Why The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Is A Bestseller

Why The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Is A BestsellerThe Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle is a bestselling spin bike / indoor cycle.

It has been this way for a long time.

Price must play a part in this

It is after all, affordably priced.

But there is more to it than a good price.

It would soon disappear from the bestseller lists if that was all there was to it.

Customers rate it highly.

With very few not liking the bike.

But before getting into the reasons for it being so popular,

Here is a quick description of

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycle Description

It looks like a standard indoor cycle or spin bike. There is nothing remarkable about it at first look.

It can be fitted to be used by people between the heights of 5 ft 3 ins and 6ft (estimated based on reviews) by adjusting the seat position (vertically and horizontally) and the handlebars (vertically).

You can stand out of the saddle and adjust the resistance level using the tension knob at the top of the frame from easy to very hard.

It comes with a 40 lbs flywheel to help with pulling the pedals through a complete 360 degree pedaling motion.

It has a heavy duty 3 piece crank with a chain drive to give you the feel of riding a bike and keep a consistent and solid feel to the bike as you workout in and out of the saddle. It has steel frame and stabilizer bars. There isn’t any flexing to worry about.

Customers like the quality of their workout with the bike. You can read my full review here.

Reasons Why The Product Is A Best Seller

Price. It’s not the cheapest bike around. But you do get more for the price than other models.

Although I’ve said it is more than just price, it is definitely one of the main reasons that people buy this bike.

It’s the feeling that they get real value from the bike due to how well it has been produced.

It’s not like one of those cheaper bikes you see in some stores that seem to have been made from thin metal and plastic. This is more than that as you can see from below.

Solid Build. It holds steady when you are in and out of the saddle. It has a good solid frame so there is no flexing or wobbling around. You can just get on with your workouts. It doesn’t creak or groan.

It’s a good simple build so there is less to go wrong and any maintenance that maybe required is easy to do – such as adjusting the chain tension or lubricating – it can be done in minutes and you may not ever need to do it.

Customers who have had it for a while report that it is still working well and expect to have more years of use.

The Adjustability. It might not be fully adjustable as you can’t move the handlebars horizontally to get the best possible fit but you can still get a good proper fit.

Making the adjustments are quick and easy to do.

As well as getting a good fit for an effective workout it means you can set it up for different users too so that all members of a household can use it.

The Smooth Ride. The 40 lbs flywheel, the chain drive and 3 piece crank all combine to give a fluid and natural pedaling motion in the saddle and out.

You get a good 360 degree stroke as the weight of the flywheel pulls the pedals round to promote better form and to keep it low impact on joints. It helps to prevent your pedaling becoming more of an up/down stroke which can add impact.

Getting it Assembled.
Having to assemble something after you buy something is not normally a positive as such. But all spin bikes you online you have to assemble or have assembled. It makes them easier to ship and there is less chance of damage.

What makes it good for this bike is that it is easy and quick to assemble – you can do it easily with 2 hours – some say they get it done in an hour. The tools are provided and the pieces fit together – so it is fairly hassle free.

There Are Some Things To Consider

It’s not all plain sailing with the bike as you might expect with a bike at this price

Personally I don’t like the calliper style resistance which is like the front brakes on outdoor bikes – where there is a pad either side of the rim. On this one you turn the tension knob to tighten and loosen on the pads to change the resistance. There is also a lever you push down on to use the resistance pads to stop it like a brake.

The seat can be seen as a bit of an issue. Many do find it painful. But along with the pedals you can easily change them to ones that you want. The bike has standard bike fittings so there is plenty of choice.

But you do find that seats are issue with spin bikes whatever the price.

It doesn’t come with a console to measure your performance. Not everyone wants one of these. And again it is common for spin bikes not to have one.

Of those that do add a bike computer such as those made by Cateye which does require a little modification but provides good basic information at an affordable price.

As with the lack of a console to keep the price down it doesn’t come with any accessories – you don’t have anywhere to put your water bottle – so you may need to train near a table if you want one. And again it’s similar to most spin bikes and indoor cycles as they don’t offer much in the way of accessories as a general rule unless you pay extra.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you are looking for an affordable solution to getting a good cardio workout this bike is a good answer. It’s best for beginners as well as those wanting a good level of intensity for their workouts.

If you are an advanced spinner or like very intense training this bike is probably not for you as a long term solution. The resistance can be put up to almost impossible levels as with any friction pad resistance it is just the longevity of the bike – it can take a lot of punishment but not at that level of intensity day in day out over time – for that you have to be prepared to pay more.

For everyone else the bike is going to be around for a good length of time.


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle shows it is possible to get a good solid bike for spinning and training at a reasonable price.

It surprises most who get the bike in a pleasant way on the overall quality they get for the price.

It might not be for those top athletes but for everyone else will be able to get a workout that can push themselves to whatever level they want to get a good cardio workout.

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