Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1712 vs SF-B901B vs SF-B1714 vs SF-B1805

A comparison of Sunny SF-B1712 vs SF-B901B vs SF-B1714 vs SF-B1805 features. I’ve not reviewed in depth 3 out of the 4 bikes yet. THe one bike i’ve looked at in details is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805  although I have reviewed the Sunny SF-B901 chain drive not the belt drive.

They are all good solid indoor cycling bikes that will give a smooth and consistent pedaling experience to match the intensity of workout you want.

The two magnetic friction will provide a low maintenance and quiet option as there is no pad touching the flywhell to wear out and cause a whooshing sound as it rubs on the wheel. You may find the friction options (SF-B901B and SF-B1712 have stronger friction at the top end depending on hoew hard you want to set the resistance).

I think the bikes should be adjustable for your height of 5 ft 2 ins but it would be good to measure your inseam to ensure it is 28 ins or longer for SF-B1714 and SF-B1805, 29 ins for SF-B901B and 27 is for SF-B1712.

The SF-B901B has one feature I’m not a fan of that and it is how it applies friction using a caliper rather than direct on to the wheel. It just seems to me there is more to go wrong. Also you can’t adjust the handlebars backwards and forwards so you may find you can get as comfortable fit as you caan with the other 3.

As to the other 3 indoor cycling bikes, I like the SF-B1805 above the other 2 because of the tablet holder and the micro-adjustability of the handlebars and the seat, , the narrower q-factor (distance between pedals resulting in better alignment and less potential strain on the joints, a larger padded seat which many find comfortable (but isn’t for everyone).

None of the bikes have a computer but can be added afterwards along with SPD pedals (check thread) or a different seat if the one it comes with is too unbearable.

Flywheel Weight44 lbs44 lbs40 lbs44 lbs
Resistance TypeFrictionMagneticFrictionMagnetic
Drive TypeBeltBeltBeltBelt
PedalsToe CagesToe CagesToe CagesToe cages
Bike Weight108.9 lbs135.58102 lbs125.7 lbs
Max User Weight265 lbs330 lbs275 lbs300 lbs
Min Inseam27 ins28 ins29 ins28 ins
Max Inseam35 ins37 ins41 ins38 ins
Handlebars AdjustabilityHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/VerticalVerticalHorizontal/Vertical
Seat AdjustabilityHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/Vertiical
DimensionsHeight: 45.5 ins
Width: 20 ins
Length: 45.25 ins
Height: 53.5 ins
Width: 24 ins
Length: 48.5 ins
Height 51.2 ins
Width 21.2 ins
Length 45.0 ins
Height 45 ins
Width 23 ins
Length 48 ins
Seat DimensionsHeight 2.5 ins
Width 6.5 ins
Length 10.5 ins
Height 2.8 ins
Width 8 ins
Length 10 ins
Height 2.5 ins
Width 6 ins
Length 10 ins
Height 3 ins
Width 8 ins
Length 10 ins
Q FactorN/A216 mmN/A182 mm
Media TrayNoNoNoYes
Transport WheelsYesYesYesNo
Other ExtrasWater Bottle HolderWater Bottle HolderWater Bottle HolderWater Bottle Holder

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