Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Review

The first thing you notice about the Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is its color.

Some might think due to that it is more a toy than an upright exercise bike.

But there is more to this than being a toy or just being a cute pink color.

Then again this bike isn’t going to be for everyone.

It comes with magnetic resistance, seat adjustability, a basic console and a belt drive to all help to give a low impact workout. It comes with some good features for the price

In my review I look at how it performs as an upright exercise bike in your home and who it is best suited for. Some people will get what they want but others will be left looking for something more.

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With an upright expercise bike you want it to be sturdy and hold you firm as you workout…


Despite its’ small size and being lightweight for an upright exercise bike it provides a good stable platform.

It is for people up to a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

There shouldn’t be any wobbling or concern about being tipped off the bike as you workout.

If it does rock a little you can put it on a rubber exercise mat and that should put a stop to that.

It’s not really made for standing on the pedals and you may find it a little unsteady if you try that.

It’s not set up like a spin bike for extended periods out of the seat.

For the price customers find it is good quality and they do expect they’ll get a few years of use out of the bike.


The seat height can be adjusted to make allowances for people’s different leg lengths so that they can get a proper leg extension and comfortable fit.

From customer experience people who are 4 ft 11 ins can use the bike comfortably although they may wish the seat was a little more forward. The maximum height that customers seem to get a comfortable experience is 5 ft 10 ins.

If you are lower than the minimum height you are likely to find that you can’t reach the pedals without having to stretch which is uncomfortable.

Over the maximum height you’ll probably find that you can’t get a proper range of motion with your leg more than slightly bent at full extension – you’re going to feel cramped and over a period of time you many notice pain in your legs.

To make the adjustment you need to be off the seat. There is a knob that you loosen to release the seat pole that allows you to move the seat to the position you want, you then insert the knob again and tighten it up ensuring that the pin on the knob is properly engaged in one of the pre-set holes. It is fairly straightforward but may take a little time to line up the holes.

But it takes only seconds to make the adjustment so it won’t get in the way really of getting your workout done. It can help to mark your position on the pole with a permanent marker if you need to be adjusting it often due to sharing the bike with others – which the bike is designed for. It does allow multiple people to use the bike.


The 8 levels of magnetic resistance are controlled by the tension knob on the front support just below the handlebars. The levels are marked on the knob itself.

Reaching and turning of the knob is easy to do. The movement between the levels is smooth and there are no sudden increases or decreases in resistance.

There are a set of magnets that moved closer to increase resistance and away to reduce the resistance. There are no touching pieces so it operates very quietly and is low maintenance.

The levels go from very easy (almost none) to moderately hard which will suit beginners and those looking for moderate levels of exercise. It isn’t for those who want very hill climb type workouts.

Many who use the bike find they can get a good workout using levels between 3 – 6 (depending on where they are starting from in terms of fitness) to get the heart rate up and build up a sweat.

At the higher levels you may notice some pulsing as they slow down round the pedal cycle due to the resistance working as brake – you need to be a little more focused on your pedal stroke to ensure it stays 360 degree motion and not an up/down stroke more like you have on a stepper.

Drive Type

The bike has a belt drive and flywheel to provide the quiet and smooth pedaling experience.

They are low maintenance with neither requiring any ongoing maintenance by the customer.

This is all enclosed in shroud at the front keep it out of the way from damage from sweat and dirt as well as keeping it away from ankles pets and children


The pedals have plastic straps for holding your feet in place and prevent them slipping off them.

Once you’ve fitted them for your shoe size you can just slip your foot in each time if you are the only one using the bike.

Otherwise you may need to adjust each time if someone had adjusted the strap. Making the adjustment can be a little tough at the beginning until the plastic softens a little.

They work best with athletic shoes or similar

The pedals are attached to a 1 piece crank which should be durable and solid enough for pushing against at all levels of resistance. (It probably won’t fit standard bike pedals as most 1 crank have 1/2 inch thread)

The bike isn’t designed for standing up on the pedals as you would with a spin bike and the resistance isn’t tough enough either to give you enough to push against.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Comfort

Seat. The seat is cushioned. But many will find the seat uncomfortable which is just the way it is with bike seats no matter the price of the bike as can be seen by customer reviews. It is very much down to personal preference with them.

If you haven’t sat on a bike seat you are likely to find it hurts your sit bones and it might just be a case of persevering for a little while until you get used to it. If not you can try padded bike shorts or a get seat cover which many find is what is needed to add the comfort needed.

You can’t easily replace the seat as it is attached to the pole with 3 screws rather than with standard bike fitting. But it is possible to do. If you do want to do this, you can take the pole to a bike shop or you can buy a universal exercise bike seat adapter which when attached allows you to use any standard fitting bike seat.

Noise. The bike operates very quietly. You can exercise while you and others are watching TV without having to turn the volume up. You can also workout while others are sleeping.

The loudest noise is likely to heavy breathing coming from the exerciser rather than the bike itself.

Along with its’ compact size this bike can easily be used in an apartment or small home as your neighbors are unlikely to know you are exercising. If you do live in an upstairs apartment you can put it on a rubber exercise mat to be doubly sure nothing is heard in the apartment below you.

Handlebars. These are fixed in place. Most find the placement of them comfortable reach without having to lean forward too much

They are covered to provide a better grip for your hands so they won’t slip when wet and also makes the grip more comfortable too.

Cleaning Up. The bike itself isn’t going to make a mess. It is people sweating from their exercising that is likely to cause a little work. It is important to wipe down the bike to stop sweat from starting to corrode it.

It does only take less than a minute usually to wipe down the bike. Sweat can also drop onto the floor and depending where you have it you may want to put the bike on a rubber exercise mat to protect it from sweat.


The bike is delivered part assembled. It normally takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete it although there are those who can get it done much quicker.

You are required to add the pedals, stabilizer bars, seat pole, seat, front post, handlebars and console to the bike.

The tools needed for the job are included and instructions and diagrams are clear enough for what is involved.

One person can do the job on their own but it is easier if you have someone hold the pieces while they’re being bolted on.

The hardest part is connecting the tension cable as part of adding the front support. If you follow the instructions and look at the diagram it shouldn’t be a problem.

It is now possible to get the bike assembled in your home for you through Amazon, But this costs extra and almost doubles the cost of the bike. The service gets a good rating from customers. I don’t think most people will need this to get the bike together – it is easier than IKEA furniture.


The bike comes with a simple console. The measures can be seen from the seat well enough in good light conditions but it isn’t backlit so in poorer light conditions it is hard to see.

It monitors and displays speed, distance, time, calories burned and cumulative distance (odometer).

It shows one measure at a time which you can cycle though by pushing the buttons below or you can set it to scan through the measures every few seconds.

It is battery powered and the resistance is manually controlled by a knob that is not attached to the console. It means you can place the bike anywhere you want without being concerned about where the nearest plug.

Also, if there is no power to the console due to drained batteries you can still use the bike you just don’t get any feedback on your progress.

The measures are estimates only except for time. It is a guide only and you may find the calories is not that close as it does not take into account your weight or resistance but can help in tracking results on the bike and comparing workout to workout.

If you want to be tracking improvements or performance you’ll need to do this manually as the console doesn’t allow you to upload your results.

It doesn’t monitor your heart rate, you need to do this separately using a heart rate strap or other monitoring system. I think if this is important this is probably better than the usual way upright exercise bikes do this with hand pulse sensors in the handlebars.

It is often the case that they don’t provide a reliable reading. It can be wrong or it is intermittent or not at all. This is something that is noted on all bikes with these sensors regardless of the price.


The bike doesn’t take up a lot of room when not being used. If you leave it out you won’t get the feeling it is taking over the room even if it’s in the living room.

It’s probably too big for most closets but will fit nicely into a corner or a long a wall out of the way. It needs an area of 31.5 by 21.7 ins for storage.

It is a light bike with it weighing 39 lbs so it is reasonably portable for when you are wanting to move it. You can tilt it on to the front stabilizer bar and the end caps work as wheels to move it to where you want to go. This makes it easy for one person to manage on their own.

You may find it sticks on soft carpets and those with a long pile. Also, take some care on wood floors as the wheels may scratch it.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 45 ins
Width 21.7 ins
Length 31.5 ins

Bike Weight 39 lbs
Max User Weight 220 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with any other accessories. There’s no water bottle holder or anywhere to put your media devices or remote control. You either have to hold them or exercise near a table if you want them close to hand. This isn’t unusual for bikes in this price range.

The manual doesn’t come with any example workouts or guidance on how to set the bike for your height. This is the usual practice for bikes but I’d have thought it a good idea for a bike that is good for beginners to provide some help on this. I guess, they think if people are interested in this they can find out online.


  • It operates very quietly
  • The assembly can be finished within 2 hours or less
  • It is a striking pink color
  • It is compact so can be used in most homes
  • The bike is very low maintenance
  • Comes with a basic console to provide feedback while on the bike
  • It provides a good stable base for cardio workouts
  • It has transport wheels to help with moving it
  • It seems reasonably durable too
  • It has 8 levels of marked magnetic resistance
  • Can be adjusted to fit a range of heights


  • It’s not made for standing on the pedals like you do with a spin bike
  • Those that want tough rigorous workouts won’t be satisfied with this bike
  • Only accommodates people up to a maximum of 220 lbs
  • There is nowhere to put your water bottle while you exercise or your personal electrical devices
  • Not for you if you don’t like pink!
  • Does not come with pre-set programs
  • Need to keep a mnual record of workouts

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Consumer Ratings

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike ReviewThe bike comes with good ratings from customers.

As expected with the bike many find the seat uncomfortable (Sunny Health & Fitness do tend to be that way unfortunately).

There are things they do to help with this, in particular buying a gel seat cover.

They like the color (it looks good), that it is very quiet, can adjust the resistance as they want.

They can just get on with their workouts without any issues.

People are surprised in a good way at its build for the price and color.

They think it is proper exercise bike and not a toy.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Price

It comes at an affordable price and it is comparable with other bikes, although they may have hand pulse sensors, which isn’t always such a big benefit. So you’re not really paying extra for the color.

When I checked at Amazon it qualified for free shipping on eligible orders..

To check latest pricing and availability click here:
Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike


The Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is designed for beginners and those wanting moderate levels of exercise. It does a good job at providing low impact workouts for people with these aims.

If you want to a tough and very challenging workout this isn’t the bike for you. Or if you want to be out of the saddle pushing against resistance for hill type workouts this isn’t right for you.

It’s a bike for lighter fitness work and generally just being more active. It is very quiet so you can use it while watching the TV.

It’s compact bike too allowing it to fit and be used in most rooms without crowding everything else out.

The seat has a reputation for being uncomfortable (like many other bikes) so you may want to cover it with a gel seat cover if you plan on being on it for long periods.

It’s a good looking bike, that is reliable and can help you with your fitness providing a low impact workout.

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