hour
    • Footrests are nonslip to prevent feet slipping while doing an upper body workout
    • Provides a good stable base for high intensity low impact training sessions
    • Can be used by people of all abilities
    • Seat can be adjusted vertically to cater people of different heights
    • Can workout both lower and upper body


      • Doesn’t have anywhere to rest your MP3 player, book or tablet
      • Doesn’t have anywhere to rest your MP3 player, book or tablet
      • No strap on pedals to keep feet in place
      • Console doesn’t allow you to track performance between workouts
      • There are no pre-set workout programs nor sample workouts given
      • Unable to adjust resistance manually
      • Handlebars can’t be fixed in place for when you want just exercise the legs
      • Seat can be uncomfortable and is not easily changed
      • Not able to move seat closer or further from handlebars for a more effective fit

Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike Consumer Ratings

stamina airgometer exercise bike reviewReviews online are positive for the bike. People like the stable feel of the bike, it’s compact size and that they can workout as hard at want to achieve their fitness goals. A couple have commented that they feel compares well against the more expensive Airdyne AD2 in terms of quality although they feel the resistance is less.

As can be expected some reviews have said there have been issues with the seat not being comfortable as you get with all bike seats. Also a few people have had problems with nuts and bolts quickly working loose – but it is the minority (it is fixed by using Loctite) and appears to be a problem with older bikes rather than the more recent ones.

Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike Price

It provides a sturdy platform for training for all levels of ability in a similar way to other more expensive bikes.

When I looked into the bike at Amazon it qualified to ship for no extra cost

To check the latest availability and deals click here:
Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike


This is a good bike for most abilities including those recovering from injury (providing your doctor is okay with it). However, elite and serious athletes will find the resistance isn’t tough enough for their needs (these people are probably better spending more on the Airdyne AD2 or even the Assault Air Bike). Others will find they can get as tough a workout as they can manage.

It is a good compact size making it fit well in most homes. It has wheels to move it out of the way for storage when not in use. It can be quickly adjusted so all members of a household can use it.

It is a no frills bike which gives the basis for upper and lower body workouts at the intensity you want or can manage to recover, get in shape, help to lose weight and stay in shape at home saving on those expensive gym fees.

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