Why The Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Rates So Highly

The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49 lb Flywheel is a bestselling bike for a reason.

It is regularly a top 5 spin bike and indoor cycle.

With its heavy flywheel and belt drive it has 2 features not often seen at its’ price range.

It allows you to get a good low impact workout in your own home.

You can adjust the bike to fit a range of people between 5 ft 3 ins and 6ft 8 ins (based on customer reviews).

It has a belt drive and heavy 49 lbs flywheel to provide the smoothness and inertia to get a good cycling feel to your training and workouts.

It has continuous and incremental resistance applied by the resistance pad on top of the flywheel to set it to the level you want.

It gets very good ratings from customers on the whole. You can read my full and in depth review here

5 Reasons Why It’s So Highly Rated


This is one of the main reasons this bike is popular but there is more to it than that. It is an affordably priced bike for spin bike or indoor cycle. But just because something is well priced doesn’t make it popular. Looking at the reviews and ratings of customers it is apparent they feel they get good value for the money and not “you get what you pay for.” They are surprised at the quality.


It is a well made bike. It holds people secure when they are working out whether they are in the saddle or out of it or moving in between. They bike holds firm and there is no rocking or shaking. There isn’t that feeling it will tip you off. You just can get on with your workout.

The Quiet Belt Drive

Belt drive’s are normally seen on much more expensive bikes (except for example Sunny Health SF-B1423). It provides a very quiet and smooth experience. It means the only noise you hear is the resistance pad on the flywheel which is a shushing sound. You can use it without disturbing others or having to turn the TV up much.

It is also low maintenance – there’s no need to be lubricating it or adjusting the tension as you do with a chain drive.

Adjustability Is Great

The bike can be quickly adjusted to fit people. This is easy to do. The seat can be adjusted up/down and backwards/forwards. The handlebars can be adjusted up/down.

The adjustment is quick and easy to do. It means it can be used by more than one person. It takes less than 30 seconds.

It allows multiple people to fit the bike to them properly so that they can get the most effective workout and training.

The Motion of The Flywheel

This is one of the heaviest flywheels available. This gives it the momentum that helps to keep the pedaling motion fluid and pull the pedals round so the pedal stroke is 360 degrees. It helps to keep it low impact at even at the highest resistance levels.

What To Be Aware Of – As With Any Bike

Why The Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycle Rates So Highly - man exercisingAs you’d expect there are a few things that you don’t get with the bike which don’t really seem to affect it. You do know up front which helps.

There isn’t a console to help you measure and monitor your performance to keep you on track. This isn’t that unusual for spin bikes as many don’t have them including ones that cost more than a $1k more. It is possible to buy a cycling computer and fix that to the bike.

The seat seems to be a real issue for many people. They find it too hard on their sit bones. This can happen with any bike due to how everyone is different. Fortunately, you can replace the seat with any seat that fits a regular bike.

You can also replace the pedals if you want to with your own as they take standard thread pedals.

It does come part assembled but that is usual for all bikes no matter the cost. Fortunately it is straightforward to complete the assembly. It takes about an hour or 2 and it includes all the tools needed – using your own can make it go a little quicker.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a great product for beginners through to those who want a more advanced workout Intermediate level) or training at an affordable price. It can be used for spinning workouts and getting up on the pedals for hill climb workouts too.


It is possible to get a good bike at a reasonable price. It might be a basic set up but you get a belt drive and heavy flywheel to give you smooth and consistent pedaling motion from low to high resistance.

It’s not constructed like a commercial grade bike but it still does a very good job in standing up to the rigors of tough cardio workouts, so much so that some people say it’s the equivalent of the bikes they used at the gym.

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