Sunny Health And Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike comes with a vibrant pink drive cover and console giving it eye appeal.

For some the color and price might put them off as it could be considered more of a toy rather than a piece of exercise equipment.

But it does come from a company that provides a range of pink exercise bikes that get good ratings from customers.

Also, they do provide good basic exercise bikes at reasonable prices that customers seem to find meet their expectations for affordable exercise equipment.

As well as the striking color it has magnetic resistance, large seat, backrest its size can be adjusted and it has a console for tracking workouts.

In this review I look at more than the color and the good price to make sure it is more than a toy as it needs to be able to stand up to the rigors of proper exercise as well as look good.

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Let’s see how it measures up as a recumbent exercise bike …


Despite it’s cute look and small size it provides a stable and sturdy ride. The steel frame and stabilizers keep it from wobbling as you workout on all floor surfaces.

When you are getting on and off the bike it doesn’t move around on you.

The bike does need to be used on a level floor otherwise it may rock. It doesn’t come with levelers to balance out the bike if there is variation in the floor.

If the floor is only a little out, a small amount a rubber exercise mat should be enough to put a stop to the rocking.

It seems most people find it a well built bike and haven’t had problems with it breaking down from regular use.

It comes with a limited 90 day warranty which is short and shorter than most other bikes in this price range where they offer a year on the frame.


It’s important to be able to fit a bike to your height (leg length) so that you get the most effective workout by getting the full range of motion in your knee to prevent any pain or strains.

Unfortunately the company doesn’t actually give you help in this regard. From my research my estimate is that if you are between 4ft 10 ins and 5 ft 10 ins.
Making the adjustment is straightforward but you do have to be off the bike to do it.

I’m not a big fan of the way you do the adjustment on this bike with you having to adjust all the back of the bike to fit your leg length rather than just the seat.

To me it seems harder to do and does add a possible weakness point to the frame.

Having said that people who use the bike regularly don’t complain about it.

They find it easy to do and don’t have any problem with the front wobbling or shaking as a result of it.

The adjustment takes around half a minute to do. There’s an adjustment knob at the front of the bike you undo and pull up to release the spring loaded pin. You then move the back frame to position the seat to where you want. Then you do need to move it slightly so the pre-set holes line up so you can then put in the pin and then tighten up knob firmly.

If you are under the minimum height you may struggle with reaching pedals without having to stretch and/or sit forward at the end of seat – both of which are uncomfortable and not good for you. Unfortunately it isn’t bike that you can try out at local sport store.

Being taller can have you feeling cramped but also not getting the full range of motion in the knee you want to avoid pain from pedaling (when at furthest point your leg should be slightly bent). You can use it but you probably won’t get the full benefit from it.


Magnetic resistance is great for these bikes as it is quiet and doesn’t require any maintenance.

It helps to keep the pedaling motion smooth too.

The tension knob has 8 levels marked at the top of it which is in an unusual place but does mean you should be able to read it from the seat.

To adjust the amount of resistance you turn the tension knob. You’ll need to lean forward to adjust it but apart from that it is easy to do.

The change between the levels is smooth too without any jerkiness or sudden increase/decreases in hardness.

Resistance at level 1 is very light, almost like there is none. It does move up in increments up to moderately hard at Level 8. Most people find there is enough resistance for them to pedal hard enough to get a good cardio workout where they can get their heart rate up with a combination of pedal speed and resistance.

However, if you want challenging hill climb type workouts you won’t be satisfied with the resistance offered by the bike. It’s more described as a slope than a steep hill. You need spend more for bikes that provide this such as Schwinn 230 – a long with the price being double it doesn’t come in pink.

At the top levels you may notice that it starts to pulse a little as the magnetic resistance starts to put a brake on the flywheel to slow it down a little when you aren’t pushing on the pedal as you do at the top/bottom of the cycle.

Drive Type

Inside the pink cover at the front of the bike is a flywheel and belt that work with the resistance to provide the fluid motion. They operate very quietly and don’t require any ongoing maintenance.

You can pedal backwards as well as forwards.


The pedals provide a good solid platform for pushing against. You won’t notice any slipping as they turn and you can keep your feet in place using the plastic straps. The pedals also are textured to provide grip to keep your foot in place.

Once the straps are adjusted for your shoe size you can just slide your foot into – you don’t have to keep adjusting it – unless someone else is using the bike.

It can be a little difficult to adjust the straps at first, as these are plastic with holes along them that you fit on to a tab on the pedal until the plastic softens up.

It is possible to use the pedals without the straps and you probably won’t have a problem with your feet slipping off the pedals if the bike has been properly adjusted for your height.

Sunny Health And Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike Comfort

Seat. It has a padded oversized seat and backrest. The seat is a flat pad without any contouring.

It’s not the most comfortable looking seat around but many find it is sufficient so they don’t feel pain while sitting in it – they can workout for as long as they want.

But not everyone is of that opinion as some find it uncomfortable or painful on their sit bones. Most people can sort this by using a small cushion or even double folding a towel and sitting on that..

The backrest has a slight angle to provide support and comfort to the back. It is fixed at that angle and can’t be changed.

You can step through the bike to get into position without having to lift your foot more than a couple of inches. Sitting in the seat is like you do on a chair.

You can’t slide on to the seat from the side because of the handlebars at the side of it getting in the way, although you can choose not to install them or remove if this is something you want to do, Otherwise, the handlebars are fixed in place.

You may find you’ve to tighten up the screws regularly to prevent the seat from wobbling a little.

Handlebars. The bike has 2 sets of handlebars – 1 at the front by the console and the other at the side of the seat. Both sets are covered for comfort and to give a good grip when you’re hands start to sweat.

The set at front can help you when you want to get in and off the seat as they give you some support.

The handlebars around the seat are about armchair height in relation to the seat. You can rest you arms on them but you can’t lean on them too much as they aren’t padded. There are hand sensors are at the end of them that you grip when you want to monitor your heart rate.

Noise. It operates quietly and there are no loud creaks or squeaks as you use it. You can use it while others are sleeping and watch the TV without turning up the volume.

I’m not sure I’d try this myself but one person uses their bike in the same room that their baby is sleeping in without waking them.

You can also use it in an apartment and your neighbors won’t hear you.

If you have concerns about people living below you hearing anything a rubber exercise mat will make doubly sure that no noise is heard down below.

Cleaning. Fortunately you’re not going to have to spend your life cleaning up after this bike. There is some cleaning up needed and most of this going to be from the users as they may sweat and drop it on the bike and floor.

Sweat is very corrosive so it is advisable to wipe the bike down to keep the bike looking and performing at its best. To stop it damaging the floor a rubber exercise mat is a good idea.


The bike is reasonably compact for a recumbent exercise bike but still needs an area of about 23.6 by 53 ins when not in use. It can probably fit okay in most homes including smaller ones.

It doesn’t fold up, but you can leave it in the room you exercise in without dominating it especially if you put it against a wall. It’s pretty easy on the eye too – and if it’s left out it is there as a friendly reminder.

If space is at real premium and you want a pink bike then the Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Folding Bike can help with making the most of your space – it isn’t a recumbent exercise bike but still provides a low impact workout.

It doesn’t come with transport wheels to help with moving the bike. To move it you’ll need to drag it and it moves pretty easily so one person can move it (of course you do need exercise your own judgement and be careful).

You could lift it but that is better with 2 people to prevent injury.

But if moving it a bit of a distance it is preferable to have someone help you to lift and carry it to where you want it to go. The bike weights 49 lbs and is an awkward size and shape.


It comes to you part assembled. To complete the assembly can be done in less than an hour but allow 2 hours to be on the safe side.

The tools needed for the job are included. They are up to the job but you may want to use your own to get it done quicker. The instructions are reasonably clear.

It is a fairly easy job to do with most of it already done for you.

You don’t need to work out the hardware for each step as each step’s hardware is in a separate labeled bag.

It can be put together by one person but an extra pair of hands will help with holding the pieces in place while they’re attached to the bike.


The console has a small LCD screen in the middle of it that shows you one measure at a time They are speed, distance, time, calories, cumulative distance (odometer) and heart rate (when pulse sensors are being gripped).

You can change the measure being displayed by pressing the mode button or you can set it to scan so it rotates through the measures every 6 seconds.

It has an auto on/off feature where it starts up when you start pedaling and turns off after 4 minutes of inactivity which helps to save the battery.

The console needs 2 AA batteries to power it. so you can place the bike anywhere you want to use it as you are not tied to the length of a power cord.

Also if the batteries are drained you can still use the bike and change resistance as you use the tension knob to change it not the console. You just won’t see you measures.

The display of the console is not backlit so in poor light conditions it is difficult to make out the measures.

To measure your heart rate you have to grip the hand pulse sensors in the handlebars beside the seat. Unfortunately, these type of sensors aren’t the most reliable – this is the case on any bike – despite their popularity with manufacturers. Some people can get them to work but many struggle to get a reasonably accurate reading.

The other measures are approximate at best too (other than time). The calories burned doesn’t take into account your weight etc to calculate your the number. They are best used to help to keep you motivated while you exercise and also, if you keep a record manually, to compare workouts and check your progress.

It doesn’t have any pre-set workout programs set up for you to follow along to – you need to make up your own.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 34 ins
Width 23.6 ins
Length 53 ins

Bike Weight 49 lbs
Max User Weight 220 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with any other accessories as is common with bikes in this price range to keep the cost down.

You need to hold your water bottle and personal electronic in your hands or exercise near a table if you want to have them close to hand. It is possible hold them in your hands as the handlebars and seat can help to keep you balanced. Although you can’t do this if using the hand pulse sensors.

The manual doesn’t provide any workouts for you to tryout so you need to come up with your own workout programs.


  • It is pink
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is a very quiet bike
  • Bike can be adjusted to fit a range of heights
  • Has 8 levels of resistance marked for a range of workouts from light to moderate
  • Holds steady while you workout and when getting in and out of the seat
  • Comes with a basic console to help you stay on track
  • It is low maintenance and easy to clean
  • It is compact for a recumbent exercise bike


  • It doesn’t have levelers to balance up the bike on uneven floors
  • Does not have transport wheels to help with moving it
  • Although a plus for some, some may not think so – its pink!
  • Does not have anywhere for your water bottle or personal electronics
  • Resistance isn’t going to satisfy those who want tough hill climb workouts
  • The console screen is not backlit so can’t see the measure in bad light
  • It does not come with any pre-set programs
  • Doesn’t record your workouts for tracking this needs to be done maually

Sunny Health And Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike Consumer Ratings

Sunny Health And Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike ReviewThe bike has a good rating from customers, which gives a good indication that it is more than just the color that make it popular with customers – they say they get a bike that meets their expectations or better for their cardio workouts.

But not all customers are happy. There are some that get a dud and are understandably not happy (it is very few who suffer this).

Others don’t like the fact that the bike doesn’t fit them – I wish the company would provide some guidance on this too.

Others find the seat uncomfortable but this isn’t shared by most. Most as noted above solve this problem with a cushion or towel.

Many like using the bike as they watch TV using that time to work on their health while catching up on their favorite programs and they don’t have to turn up the volume.

They say in their reviews it is well built especially for the price.

Sunny Health And Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike Price

This is an affordably priced bike that provides you with the basics for a low impact workout in your home. It’s well priced when compared to other similar recumbent exercises bikes.

So you’re not expected to pay more for the color.

(Exerpeutic 900XL is the top selling recumbent exercise bike and about the same cost (when I checked)  without any more features. Read more here.)

When I checked at Amazon it qualified for free shipping.

Click here to check latest price, shipping qualification and availability:
Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent

Review Summary

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Recumbent is more than a toy which some people are have concerns about when they first look at

It’s a great bike for those who want to add more activity into their life or are recovering from surgery or injury (on doctors orders, though manual does advise it isn’t for therapeutic use).

It is great for light and moderate levels of cardio exercise.

It could make a good gift idea for the right person, who wants to exercise more and is a fan of pink.

However, the top level of resistance won’t feel like a real challenge for those who like to really push themselves hard or are very fit. (If that is you may want to check out the Schwinn 230 – as noted earlier it’s not pink and costs about double).

It’s got the vibrant pink color (which is great for those who like that color) as well as being able to provide a low impact cardio workout with a reasonably comfortable bike. It quiet and stable while it is being used. It is a good solid recumbent exercise bike at a very good price as well as being in an eye-catching pink color.

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